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    There are cunts and then there is Roy Keane. What a jumped up, arrogant, egotistical, bitter and twisted prick. And a nasty motherfucker to boot. What he did to Alf-Inge Haaland was a fucking disgrace. He deliberately tried to finish the career of a fellow pro because of a perceived lack of respect, when in reality he had a bad self inflicted injury and used Haaland as a scapegoat to justify his actions. Then to stand over the player whose career you've just ended by gloating and shouting in his face was damn right disgusting and disrespectful. Not content with that, he decided to be a compete dickhead and cause a public row with Mick McCarthy, Rep of Ireland boss at the time, which resulted in him missing out on the World Cup. No Roy, you are not bigger than the country. And that whole rift with the manager only started because he felt humiliated McCarthy had made an example of him by bollocking him for poor timekeeping in front of his team mates. He should have put personal issues aside for the sake of his country but on the biggest stage, and as the team captain, he let them down and made it all about him. And I absolutely hated the way he'd be the first one up in the ref's face if anyone gave something against Man Utd. He was an absolute bully. People moan about Chelsea, Barcelona as being big culprits in our game now but Roy Keane set the tone for this. He was forever in the referee's face trying to intimidate them. Where is the respect? Wouldn't piss on him if he was on fire. Scum.
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    Those cunts would take responsibilty for clogging my toilet if they heard about it
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    Me and the missus on my friends weeding a few months ago.
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    Thoroughly dislikeable person IMO but without doubt a quality player that would have achieved more recognition had he not played in an era with Messi and Ronaldo. Therefore, by way of a tribute, here's a collection of his finest moments. Thanks for the memories Arjen.
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    few of me and/or me & the missus from recent weekend away in Madrid
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    Outside the Apple shop waiting for the release of the next one . I must admit I agree with you though, I can't remember the last 4K massacre that took place.
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    Let it go, let it gooooooooo...
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    I always thought 'mes que un club' was less about the sport and more about the club being a cultural icon for Catalonia. A way for cultural self-expression during Franco's oppression. What I mean is, they don' think they are above or below any club in a sporting manner but they 'more than just a sports team' for the fans.
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    Jesus. I'd hit that. Your girlfriend seems nice too.
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    I was hoping for a win but WHATEVER WE ARE FUCKING 5TH!!! A chance to go to a world cup is better than no world cup. There are fireworks going on here right now, I am nearly in tears. Its not over until its over though. New Zealand are shit, but they are still a professional opponent. For now, I'll enjoy the moment. All I can do is thank Ricardo Gareca and these groups of players. I'll do a proper campaign review later. I am buzzing. After Chile has knocked us out so many times, its time we knocked them out. Goodbye Chile.
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    Those who have me on Facebook may have seen this. My football side won the state amateur cup against the odds, was exhausted... the celebrations were wild!
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    If Gerard Pique gets battered by a cop then it's all been worth it, horrible cunt.
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    Nah, I'm pretty sure they're still stoning people
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    Kante said: 'It was amazing to have Mourinho call me, even though I'd been warned before how he would appeal to me. 'I listened to his arguments about why I should move to United. But at that time I was hesitant between staying at Leicester or leaving for Chelsea. 'My discussions with them were already well underway. But when I spoke, I had a good feeling with [Antonio] Conte.' Kante knew
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    From now I think we should all refer to him as Stab. Good luck boys!
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    I can't fault his reasoning when he gets twatted by Bayern 5-0 every season like fucking clockwork. In terms of the group stage, Arsenal finish 2nd in their group often enough that they must be getting challenged by someone. Behave you owl looking cunt.
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    Please ask permission before using pictures of my cousin.
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    Hold on buddy, there's no need for homophobia. This is a family friendly community for all kinds of belief and sexual orientations. We have some openly gay proud members on this forum, our very own Anton and Berserker both like it up the wrong'un. Mods please delete this vile homosexuality ridden post from Bozz and consider a 28 day ban. Kind Regards Any O.
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    treating a Premier League winner like an outcast. Chelsea are disgusting.
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    Only just seen this. Do you realise this would include George Graham? You absolute fucking muppet.
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    FAO Craig Shakespeare and Leicester. What goes around, comes around. I have nothing personal against Leicester City. However, I've never forgiven them for sacking this man...especially in the snaky manner it happened. #JusticeForClaudio.
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    Dick Law sounds like the type of thing you get when pure anarchy takes over and the alpha males institute a system of sexual conquest equating to political and social power.
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    @Spike @Tanksie @Danny @Anton
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    You're not the damned moral arbiter. That sort of talking is damned annoying.
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    pictures from Madrid below. Had been before but felt like could explore the city more with an extra day there. Location of our apartment was perfect - walking distance to Atocha station (easy to get to from airport) and walking distance to about 3 or 4 metro stations as well as Gran Via which is like the central hub of the city. The thing I love most about cities like Madrid is that down any kind of side-street but within a stone's throw of main roads, are all the niche and small bars or restaurants or tapas places. Ones that you appreciate more when you find them yourself as opposed to being recommended a high-profile or branded chain. Also loved revisiting the Estadio Santiago Berneabeu. Fantastic arena and so much history behind it. Again, had been there before but felt like I appreciated it more this time. The following were from an amazing rooftop terrace where you get wholesome views of Madrid in all angles. Pictures don't do it justice as it was a bit dark by the time we got there. But the great thing about it was that it was free to enter (strongly recommend booking well in advance to avoid long queues on the day) and the food was reasonably priced for such a seemingly exclusive and high-end venue. The place is called Azotea del Circulo and rests atop the Circulo Bellas Artes.
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    @Blue Just an observation but I think you give too much away. One being you are incredibly bias and the other being you are way too easily rattled. You also seem to find it hard to accept another person's opinion if it is directly opposed to yours. But I also think this is linked to how passionate you are about Peru which is no bad thing because lots of people can be like that. I don't tend to agree with much you say but that doesn't mean I don't think you aren't a good poster and I cannot fault your passion, especially when it comes to creating debate. I would suggest you just try and rise above the baiting, especially when it is so transparent and from people you expect it from, then you will not give people the reactions they want out of you. For what it's worth, I don't think anyone really minds if Peru qualify or not tomorrow night, personally I hope they do if it's at the expense of the Argies, but for those trying to play with you and wind you up, you really shouldn't be that arsed about someone on an internet forum. It means nothing, try not to take it to heart.
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    For many years Ribery was one of the best wingers in the world, you can't take that away from him. Nowadays he isn't on that level anymore and it sure seems that he is past it. I don't know why players like Ribery and Robben (who is still very important for Bayern) cannot accept that they are not 20 anymore and need some rest from time to time. This will be a problem for the new coach as well. I'm tempted to say that he can almost be lucky that Ribery is out for the next months.
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    fantastic stadium to be honest when I went there last year. The tour there is amazing as when it was empty it had the same atmosphere as when I went for a match
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    When I read this bit you can probably understand why they need the extra room... but when I think about it don't they already have 75.643 seats allocated for the disabled..
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    Damn, Balon. I was ready to use that image if you had said that the state of spanish politics was the ugliest in its entire history. 😂
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    Wouldn't surprise me, but again the point is that they're already there. Stable door, horse, etc. There wasn't a political motive, was there? The standard definition of terrorism requires that. Also, I'm pretty sure the usual suspects at the Independent and/or Guardian are describing this as terrorism. Weird that one side of the political spectrum always seems to be ignored when the 'mainstream media' is being discussed. If it's a Muslim perpetrator, you get the Daily Mail, Telegraph, etc. describing it as terrorism while the Guardian,Independent, etc brush it off as an "incident". The right cry "Why is no one calling this terrorism!?" If it's a Non-Muslim perpetrator, the Guardian/Indy declare it a terrorist attack, while the Mail and Telegraph brush it off as an "incident". Then the left cry "Why is no one calling this terrorism!?"
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    I can't get over Gareth Southgate admitted he's picked people that don't deserve to be in the squad. Is he suggesting there is less than 23 people in the whole country deserving to play for England? It's not like our under 20s won a national tournament or anything. He emphasises everything that's wrong with the FA. A complete an utter yes man willing to do anything that's suggested from above. He should be banished from football after EPPP and the under 21s performances two years ago. Never mind in what was one of the most sought over jobs in football less than ten years ago. A year ago he said he picks players on form. Well what form has Lingaard shown with his zero starts this season? Sends a terrible message to all players outside the top six and shows why nobody should trust what this snow flake of a man says.
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    I'll be honest mate as someone who hasn't had a run in with either of you. Previously I'd have said that you were generally just trying to post sensibly about football on here while Teso was a bit of a troll who fairly often tried to wind you up. Recently it seems like he's still trying to wind you up from time to time but more often you're trying to point fingers at him when he's not even being that much of a dick. Currently just as bad as each other. And yeah I've made a deal out of it a few times lately as I try to be active and at least skim read what's going on in every thread even if I'm not interested enough to post something myself. I do this because I'm interested in what people have to say but in the last few weeks it's gotten worse and worse the number of times I go into a thread and just find a full page of you two having boring arguments about nothing which makes reading the forum a chore. You can take this along with your apparent warning with people ganging up on you, or you can take it the right way and see that people think you should forget about this feud with Teso and get back to posting reasoned opinions about football without getting rattled about anti-Peruvian banter and spending another hour of your life letting yourself get wound up and escalating the argument. I say to my pupils sometimes, "you're a good kid, you don't need to act like a bad kid". I'd say to you "you're a good (if occasionally odd) member of the forum, don't act like a bad one because of someone winding you up".
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    You have now edited your post, but despite your sneakiness I still seen the original. I think an apology to Dan is in order and then we can sweep it under the carpet and move on.
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    One of the characteristics crucial to "democracy" is the freedom to organize political groups or parties, even if they represent a small radical minority, and for such a party to nominate their members to run for office, whether you like it or not. People can't just throw their toys out of the pram if they don't like the outcome of an electoral process. "Nazi" accusations get thrown around way too easily, by the way. Right wing or left wing, both extremes are equally shite.
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    No country in the world needs a fucking right wing. Can't believe what i'm reading here. That's proper Nazi talk, congratulations.
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    Matchday 6 1) nudge 9 points 2) Viva la FCB 8 points 3) 6666 7 points 4) RandoEFC 6 points 4) Tsubasa 6 points 6) Bluewolf 5 points 6) Bundesligafan93 5 points 8) Stan 4 points 8) trago 4 points 10) Rucksackfranzose 3 points 10)TrstnFCB 3 points Nobody predicted Bayerns draw versus Wolfsburg correctly. Table after 6 matchdays 1) trago 45 points 2) 6666 43 points 3) Stan 40 points 4) RandoEFC 35 points 4) Tsubasa 35 points 4) Viva la FCB 35 points 7) TrstnFCB 33 points 8) Bluewolf 32 points 9) nudge 31 points 10) Rucksackfranzose 30 points 11) Bundesligafan93 23 points 12) londonerlilie 15 points 13) eco 3 points 14) binder 1 point
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    I could hear the whining from Peru.
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    This one went up on fb for father's day.