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  1. Good luck getting that cunt out.
  2. Tipping thread - 2017/18

    WEEK 11 TABLE (October 9 - October 15) Another week, and quite frankly, another disaster. Whilst not quite scraping the lows of last week, it's still ranked as one of the worst weeks yet and the overall score is a worrying -£170.95, with four players now £50 or more down. Reading from the top, @Smiley Culture cements his lead with a 9th straight win, and his biggest yet as generously priced Notts County did the business against Barnet. I also went straight back to 2nd from 5th after backing Uruguay to beat Bolivia in the first half when Bolivia took a shock lead. The game ended 4-2. A very comfortable win in the end. @Batard is proving he's French with his bright start only to let down afterwards as he loses again, although you could see a lot of logic in that one. @Lucas had a bit of a mare, unlucky to a degree as both looked likely but it wasn't to be, while @...Dan's very ambitious in-play double lost. @RandoEFC loses again, no sympathy as his love affair with Asian handicap is throwing me and thankfully he isn't winning any of them. @Stan could be deemed unlucky as Celtic only won 1-0 while his other game finished 3-6! It just isn't happening for @Storts, it's 7 defeats out of 7 and he cements his place at the foot of the table. Get some in for the weekend!
  3. Things you don't like about Football

    So as a matter of fact, you don't like them the least, means you actually like them?
  4. Top 5 Players Of The Club You Support

    It's no co-incidence at all. One of the best readers of the game and tacklers I've ever seen.
  5. Top 5 Players Of The Club You Support

    The one thing stopping me putting King in is that his involvement in the ultimate year was pretty minimal, although I definitely agree on how much he's been through. For quite a steady, calm and quiet player ever since he showed up the club has been the total opposite.
  6. Top 5 Players Of The Club You Support

    It's ridiculous how much assurance Kante gives a side. We used to be on the back foot and I wouldn't even be particularly nervous we were going to blow it whereas now I expect us to concede every time we get attacked.
  7. I don't think it's implausible Burnley come 8th. There isn't a huge deal between the bottom 13 I feel, 14 if Everton keep playing like this.
  8. I can tolerate ours. I'm a bit annoyed about the Palace game as it's the Christmas do the night before which always ends up being a big one, literally the one kick off time I didn't want. Man Utd isn't ideal, shit for their fans to be honest, but give me that over Christmas Eve. Newcastle away half 5 is great.
  9. Top 5 Players Of The Club You Support

    Stan's are very hard to argue with. I'd absolutely kill to have someone like Izzet in our midfield now. I do think though Kante has to be worth a mention. I said all along in our title winning year he was the key. Vardy & Mahrez were both exceptional, but neither could've done it without this man in my eyes.
  10. Tipping thread - 2017/18

    WEEK 10 TABLE (October 2 - October 8) First of all, apologies for not only the pathetic delay, but the fact there's still another week to come (but it's too late and I cannot be arsed). This week was what could only be described as an absolute disaster. The only one to not let it down was the reliable @Smiley Culture who collected an eighth win on the bounce. Although his biggest win has only been £6.66, it's paying off as he now has a comfortable lead at the top of the table. He was the only one of seven to collect a win. @Batard could be deemed very unlucky to lose his, although the general theme of the weekend is that Notts County have a hell of a lot to answer for, with @Stan, @RandoEFC and @Lucas all being let down by them (as well as others). @Cannabis backed an ambitious double that would involve the home nations being involved in some entertaining games, so it's little surprise that he has a red score by his name. But idiot of the week only has the one contender. Yours truly. I love a bit of the A-League, goals galore and fairly generous odds considering. I spent my Friday night playing FIFA and making silly bets online, and in doing so managed to accumulate a £10 stake into £108. My general rule when doing this is withdraw the money once I hit £100 and then play with the remainder. I've had some incredible runs where I've won about 12 in a row and ended up getting up to £130 or so, then the £30 back up to £140 etc... I managed to withdraw around £500 in one afternoon once, although it's quite concerning how little it seems to bother me staking £75 anymore, for example. Having got up to £108 I thought fuck it, the A-League is great for a goal and threw the lot of it on the single of Melbourne v Sydney FC. I missed Stan's advice and woke up to find I'd lost. I even blew one of my £25 stakes on here on it in the process, dropping me 3 places in the table and contributing to an overall diabolical week. Although sure enough, Stan, they won their next game 3-2. Will try and get week 11's table in for tomorrow night if I'm able to, although it's safe to say mine went a little better.
  11. How "big" is the team above?

    Regarded as the biggest club in France, but clearly something isn't right there as in my lifetime they've been outperformed by PSG (expected now), Monaco and Lyon. Strike me as a bit of an under-achiever. Brighton & Hove Albion.
  12. Who are you going to manage on FM18?

    Well.... Leicester, obviously. Rudkin sacked before I've even spoken to my staff. May end up doing a save in the lower leagues of some sort. I may do Wigan or Blackburn, something like that, maybe even Portsmouth. I think I'm about due another save in Italy or Spain. May try someone like Espanyol. Nantes always ends up happening. I do wonder if it's time to try something outside of Europe.
  13. I find it quite bizarre how Walsh going to Everton has seemingly fucked both clubs