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  1. I feel vindicated for maintaining that United weren't that good even when they were getting random 4-0s.
  2. Chelsea are getting absolutely bossed here. Mental.
  3. Which Managers Do You Hate?

    Malky McKay: sexist, racist, homophobic bastard. Worse than all that, he's just an incompetent thicko carried from one job to the other by having chums in the right places. There are also others for whom that second part applies: Redknapp, Sherwood, McGhee, and many more.
  4. Considering my complete lack of connection to it, I get an embarrassing amount of satisfaction from West Ham doing West Ham things.
  5. Top 5 Players Of The Club You Support

    Billy McNeill - European Cup winning captain. Jimmy Johnstone - star winger of the 1967 team, and probably the best in the world for a while. Tommy Gemmil - scored in two European cup finals from left back. Kenny Dalglish - people tend to forget he played about 300 games up here before he went to Liverpool. Henrik Larsson - don't need to explain this one, he's recent enough in the memory. It's absolutely mental that a player of his ability stayed in Scotland through all of his prime years in the Bosman era. Tbh it's a bit of a cop-out list, since really if you're including 1967 players you could really make a list just of them. It's a bit arbitrary trying to pick just a few of them so I could shoehorn in two player from later years.
  6. Malta Car Bomb Kills Panama Papers Journalist

    Apparently she was also doing a lot of work on the Maltese mafia, so perhaps the motive is a bit less interesting.
  7. I really don't think Everton fans should be wishing so hard for Ancelotti. He's undoubtedly a great manager, but I think his specialty is the exact opposite of Everton's situation. He's brilliant at coming up with systems that are individually tailored for different world class squads, and then keeping them happy and running smoothly, and he only tinkers things slightly for certain opponents in the CL. He's not an intense, league-focused coach. He strolled the Bundesliga when Tuchel started having a slight struggle with Dortmund's shape, and they had also been gutted the summer before. This season you can see how he responds to serious adversity in the league. Dortmund looked decent again and the players realised he couldnt inject the kind of intensity that saw Bayern stroll it even against top Dortmund sides. I don't think he's the kind of manager to pull a team away from the relegation region.
  8. If they keep up the general quality of their play, this could be a decent chance for Liverpool to finally score a couple of goals and get out of this wasteful spell.
  9. The tiny hope that a result might be possible against Bayern is pretty much gone now that Ancelotti's out and the confidence crisis appears over. Guard the GD.
  10. Serie A Matchday 8

    Lovely goals.
  11. Serie A Matchday 8

    Seems Candreva's crossing has come back.
  12. The reason La Liga style score lines have been missing in England has been purely due to a lack of world-class teams in England. City are starting to look like the first in years.
  13. It is sad, I was really excited to see Robertson at Liverpool because I thought he could be a regular and really kick on under Klopp. I don't think he's been given a fair chance tbh.
  14. Not entirely convinced by xG but this definitely would confirm that rather than anything special from Mourinho and United, it was more just a typical Liverpool game of failing to score against a weaker team on the day.