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  1. Which Managers Do You Hate?

    nnnaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh. it's me who should apologize. O'Brien just hauled in a big fish in me hahahaha. i'm so slow in getting the drift ..... Sorry guys for being so stiff and acting like a turd. @Any O'Brien ... sorry for those offensive words. You got me good -- AGAIN
  2. Which Managers Do You Hate?

    why would i make multiple accounts ??? what for ??? and if you see that i have multiple ip address that's becoz sometimes i use VPN coz you know i'm here in saudi. damn stupid country has blocked a lot of sites.
  3. Which Managers Do You Hate?

    shut the fuck up. you're the one who instigated all this. first was that accusations you made that i made derogatory comments against Dan, next was that you said you'd hate me if i were a manager and the last straw was that gaylord. dude, i'm not ignorant to forums, i'm an admin in one and a moderator from the other. i know the common rule of attack the opinion not the person. but what you did is a personal attack and here you are playing the victim. it's you who's the asshole here. not me.
  4. Chelsea Discussion

    most people including me have predicted that Chelsea will be having problems when they'll be playing in the UCL. now, here it is.
  5. Which Managers Do You Hate?

    received no PM whatsoever. so, let me get this straight ........ saying gaylord without the intention of hurting anyone, just using it as a term - is offensive ??? but that shit that AnyOBrien did to me way back can be just left alone ??? and i don't want to quote this ... just copy paste Posted Wednesday at 07:01 AM Bozziovai if he was a football manager. my response to AnyOBrien ... is fuck you !!! you homophobic discriminating self righteous asshole. if what cannabis has said that you are wheel-chaired bound .. then better. suffer in that state. continue venting out your frustration that you cannot walk to other people. again - go fuck yourself.
  6. yeah. Klopp and Liverpool and Spurs are this year's supporting cast. i'm more excited on how far Jupp with his Bayern team can go this season or maybe they could win it again.
  7. Which Managers Do You Hate?

    add to the list - CONTE. another gaylord.
  8. yeah. just look at the poor performances of Juventus and Atletico Madrid. Finalist of the last two seasons. and in group H many was expecting a 1-2 finish by Madrid and Dortmund but look at how it looks right now, Spurs a surprise package.
  9. as the tournament progresses we're seeing that the Group of Death is now Group E, with only a point separating 1st and 3rd. the other groups i think the winners is already decided, it's just a battle for 2nd place.
  10. Which Managers Do You Hate?

    if there is an existing thread, just merge this one ..... thanks. let me start -- Rafa Benitez - i know what self confidence is, but this man only has arrogance written all over his interviews and yet he can't back all his claims with good results. Arsene Wenger - season after season Arsenal has failed to win the EPL crown, he should be gentleman enough to let some other coach try and win it for Arsenal. Pep - his years during the theater-of-barca when his players were acting to help them win a game Jose - his pointing-fingers-antics is such as pain.
  11. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA. Too bad he only got a ban and not prison time for all the corruption he made while as head of FIFA. back to the present -- I'm rooting for the nations that comes from Africa. as for brazil's form in the qualifiers, i still have doubts, i still have a wide grin remembering their loss against Germany.
  12. Players you hate

    sorry for using such term, but in my country if a man uses his mouth too much like a girl, then he is called BAKLA. the english for it is gay.
  13. who was that fat bastard who refereed the game between italy and the koreans ??
  14. Don't say that aloud, the italians might hear you and of course totti, they'll go bananas hahahahahah
  15. Players you hate

    Pepe - an animal. nothing more Sergio Ramos - volatile bomb Pique - gay-mouth Xavi - he's a good player, but what he did after football is what makes me hate him. gay-mouth Suarez - a dog or a human ?? all of the players of Leicester who betrayed Claudio. Neymar - drama queen