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  1. I have a feeling Dele Alli's going to rip us several new ones. Our midfielders don't seem to understand the concept of tracking runs, so he's basically going to have the place to himself and it could get ugly.
  2. Manchester United Discussion

    It's always a laugh listening to people like that. They spend half the time saying Manchester United are great and Liverpool are rubbish and the other half saying they have to play defensively at Anfield otherwise they'd get battered. It's an incredibly stupid argument, but it isn't new; we heard the same sorts of things after United played exactly the same game at Anfield last season. To his credit, Neil Custis (whoever he is) did offer a new piece of stupidity by completely misdefining 'parking the bus' and then arguing that that's not what Mourinho did
  3. To be fair, you're pretty much guaranteed one good season with Pards. I reckon he'd be a good appointment
  4. Sunderland and Leeds. He was one of my first footballing hates
  5. Why does it matter where they're from when we're just talking about a football match that was televised for the whole world to see? If we were talking about transfers and other inside information regarding Spanish clubs, I'd be more inclined to listen to the Spanish media, but in this case we're not. On that note, how's Coutinho fitting in to the Barcelona side?
  6. That's a bit of a stretch mate. Honestly, I'd like to see teams like this have a harder route to qualification because there are many better teams currently playing in the Europa League and that's just not right.
  7. Absolutely not, and I don't want to re-hash the argument over Ranieri's firing, but I don't think it's logically consistent to say he deserved to be given time when he was getting Leicester relegated while also saying Shakespeare shouldn't have been given the job at the start of this season after the way he finished last season.
  8. Can't believe I'm reading that Ranieri deserved to be allowed to take Leicester down but Shakespeare didn't deserve his chance after the improvement he oversaw. What a ridiculous double standard. It clearly didn't work out for Shakespeare, but I don't think it's right to say giving him the job permanently in the first place was a stupid move.
  9. Which Managers Do You Hate?

    Mourinho - Just a cunt with no redeeming qualities Guardiola - Possibly the saltiest human being in the world. Also, it has gotten better, but his Barcelona teams played the most boring, cowardly football I've ever seen Hodgson - Useless mong who apologised to Alex Ferguson for taking the Liverpool job. Complete gay mouth
  10. Best Footy Songs?

  11. Weird timing to do it just after the international break when they could easily have given themselves time to find and install a replacement
  12. Who are you going to manage on FM18?

    There's only one team for me when it comes to Football Manager and you might recognise their badge. There are a handful of coincidences with me and that club (names, street names, heritages, etc.) and I've developed something of an affinity for them through all my saves. If they have the USL on the game, I'll give Phoenix Rising a little go as well, but I can't see it
  13. Things you don't like about Football

    Well it's not outside the realms of possibility that any of those players would've struggled in a different league with a different style. The fact is that they only proved themselves in one league, no matter how important you think that is.