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  1. Scottish League Cup 2017/18

    With the hoards of empty seats in the Hibs end, this won't be the last we hear about the match today. Already people calling for Hibs to be punished for demanding far more tickets than they could sell.
  2. AC Milan Thread

    With the mismanagement of Milan since their last league title, it was always going to take more than one summer to magically turn them around. They still have a horribly uneven squad with a real lack of any depth to it. This is a club that allowed Mattia De Sciglio to leave for a rival, after letting his contract run down, and then were held to ransom by Donnarumma after not sorting his future earlier. The entire structure of the club needs to change before they can point the entire blame at Montella. This includes the attitude of the supporters as well. The immediate demand for success is ridiculous. Over 60,000 at the Europa League qualifying match, but only 13,000 midweek for the group stage game. They expected to be competing with Napoli and Juventus straight away, it hasn't happened and they've lost interest.
  3. Scottish League Cup 2017/18

    Another for Dembele. Definitely over now. Hibs fans will be wondering where this effort in the second half was earlier. Going to be only 1 win in 8 for Hibs after today.
  4. Scottish League Cup 2017/18

    Dreadful decision for the penalty. But even worse defending up the other end and Dembele seals the victory for Celtic.
  5. Scottish League Cup 2017/18

    The Hibs team are overrated since their draw at Celtic Park, against a Celtic team that was resting several players. They are a decent team, but lack quality in a lot of areas still. Stokes isn't as effective as a lone striker and they could really do with some with the energy and pace of Simon Murray playing ahead of him. They played this same team last week against Aberdeen, and it was an easy day for their centre backs with no one really threatening to run past or away from them.
  6. Scottish League Cup 2017/18

    Typical winger loses concentration after a corner, loses his man and Celtic are 1-0 up. Hibs are sitting off Celtic and allowing them to play the game at a slow tempo. They just got ran off the pitch midweek, why Hibs aren't trying to raise the tempo is beyond me. Seems they are just happy to stand off and accept their fate.
  7. Rangers' Chairman 'Penniless'

    Love these Scottish pundits working in England. They really have no clue about what is actually going on in Scotland anymore.
  8. Love how the Daily Record choose to refer to him as 'former Roma manager' when he was never in charge for a single game.
  9. I think it's far to say a few years ago it would have been unthinkable. No doubt he is looking at it like a stepping stone, but that's not a bad thing for Kilmarnock. The only way he'll get another 'big' job is for his time at Kilmarnock to be a success.
  10. Serie A Matchday 8

    Ridiculously good weekend for Italian football. Expecting wins for Juventus, Napoli and Inter for them to separate themselves from the rest.
  11. Another fraud has control of Rangers. How can they go from one horrendous owner to another, with a little Mike Ashley involvement as well.
  12. Yer Da Becomes Interim Manager

    Even the decision to have a friendly in November is ridiculous, never mind putting this guy in charge.
  13. UEFA Nations League

    Can't wait for Malta to qualify for Euro 2020 because of this shambles.
  14. Seems both Scotland and England's plans for youth development massively favours the 'bigger' teams. Is this inevitable or can something be done to even it out?