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  1. Very poor performance, especially in the first half. Should never drop points to Huddlesfield.
  2. Chelsea Discussion

    While happy about United's start, I do wonder about it. That is why I told you I would wait til Guy Fawkes Day to get excited or not.
  3. Chelsea Discussion

    T Thanks I will say the same about you , especially in your chose of teams to support.😉
  4. Chelsea Discussion

    Not so much their position in the table but the form of a team should be taking into account. United did run up so lopsided wins against teams in poor form and just because we beat Palace by 4 goals and you lost to them by a goal, does not mean we will beat you by 5 the next time we play. However, If you diminish United's run of 4 -0 wins because the opposition were in poor form, then Cheslea's win in Madrid has to be judged in new light due to Atletico's struggles especially in the Champions League.
  5. Chelsea Discussion

    Atletico has struggled at times this season, though they seem to be playing better in Liga lately, doesn't their result against Qarabag and the chance they may not advance from the group stages, diminish Cheslea's result in Madrid any? Not to take anything from Cheslea's performance they played a great game, but Atletico have been a little of their game this season.
  6. There is no doubt many United fans were disappointed in the way Mourinho set the team up against Liverpool. I certainly thought we would be more adventurous and attack Liverpool's defence which is their weak spot. Mourinho's game plan was to sit back and defend for the first hour or so and catch Liverpool on the break when they opened up going for the win. However, Liverpool never took off their extra midfielder to bring on a another striker and the game never opened up enough for United to catch them on the counter. I would have liked to see Mourinho do more to open up the game and go for the win, but he has United playing more cautiously since Pogba has been out. But if he had went for the win in the last 10 minutes and Liverpool scored a winner, he would have been criticized. Hopefully the one point gained will be a important over the course of the season.
  7. Probably just his agent talking to somebody at United, happens all the time. Not sure about Ozil at United, seems to have thrown in the towel at Arsenal, so you have to wonder about his attitude. Certainly has the talent and has been one of the assist kings of the premier during his time at Arsenal. United's strikers could definitely use the service from his crosses, if Mourinho can get his best from him. But can he duplicate his form at Real Madrid when he was the top of his game?
  8. First Crystal Palace than Watford, United dropping points at Anfield doesn't look quite as bad as it did a few hours ago.
  9. Disappointing match, was expecting more from United. Looked like they came for a 0-0 draw and showed very little going forward. I guess I have to realise that Mourinho is going to shut up shop against good teams away from home. United had one opportunity to score and Lukaku should have done better, Mignolet made a decent safe but it was right at him. Liverpool had two or three chances to score and probably sould have won, so in the end the draw becomes a good result for United.
  10. I sympathize with your thinking but you are living in the past. The money in football is going nowhere, at least in my life time. The level of football may not matter to the emotional experience especially if you have enough pints in you, but it effects the entertainment level and overall enjoyment. I understand the community spirit you are talking about, I was born in the 50's and grew up in England in the 60's and attended matches on a regular basis. However, that community spirit is dead and burried in the UK, just as it is in North America and it is not comming back. The rise of the wealthy super clubs in England may have helped to destroy the community spirit you thrive for, but the quality of the football played by the top teams in England is a lot better than it was when I was a kid.
  11. Why would we punish people for being successful, and bring everyone down to a level of mediocracy?
  12. Chelsea Discussion

    I realise that about those two, just was not thinking about Qarabag. Have to finalize my team within the next few hours, flying overseas and won't have Internet for a couple of days.
  13. Chelsea Discussion

    Damn, never thought Chelsea would rest players for the CL. I have Courtois, Rudiger and Hazard in my fantasy team. Looks like a last minute overhaul.
  14. Very poor defensively for United today. Bailey made two mistake on the first goal and Jones fell on his face for the second. They couldn't handle Choupo-Moting today, he just out muscled United's CB' s.
  15. To say that hasn't worked out as planned, is a understatement.