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  1. 5 point gap at the top will do nicely.
  2. get in we needed that 2nd goal
  3. wow united down 2-0 already. looks like pep has made fantasy managers unhappy leading Jesus out ha
  4. My first prediction is gone already
  5. Just paper talk for now but could see it in the summer.
  6. guessing this means the summer
  7. Think a team like Real or PSG could make a huge offer next summer without a doubt
  8. I think it was only a matter of time with the resources the PL has now with ourselves and of course united. The gap is alot smaller now. The way Spurs competed in madrid i think says it all just like chelsea beating atletico away from home. I see no reason why at least 2/3 english teams can't get to the quarters/semis or even further. All about the luck of the draw.
  9. Was talking more about the pretty much through ball but was hit straight to the keeper. Should of gone further than rushing the shot.
  10. Real Madrid are still back to back defending champions so should be favourites. Also if they don't catch up to barca in the league they will focus on the CL more like they did really two years ago. All it takes is a good draw to win this. You need luck but they have the players. Although not having a guy like Morata on the bench has been an issue for them this year. All they need is ronaldo to get his form right come 2nd half of the year and they will be seen as the team to beat. Barca even though Neymar isn't there i think are a bigger threat than last year. PSG I think will be the most fresh out of any team deep into the comp. Which is scary as they have a scary strike force. I think they are certainly a top 3 favourite.
  11. If that is the case then no wonder Chelsea go through managers like it's nothing. not sure why any manager will want to go there if they have no say on any of the important matters.