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  1. How "big" is the team above?

    I think Saint Etienne are the biggest historically in France
  2. President Trump

    No trump mentioned terror attacks. Where am I back peddling?
  3. President Trump

    And the 5 terror attacks make up a 13% rise in all crime?
  4. President Trump

    He's directly linked it to "radical Islamic terror" without any evidence.
  5. He just means if Spurs back him he'll do well enough to move onto a big club to win silverware
  6. Rugby Union vs Rugby League

    Chipping Nortons nice, couldn't tell you much about the private schools mind
  7. Naturally a "big" game against Sunderland even if they've not been doing well. We should really be getting all three points now.
  8. Chelsea Discussion

    Calm down mate you've just thrown up three title wins, fucking definition of insanity
  9. Not aimed as a dig mate, doesn't necessarily have to be a big club, maybe someone similar to yourselves but with title winning ambitions like Leicester
  10. I do agree with Hackett in that you can have simulation and contact, going down when there is contact as they all say is just diving.
  11. Americans and Americas hat are used to having their teams travel large distances though
  12. Sack Race 2017/18

    David Moyes to take over again?
  13. Obviously not right now but when Wenger leaves the manager coming in will be able to take them back over Spuds, tough opportunity to miss out on
  14. The Holiday Thread

    Decent grub between Jardim du Luxembourg and Notre Dame