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  1. President Trump

    Are you high? Genuine question. I mentioned violent crime is soaring which it is apparently according to recent reports. You mentioned Terror attacks not me, all I’m saying is for all there is to attack Trump on calling him a moron on this topic where he’s not far wrong is silly. Literally it’s your last comment where you reference terror attacks then because that doesn’t work you backpedal, I don’t understand you sometimes mate I really don’t.
  2. President Trump

    Terror Attacks in UK 2016: 1 (and it was Jo Cox) Terror Attack’s in UK 2017: 5 honestly Trump isn’t beyond reproach but this insistence to jump on everything and paint him as a moron. At every opportunity doesn’t work. In fact it just makes those losing their shit seem silly
  3. State of Emergency in Charlottesville

    That’s surely why it may have worked it made no sense so they wouldn’t have expected it lol
  4. President Trump

    Violent crime is soaring London is worse than New York now and somehow Trump is an idiot for pointing this out? I don’t get that to be honest.
  5. Harvey Weinstein & the Great Hollywood sex scandal

    Famous men take advantage of women, like yewtree this will be a case of once the noise quietens down sorting out who’s actually crossed the line and who’s just took opportunities that naturally arise as a famous man in which women can throw themselves at you.
  6. Running

    So I did the Birmingham Half Marathon I’m fuming at the time really dissapointed I was really hoping for sub 2hrs. I made the mistake of trying gels without testing them in training, the result was I crashed massively around mile 11 my stomach was cramping and I’ve spent most of the evening on the loo voiding my bowls.
  7. No complaints pretty much as I’ve called it all season, we’re good enough for the playoffs despite Bruce. This squad can take the field with no tactics and no plan and roll teams that are poor, against organisation and well drilled teams they’re going to come unstuck and Bruce has no answer. I think I even said against Wolves this won’t fly 3-4 weeks back we’re fucked because they will win the odd game and it will keep this clown in a job. It sounds arrogant but it’s not, with a decent manager this squad would walk this league
  8. President Trump

  9. Harvey Weinstein & the Great Hollywood sex scandal

    Because sexual harassment & assault is gender specific 👍🏻
  10. President Trump

    You do know I made reference to that in the original post.
  11. President Trump

    If you think a group of black inner city thug types sit down and listen to white boy bitch about his mom you’re insane and I’m a Eminem fan. Years ago I used to score weed from a guy in a high rise in Brum that ran an illegal pirate hip hop radio station, the guy was family of my mate and we were frequently the only white guys in attendance of what would be at least a dozen for lack of a better word City Niggers (it’s what they referred to themselves, some were gang affiliated etc every other word was the N word) Bully & Superman were the only tracks of Eminem that were permitted to be played and we’re talking 2001-2002 (50 was massive) it’s not changed. I think they respect his talent but they’re not going to buy it and chill with it on their own. Now it’s probably different in areas where it’s a ratio of 25:1 white on black and the black kid likes white things, but in black neighbourhoods where it’s 25:1 the other way they don’t care. That’s just my experience though. Funny story about that time is Mike Skinner aka the streets did a set once he was too scared to enter the block on his own as his mommy dropped him off, he’s a wet blanket. In real life a complete tool from a nice house it’s all an act. Through business & online gaming I have about 50 friends in the states it’s about 50/50 with geographic bias, wisconsin etc is pro California is anti but Cali is probably the most lunatic leftist place on Earth now (except upstate). Let’s be fair also you’re far more likely to gravitate to friends with similar opinions. I’m easily the most right out of my mates but we’ve been pals 20+ years they tolerate me
  12. President Trump

    Blacks don’t buy his music, they’re not interested in white trash issues. They interested in hearing a brother be a gangster, poor whites are the ones who voted for Trump and they Eminem’s domestic audience. The NFL have backed off quick. Only on here where we have a mainly none American user base does it go on and on about how crap he is, he’s not half as hated as we believe.
  13. President Trump

    Lol Eminem has significantly alienated a large portion of his fan base. Poor whites voted for Trump in droves and he’s attacking Trump 😂
  14. Harvey Weinstein & the Great Hollywood sex scandal

    I find it glorious watching these pompous virtual signalling cocksuckers squirm at every opportunity. Ben Affleck is a great example he’ll happily pontificate about society and politics with an air of anyone not on the same page as me is evil about him, yet he’s a friend & protege of a rapist and he’s also been a bit naughty himself. This is fabulous for Trump puts all those attacking his grab her by the pussy line massively on the back foot.
  15. Harvey Weinstein & the Great Hollywood sex scandal

    Lol Terry Crews has come out and said some top Hollywood Honcho grabbed his dick and he’s treated like the bravest soul ever. Corey Haim was ignored to the point he abused himself to death, gotta love how the media operate.