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  1. He needs to move but united won't be good for him. Go play where you're heart is and rekindle your passion after 4 years of soul sucking at arsenal.
  2. Stranger Things

    Love the trailer. 1 week to go!!
  3. This seems like a good fit tbh. The yanks love a cocky Pom. And I could just see Allardyce bossing it in post-match interviews ranting about how many "P.K's" they should have had.
  4. Top 5 Players Of The Club You Support

    Zenden Voronin Aquilani Konchesky Dossena
  5. Which Managers Do You Hate?

    The only manager I really hate is Mourinho. His arrogance, his hypocrisy, his sour grapes, the infuriating shit football he'll ultimately play even with the worlds most talented and creative squad. But I love to hate him and am glad he's around to be honest, as its great to beat him. He's a necessary bad guy.
  6. President Trump

    An excuse Trump often likes to use it that he was quoting a report.... His quotation marks in his tweet encompass the putting together of the two things. So if he's actually quoted correctly (which is by no means a certainty) then it was some other idiot (in this case) that has found a way to name check radical Islamic terror amidst their commentary on the general crime statistics. This is not excusing him though as we'll likely find it was the UK equivalent of InfoWars that Trump is quoting.
  7. President Trump

    I agree with the bold in that it happens and things can be taken out of context to the point a reasonable person can see trump is being painted harshly. That definitely does hurt the anti trumpers like when its a 35 degree day and some SJW rants about it being hot because climate change. But what trump said here is sensationalist, unhelpful and pretty stupid.
  8. President Trump

    Trump is a smokescreen brought in to distract the world.
  9. Shit. Yeah how could i forget united. Its wide open? Maybe there are more potential contenders than in recent years but its real Madrids to lose. Theyre clear favourites surely at least to the level barca were in recent MSN years...
  10. I'm almost thinking the europa should be the champions league for the main leagues outside of europes top 8. Keep them separate. Eliminate the drop down from CL. Then your supercup will be an interesting battle.
  11. What can you do though really? There will be teams in these competitions weaker than the 20th placed EPL or Liga teams. How do you avoid more 7.0 results...?
  12. Which of the 4 English cubs have you excluded mate? Liverpool or spurs? I'd have thought both are very unlikely compared to the other 2.
  13. Gord Downie frontman for Tragically Hip passes away at 53

    RIP. Seems like your PM was quite emotional about it too. He really teared up? I've definitely heard of the hip but i couldn't name a song by them that I've heard and remember. Good band name. We get more by Neil young and status quo over here than the hip
  14. they may actually need to do something to spice up the group stage. Its worse than international breaks for friendlies.
  15. I think if you guys won the title or the champions league this year he'd be more likely to move on. However incremental progress and cementing second place and he'd still feel like there was unfinished business.