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  1. Donations

    All costs remain the same. The recent payments used up what was accumulated the last 6 months. Our next round of payments are in 5/6 months.
  2. Donations

    That's us renewed for another 6 months, well done everyone.
  3. The Sexiest Women/Men Picture Thread

    I've had to edit a few posts because Google is punishing our SEO rankings due to sexual content.
  4. Taylor Swift

    It's always someone else's fault. Boring shite.
  5. Off Topic

    Get a Pixel XL.
  6. 6 months!

    It's been 6 months since we started the site and so far all costs have been covered by donations since our inception. It won't be another 5-6 months before we need to start to thinking about paying the bills again, although in the meantime I've added a donations button for those of you who wish to help us grow, so thanks everyone for the support. TF365 Staff.
  7. How did you find us?

    So... you found the forum to be more attractive?
  8. The Bookmakers

    I'd be around £800 in profit this month if I wasn't a shitebag and cashing out too early. 3 different bets i've cashed out (around £30-£50 each time) and they've went on to win (£250+). I'm so sad.
  9. Question a Member: Rob

    Because everyone forgets about Australia.
  10. Question a Member: Rob

    Then maybe I don't remember correctly.