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  1. Top 5 Players Of The Club You Support

    Yeah maybe, it's difficult leaving one or the other out
  2. Top 5 Players Of The Club You Support

    Top 5 all time definitely sees Dalglish out on top. The next four could be in any order really. Gerrard, Liddell, Rush, Barnes. There really is so many that I've missed out here though, I'm sure someone else would disagree with those 5. Hansen, Hughes, Clemence and in particular Souness amongst others could make a case for being in there. My lifetime: Gerrard, Suarez, Fowler, Carragher and Torres. Gerrard on top ahead of Suarez for his longevity. Suarez is the most talented player I've seen in a red shirt. Fowler, my first football hero. Carragher just edges out Hyypia. Torres makes it in for me. He was unreal between 07 and 09/10.
  3. Week 9 Fixtures

    Friday 20th October, 2017 West Ham 2-1 Brighton, 20.00 Saturday 21st October, 2017 Chelsea 1-2 Watford, 12.30 Huddersfield 0-3 Man Utd Man City 2-0 Burnley Newcastle 2-0 Crystal Palace Southampton 1-0 West Brom, 17.30 Stoke 2-0 Bournemouth Swansea 1-1 Leicester Sunday 22nd October, 2017 Everton 0-2 Arsenal, 13.30 Tottenham 2-2 Liverpool, 16.00
  4. One angry bunch Everton the fella throwing digs with his kid in his arms and anyone get onto the fella calling Sigurdsson shite and a shithouse as he was taking the corner?
  5. Blues would probably afford Koeman more time if it wasn't for his red Christmas tree last year
  6. Mad how people hang on the every word of what managers and players say in public. Especially those managers or players who have no prior loyalty to the club. If they get an offer from someone higher up the food chain they'll be off.
  7. What TV Series Are You Watching?

    Started Ozark the other night. Three episodes in, enjoying it so far
  8. Which Managers Do You Hate?

    I'm not into all this 'hating' footballers or managers but I'll make an exception for Roy Hodgson. What a prick
  9. Surprised at that. Thought they were terrible against us. We should have won that game reasonably comfortably. Such a frustrating night that
  10. These are dreadful but we've done well to get the job done by half time.
  11. Karius for Mignolet, Trent for Gomez and Milner for Henderson
  12. Always risky appointing a caretaker permanently after a few good results. Even more so one who has just been promoted from a coach or assistant or whatever. Not surprised, although it's a little earlier than I thought it would be. They have had a few difficult fixtures early on to be fair
  13. Boxing

    Apparently Pulev is injured
  14. Sack Race 2017/18

    Their away record last season was pretty poor but that stat is wrong. They won four last season
  15. I'm not disputing that his finishing needs to be improved. His play aside from that yesterday though was very good. He gave Darmian a bad time and was our biggest threat aside from Coutinho. There were a few other players from us that you'd be more critical of yesterday. The three in midfield weren't good enough for a start.