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  1. How "big" is the team above?

    It means 'Ride my Dick'
  2. Cricket

    Hassan Ali broke Waqar Younis's fastest to 50 wickets in ODI. Imam-ul-Haq(nephew of Inzi) made a century on his debut. We are really building a good ODI team for the World Cup.
  3. How "big" is the team above?

    Lun py char ja
  4. How "big" is the team above?

    Should get more recogination. Won against Europen clubs while playing barefooted.Their derby with East Bengal is a big thing. That's all i know Uruguay National Team
  5. You might wan't to visit this forum then. It's most members are Iranian expats like you.
  6. I wanted to see Sweden at the World Cup but not at the cost of Italy. The rest of the matches i don't really want any specific team to progress
  7. I posted this in the African qualifiers thread. Look at this old man's reaction after Egypt qualified for the World Cup
  8. Members Pictures

    But the check mark is on the right place
  9. Members Pictures

    @True Blue @SirBalon
  10. I have a feeling for Iran As mentioned with Italy, Iran is not an entertaining side to watch but they know how to be competitive. They showed that against Argentina last time.
  11. Yeah and the biggest ever in the history of the game is Germany-Austria. Everybody knows that.
  12. What are you playing?

    Finished Firewatch brilliant game 9/10 for me, never during the story the suspense was lost, characters were great and the dialogues were well written. The ending was a bit incomplete.
  13. Ivory Coast- Considering the amount of talent they had but always were eliminated in the group stage of the WC especially the last one and didn't even performed well at the AFCON as well. Algeria- Their golden generation isn't even near reaching their end but still they couldn't reach the World Cup considering the personnel they had in the team .
  14. USA are out Honduras qualify and Panama advance to the play-offs
  15. AFC World Cup Qualifiers

    I hate Cahill