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  1. @Machado Guedes... How far can he go? This kid looks top quality and I’d place a bet on the fact he’s genuinely going to be one of world’s football protagonists.
  2. Catalonian Freedom

    I wouldn't mind to be honest... Problem is I do Spanish Guitar lessons at that time.
  3. Top 5 Players Of The Club You Support

    This has turned into an amazing thread... Thought people would just write lists but that's not the case which is great to see. It makes me personally very happy to see how much many fans credit the history of the football club they support and how important that was to eventually 'capitalise' on the way football is now as a club with status. I'll write mine in due course but I'm really really enjoying this.
  4. It's simple... Who for you were (or maybe, are) the pioneers at the football club you support? It has to consist of historic players for your club too because you should know the history of the club you support with players that changed things or made a massive mark to make your club more of a status symbol nationally or maybe even internationally. You don't only have to make a top five of your own club but maybe dabble in other clubs you feel have legendary players and aren't represented here on TF365 with fan members. Maybe you even want to do two lists for your club like maybe a top 5 of players in your lifetime and then what you recognise as the probable top 5 of all time at your club.
  5. I don't know if the statements made at the time by the Arsenal board we had when we moved were lies or just that they didn't expect things to become so stagnant as they did. Maybe they expected much more from that "golden generation" of youngsters we had at the club at the time. I go back to my previous post in that Arsenal and Wenger used to get great press for years and that era we had some youngsters that were playing in cup competitions against some Premier League clubs and beating them... If not, definitely competing against anyone and that was a second string. The thing is that betting on youngsters with everything about your future without planning is mental. That's the way it seems it happened because anything else and we certainly have a case for lies. So it's either ineptitude or lies! With Spurs I think they're gonna be in the same boat as us... This is a thread about Pochettino so with Arsenal stuff we're gong off topic and relating it to Tottenham Hotspur makes it less of a hijack. Nobody has any idea whatsoever what will happen unless they're soothsayers and can view the future. Maybe past mistakes by others have made Spurs plan more adequately ahead and to be honest there's been plenty of clubs that have built new stadiums and remained competitive or that a dry spell has been short lived. Like I'm saying... I don't know the ins and outs of the situation at Tottenham and how they've financed their new stadium. I have no idea if this is going to stunt how much they'll be able to spend on the football side of things where player recruitment is concerned because one thing's for sure and that's the more their present status players make a mark and punch headlines, the more massive clubs with more than just money will be whispering in those players ears (not that these things need much whispering). Once those players leave, it's very difficult to bring in similar competitiveness if you're being knee-capped financially. So, only the more avid Spurs fans will know how bright the future seems and how much Mauricio Pochettino will be backed in what he needs. Unless Pochettino wants to be a breeder of young talents without chasing more ambitious success, then the answers lie somewhere within those points. Nobody knows the future and as a football fan you can only hope that the people paid to plan ahead are doing so correctly.
  6. Wenger has taken a lot from the media but he's also been defended for years by the media like he was some sort of untouchable football guru. He could say anything and it would be treated like gospel. He's started to take more and more flak from the press when they saw it was all now a load of rubbish.
  7. Catalonian Freedom

    What's for sure is that every action the Spanish government has taken has been a mistake from the very start of this situation which goes back a number of years in his actual tenure as Prime Minister. Every step has been the incorrect step and one thing I agree with Carles Puigdemont on is that the decisions (lack of decisions) made by Mariano Rajoy and his government have made the independence movement stronger. Had the talks been held in the first place four years back, things would've been sorted by now. The issue now is with a stronger hand that the Catalan Government have, what would the talks entail? If the talks are to demand independence, then there are no talks to be had. But if the talks are to design an answer to issues or to work towards modernising the Spanish political landscape in whatever form, then it can and should be spoken about and then put to the people of the whole of Spain to decide with all the points put forward carefully and detailed with no scaremongering and to committing the mistakes that were made here in the UK with Brexit. We now have examples of how to do and not do things in a formal manner and not the embarrassment that was the referendum of Oct 1st, first by deciding to do it when it was illegal and then how the Spanish government dealt with it in a backward third world manner. All the same... I don't feel there is the intelligence available in any political party in Spain and no party actually stands for anything substantial that works to make a better nation. So it's only going to get worse!
  8. Catalonian Freedom

    This is a joke right?
  9. Yeah, It's made the European press too... Italy, Spain and Portugal reported Mourinho's words and to be honest he seems to have a short memory. Forget last season, because at Real Madrid he went throughout his whole second season there crying about injuries (which in fairness he had many). But words always come back to haunt you.
  10. How "big" is the team above?

    A historic English city that has been party to some very important moments in the past. Leeds United
  11. Right now Real Madrid aren't at the competitive level required even though due to the ridiculous amount of talent they have, they're solving certain issues and getting results before real problems set in. Infact it could've been quite different even in the Real Madrid group had APOEL and Spurs believed a little more. I know I got a few comments made towards what I was saying in the match-day thread consisting of Spurs and Real, but I've been following it very closely and they're having serious issues right now. What I'm getting at is that Real aren't the favourites for me at this moment in time... Right now unless things change which they usually do by the time the Champions League restarts after the stop in February, for me the major favourites are Man City, PSG and maybe Barcelona and I only say Barça because right now they look like they can't be beaten even in the odd game where they don't play well. Chelsea also if they get past this sticky period will be in there because Conte knows how to get serious competitiveness from his teams.