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  1. I’ll tell u when he pulls it out of Koeman’s arse
  2. Apparently it only rained on the Utd players 🤔
  3. Rafa is a fucking genius!
  4. Stick to playing defensive Jose
  5. Watford must be gutted. Should have had this game won ages ago.
  6. Word on the street This isn’t Foodfellows Stan
  7. Everton fans that. It was probably Cannabis holding his Mourinho love child Anyway I’m off before that Crystal Palace fan comes on an tells me off! Night all
  8. Agreed, but Koeman had the funds to get one yet decided to spend £40m on Sigg. Anyway, is this what all you lot were on about with the bloke with kid? Carra just posted it on Insta
  9. This ‘he wasn’t given a replacement for Lukaku’ is wearing a bit thin as an excuse. Koeman wanted Rooney (who is a striker despite the shite people spout about him being a No10) and besides, we don’t even play with a striker. It’s no excuse for the performances that are being churned out.
  10. Last 10 meetings against Spuds - 3 draws with us winning 7. Still not confident though!
  11. Everton Discussion

    Not a fucking prayer Rafa would even entertain managing Everton
  12. If it were possible for Afghanistan FC to play in the CL Final against Manchester United, about 99% of the worlds population would want Afghanistan FC to win. Seriously cant wait for that miserable twat Mourinho to retire. His team plays in conjunction with his moods.