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  1. 49 mins Chelsea 1-2 Watford. 65 mins Carrillo comes on 90 mins Chelsea 4-2 Watford. I don't think Carrillo is the answer
  2. Barca line-up I know goal difference isn't the superior factor in La Liga, but Barca really should be tucking at least 4 or 5 away here against Malaga. They're bottom and haven't won a game yet, conceding 18. Terrible form.
  3. that is a fucking beaut of a goal. Speed of attack, speed on the ball, cut inside, and to get that much power without backlift is superb. Brilliant goal.
  4. President Trump

    @Fairy In Boots Trump mentioned 'radical Islam terror' is the main reason for 13% increase in crime. You mention violent crime is on the rise (nothing to do with what Trump specifically tweeted about) @Danny mentioned it's not only terror that led to the increase. I don't understand what your point is? You've misconstrued Trump's tweet by the looks of it. Violent crime is not the same as terror. Or you're taking Danny's point out of context, where Danny was talking about Trump's tweet.
  5. trying to worm his way out of the L tonight. Even Jose said the best team won. Wonder if Teso can bring himself to admit it too.
  6. How "big" is the team above?

    a club I've never heard of. Schalke
  7. How "big" is the team above?

    grew up with them having some legendary players as part of their squad. Buffon started there, Dino Baggio, Hernan Crespo, Ariel Ortega, Enrico Chiesa, Fabio Cannavaro, Asprilla, Lilian Thuram, Adriano, Adrian Mutu. I think Veron was there and Alberto Gilardino as well if I remember correctly. Very sad what happened to them and that they fell so hard. I hope they find their way back in to Serie A sooner rather than later. Bayer Leverkusen
  8. Tipping thread - 2017/18

    this is getting beyond a fucking joke now. Betis' last 2 matches have SEVENTEEN goals in them. And there's only 2 in this game against a side that is 2nd from bottom as well as Betis themselves having one of the worst defences in the league. Takes the fucking piss. One goal away. AGAIN.
  9. phenomenal result for Huddersfield. Curious and interested to see how Teso takes this L. I mean, losing to a promoted side away from home with such a valuable squad. Poor, that.
  10. that's more fucking like it. 3 more points in the bag and fully deserved.
  11. scissor tackle on Yedlin apparently. Kamara said definite yellow.
  12. Aguero finally gets his milestone goal for Man City. Apparently a dive for the penalty though.
  13. Bournemouth 2 up. Hughes surely has very little time left?!