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  1. I cant wait for us to hammer them, Mourinho's reaction is going to be hilarious
  2. Good teams never need to park the bus
  3. Manchester City Discussion

    Yep, a good keeper like Ederson will win you a good amount of games a season's like he did yesterday with his penalty save
  4. Manchester City Discussion

    Clearly i was ...like you are trying to do now ..don't worry, i'm putting a video courses together for you newb's
  5. Manchester City Discussion

    Thanks mate, long way to go and a few injury's could change everything like they did last season ..looks like we have a good keeper this year though, Bravo was a shambles last season with one of the worse shot to save ratio's in Europe
  6. Unlucky not to be 4 up in the first 30mins with a goal line clearance and De Bruyne's long range strike coming back out of the underside of the cross bar ..Napoli didn't really challenge us and needed a penalty to score with the very shots they had ..should be enough to see us through now
  7. Under 17s World Cup

    Not seen too much of him bar maybe 5 or academy games that have been on tv and the pre season tour of the USA, he's stood out in every youth game i've seen and a few good games on the tour ..id rate him the same as Patrick Roberts at the moment
  8. Maurizio Sarri: “I didn’t want to get depressed” watching Manchester City Napoli manager Maurizio Sarri has heaped praise on Champions League opponents Manchester City suggesting they are the most in-form across the continent. Pep Guardiola’s men have made a scintillating start to the Premier League season, scoring 29 goals from their opening eight games. Meanwhile Napoli have scored 26 goals of their own in the Serie A, while maintaining a 100 per cent record. Despite having been eliminated at the competition’s Round of 16 by eventual Real Madrid last season, Sarri says Guardiola’s side are ahead of the Spanish giants. “The feeling I get watching Man City play, I didn’t even get watching Real Madrid last year. I always felt my team could give opponents a hard time, but this time I think Man City are a formidable team,” he told a news conference. “But if we want to play at a certain level, we have to do it in important matches and aim at achieving results.” When asked about his research for the game, he added: “I watched a few matches. I didn’t want to watch all of them because I didn’t want to get depressed. “I think Man City are by far the strongest team in Europe at the moment.” And while City may be in strong form, Sarri insisted he wasn’t going to make major changes to his side’s system. “I would like to die a sudden death if I have to, not a painful slow death,” he said. “When you play a tactical, savvy and gifted team like Man City, who are well prepared from a physical point of view, you have to be careful not to overthink things. “We have to focus on our game. They could be superior to us on the pitch. From the technical point of view and speed they might be slightly better. “All I am asking us is not to be fearful, to respect our opponents but not to fear them. Fear paralyses you and prevents you from doing your best. “I want to see 11 players who believe in themselves. It may be impossible but maybe we have to be a little crazy. If we do not have this crazy belief then what is the point?” http://dailyfootballshow.com/maurizio-sarri-i-didnt-want-to-get-depressed-watching-manchester-city/ Every sane person agree's ..no doubt some bat shit crazy fucker on here will disagree
  9. Who are you going to manage on FM18?

    How very dare you!
  10. Who are you going to manage on FM18?

    Man Utd, i will spend a fortune on shit players (for more realism) and take them down to the lower leagues
  11. Rugby League - World Cup (26 Oct - 2nd Dec 2017)

    That's not rugby, it's foot tennis with gay pile on's
  12. united will be zero challenge to us for the title ..they will finish outside the top 4 ...again