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  1. Catalonian Freedom

    Are you going to the solidarity with Catalonia march in London today @SirBalon?
  2. President Trump

    He never pointed that out at all. He took the results of a survey that doesn't include terrorism and associated the results with terrorism. You've got to be joking if you cannot see that is the message to be scrutinised. This London violent crime comment is 100% your spin. It happens all the time. Trump makes a comment in an idiotic and unintelligent manner which does not hold up to scrutiny and his diehards scurry like rats to spin it into something that can exist in debate. Embarassing but it happens every time. Trump is the antithesis of the required culture for a democracy to run properly. You supported the US having a mong like this as President which is why you are desperately trying to keep his existence in line with the decency of a democracy and subsequently engage in Alistair Campbell levels of spin to take the heat off the fact that he is totally unfit to lead.
  3. He responded on Twitter to people mentioning those players by saying they didn't own the club
  4. sums up his arrival in the Premiership so far
  5. Allardyce's obsession with statistics, playing the percentages and turning everything into data probably makes him tailor made for US Sport.
  6. David Sullivan looks a bit Harvey Weinstein
  7. 3-0 Brighton Don't see how Bilic can survive a result like this.
  8. 2-0 Brighton. Bye bye Bilic
  9. Brighton 1 up at West Ham
  10. Claude Puel has randomly appeared with low odds at a few bookies.
  11. Top 5 Players Of The Club You Support

    I'm going to stick to post war as I'd have to blow the dust off the cover of the old books to remember who was good in 1927 1. Alan Shearer - words cannot describe what it was like to be an impressionable youngster and be able to have an idol on that level as close to home as that. We all have strong bonds with great players at our clubs, but Shearer is one of those rare moments in the game where a community has someone as close to the ideal of a God as it is possible to get. I feel sad for the kids of this generation who have grown up with little more than a decimated Newcastle United. Many of whom are adults now and in their lives all of those who reached idol status such as Demba Ba and Yohan Cabaye shit on them and forced them to search for new one's every 2 years. 2. Jackie Milburn - the local lad in my grandfathers day who scored goals for fun and lifted three FA Cups. The 50's were Newcastle's last glory years and everyone of that generation talked about Wor Jackie for decades to come. 3. Kevin Keegan - Although he only played for Newcastle for 2 seasons he gave the fans of that era a boost amidst what would largely be nearly 20 years of pointless crap. We were in the old 2nd division and Keegan had just won PFA player of the year at Southampton in the first division when he decided to step down and join the club of his father. Pretty big thing to do, image if after Robin van Persie won PFA player of the year with Arsenal but rather than join Man Utd he went to Wolverhampton Wanderers. I believe this set off the precedent of trophy signings and trophy players at Newcastle. Even today the love for Rafa Benitez without him having done anything major is a byproduct of this culture. I doubt many if any other clubs would treat someone as a hero on this level simply for just choosing to be with us. That's it. There aren't five because the status of those 3 is so high in our history that the next level becomes a group of a dozen names.
  12. President Trump

    He loves playing the role of mong
  13. https://talksport.com/football/exclusive-sam-allardyce-rules-out-becoming-leicester-boss-admits-usa-job-interest#zqg56YFyJPTkcyx0.99 Yedlin might be able to get throw ins into the box under Big Sam