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  2. I never said he was the answer though, but perhaps a tactical solution to the wings. He needs to be used right though. From Peru experience, he can be tactically naive which is why I've stressed too many times that he's overrated and Edison Flores is the better Peruvian winger.
  3. Its normal though - its the sort of knowledge I can provide on here.
  4. 49 mins Chelsea 1-2 Watford. 65 mins Carrillo comes on 90 mins Chelsea 4-2 Watford. I don't think Carrillo is the answer
  5. I am sure you have made about 200 posts bugging him up.
  6. Cuisines

    With pork? It's quite nice.
  7. Barca line-up I know goal difference isn't the superior factor in La Liga, but Barca really should be tucking at least 4 or 5 away here against Malaga. They're bottom and haven't won a game yet, conceding 18. Terrible form.
  8. I'm getting the feeling that the solution to Watford is Andre Carrillo. I'm trying not to be biased here, but based on what I've seen for Peru from a tactical point of view, he's used to perform a certain function. I've given up hope that he'll become a complete winger like I once believed. He can still be an important player to any side though as he's got great pace and dribbling and as far as what he needs to do, that's his job and he's very good. If there is one thing, Andre Carrillo is much better when he has fullbacks overlapping and creating space on the wing.
  9. that is a fucking beaut of a goal. Speed of attack, speed on the ball, cut inside, and to get that much power without backlift is superb. Brilliant goal.
  10. Cuisines

    Cooking up some Com Tam today, if you've ever tried it @nudge
  11. @Machado Guedes... How far can he go? This kid looks top quality and I’d place a bet on the fact he’s genuinely going to be one of world’s football protagonists.
  12. We were poor for 70 minutes today. I worry that we are piss poor at taking the game to teams when we are expected to take the 3 points. Very happy with the 3 points though, Palace weren't bad really and could have easily won it when Loftus-Cheek played it across. Buzzing with the 3 points.
  13. Valencia 1 - 0 Sevilla Gonçalo Guedes great goal
  14. He will save his job next week up against a team with no forwards.
  15. President Trump

    @Fairy In Boots Trump mentioned 'radical Islam terror' is the main reason for 13% increase in crime. You mention violent crime is on the rise (nothing to do with what Trump specifically tweeted about) @Danny mentioned it's not only terror that led to the increase. I don't understand what your point is? You've misconstrued Trump's tweet by the looks of it. Violent crime is not the same as terror. Or you're taking Danny's point out of context, where Danny was talking about Trump's tweet.
  16. Slaven Bilic's future ''being discussed'': West Ham owners and the club board are meeting on Saturday to discuss Slaven Bilic's future as manager, according to Sky sources. Co-owners David Sullivan and David Gold have a track record of standing by their managers, but Sky Sports News understand the club's hierarchy are "very worried" by what they saw during Friday's 3-0 home defeat to Brighton & Hove Albion. Two goals from Glenn Murray and a Jose Izquierdo strike means the Hammers, who are 17th in the Premier League, have made their worst start to a season since 2010, taking just eight points from nine games.
  17. Manchester United Discussion

    The better team won. not worried one bit though! Mourinho's chelsea side lost 2-1 to a terrible Newcastle and still ended the season with three losses
  18. U AWL GET THA L'S COZ I CAN ADM1T DEFEET!!!!!!1 -Teso Dos Bichos
  19. North Korea

    Quite amateur from the US if that's true (which I'm on the fence about).
  20. trying to worm his way out of the L tonight. Even Jose said the best team won. Wonder if Teso can bring himself to admit it too.
  21. How "big" is the team above?

    A club so small that they don't even have an English Wikipedia page although they'd be a fucking winner to use in Scrabble.
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