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  1. I never found dinner for 1 funny, and my name is Daniel.
  2. Players you hate

    hahaha fuck I'm funny
  3. Fair enough. Equador aren't entirely a pub team but fuck me those defenders made it easy there.
  4. I'm watching the Peru game now. Argentina vs Equador is done, and this game is alive and important.
  5. What the fuck are you lot on about? It was a nice goal. But he ran at 2 pub league defenders who were backing off him then nicely finished it. It's a good goal. No need for a circle jerk.
  6. Australian A-League

    Jets weren't great, Mariners just fucking blew.
  7. Australian A-League

    Nice, I played against corey Gameiro. He was also my science patner in year 9
  8. 2017 Deathsweep

    Keen for a 2018 version. You get 5 picks. Over 60s are worth 1 pt 40-60 year olds are worth 2 Sub 40 worth 3. A footballer, or footballing icon is worth an extra point. A tf365 member is worth 10 pts.
  9. Immigration

    I am from Wollongong you peasant Mate, if I were in a 50 man brawl over some lass she better be hotter than the sun with a cunt that massages my cock while I fuck her. And if such a woman exists, and I were in a 50 man fight over her, you would have 49 dead men and one happy Tanksie on your hands I promise you that. The grave woudn't fucking hold me.
  10. Kane isn't a better player than Lewandowski or Suarez. When England go to the world cup, or when/if spurs get some clutch games in the Champions league you'll all settle. He is very very good, but not the worlds best striker.
  11. I can't fault his reasoning when he gets twatted by Bayern 5-0 every season like fucking clockwork. In terms of the group stage, Arsenal finish 2nd in their group often enough that they must be getting challenged by someone. Behave you owl looking cunt.
  12. The "Where is my Mafia Wars fix?" thread

    I am always in for mafia with these fine fellows