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  1. Sack Race 2017/18

    Guess it wasn’t To Be........
  2. Harvey Weinstein & the Great Hollywood sex scandal

    Where was the outrage in 2011? Fucking idiots. Wouldn't even mind but it was at a fucking comic-con, in jest, couple with laughing about ripping tongues out ffs.
  3. Serie A Matchday 8

    Diving cunt though Immobile.
  4. Great, we get to see a bang average Messi at an international tournament again.
  5. Last movie you watched?

    I feel like I'm still at the cinema watching BladeRunner2049
  6. Top 3

    HB still reeling em in 😂. He'll be getting them to check their PMs next......
  7. Formula One

  8. Another Road Traffic Accident in London

    There's absolutely zero reason to hide it being a terrorist event if it was so why are we getting the tin foil hats out lads?
  9. 2017 Deathsweep

    Monthly to be fair. Can see Ian McKellen going in 2018.......
  10. Red Dead Redemption 2; Trailer Revealed

    It's an epic. Only game that comes close to FF7 in terms of storyline. Just started again last night. This will be the game that makes me buy a PS4.
  11. Milan to Discuss San Siro Future

    Artemio Franchi stadium is dire. It's literally a relic with stone seats in some sections.
  12. 2017 Deathsweep

    I had Brucie down for 2017. Nailed it.
  13. Shooting in Las Vegas; Worst Massacre in US History

    You're about an hour behind, just been watching so didn't post. Fucking Dan Blizerian posting whilst running away saying he's off to get his gun. No, you're off to hide under your bed behind security you soft prick. People dying and he's succesfully made it all about him.
  14. Immigration

    For 3 years? Damn....,