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  1. Ozil would probably be good at Man Utd, he will have the strong midfielders to do the donkey work without him having to put in a shift.
  2. Well yes when you look how Spurs are run which is similar to the Arsenal boards running of the club. But Spurs are going to their new stadium with their best team they have had in years. Arsenal went to their new stadium filled with lies and with a weak team after selling players for funding, also they had uninterested Henry who left after A season. I think looking back Arsenal fans would rather of stayed at Highbury.
  3. The difference is Wenger does have an easy ride by his own club owners. But yes he has taken a lot from the press and that is now filtering down to the fans. A lot of it is his own doing though.
  4. Yea Koeman is to blame also, he should of put pressure on the board to get a striker. Also the balance isnt right with all the midfielders. Coleman has been a big loss on the left but they have no real pace to spark anything. But I was more talking about the owner and what he will bring as well.
  5. Never seen anything like it, he actually walked about 10 rows to the front to get involved.
  6. Wow Everton fans really let themselves down today with the fighting and other way they behaved. Just because they have this new owner, They need a reality check, they do realise the new shareholder is from Arsenal and was part of the times when Arsenal were tight as badgers asses. He has not put any of his own money in the club, all transfers were made from Stones and Lakaku sales.
  7. The guy in crowd with his kid throwing punches!
  8. Arsenal Discussion

    Yea I totally agree but I do believe he will leave, he will go to Fenerbahce, he can be even more lazy there.