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  1. Allardyce interested in earning $$$ from US FA.
  2. Big words. He may take over Lahm in ability but will he maintain the consistency Lahm did?
  3. Gord Downie frontman for Tragically Hip passes away at 53

    Anyway, not that I know too many songs by the Tragically Hip, I do like what I've heard. RIP
  4. Gord Downie frontman for Tragically Hip passes away at 53

    Maybe. I'm just so cynical when it comes to these sorts of things. What a world we live in where the president of the US is a reality TV star and the Canadian PM was voted in because he is 'handsome'.
  5. Gord Downie frontman for Tragically Hip passes away at 53

    The PM of Canada is a moron like Trump. He'd probably never heard of them but decided that they'd make good PR. Fucking politicians.
  6. Tim Sherwood coached Spurs for a spell didnt he? EDIT: fucks sake I had posted that already in this thread
  7. Which Managers Do You Hate?

    I disagree, the guy's temper irks some people.
  8. Wenger was once amongst the best managers in the world. Bloody hell, it isn't always black and white. Things change.
  9. Dick Law sounds like the type of thing you get when pure anarchy takes over and the alpha males institute a system of sexual conquest equating to political and social power.
  10. Serie A will be Europe's second strongest league within the decade. 

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. SirBalon


      It’s about aspiring to win trophies mate. Not making money! Otherwise this would be stockexchange 365. 

    3. Spike


      It was a joke you nob. xD I was taking the piss out of the punditry.

    4. Dr. Gonzo

      Dr. Gonzo

      Only if they get a better TV deal (I think their current deal expires at the end of 2018) & I don't know how they distribute the money, but I imagine a distribution system more in line with the prem rather than La Liga would spur more growth generally in the league. But a system like La Liga's would be good for your Juves, your AC Milans, your Romas... I CAN REDKNAPP TOO. He's a shite pundit lol

  11. 62 Dead In Huge Forest Fire In Portugal

    I've seen some intense bush fires (they've lit black night sky deep red) but that is something else.
  12. Have a look at the teams he had, then have a look at his record in the leagues. This is the bloke that struggled in Serie A with that Milan team of the early 00s, choked away a league against Barcelona, and lost P$G to Montpellier...choked away another CL to the weakest winners of all time (maybe tied with Chelsea), showed remarkable tactical inflexibility during his second year at Chelsea... I don't know, it could be just me, but maybe the guy isn't all he is cracked up to be.
  13. That is like saying 'the only reason Arsenal aren't top of the league is because they are shite'!