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  1. Hilarious. Mourinho showing himself as the truly awful loser he is. Throws his players under the bus yet again.
  2. AC Milan Thread

    Bonnuci will come good, as will this team. They are less than ten games into their first season together as a squad, if people expected them to be as good as Juventus, Roma, Inter and Napoli this soon then they are retarded. But the owners see only results, so I wouldn't be surprised to see some stupid decisions made in the coming months. Give the manager until the end of the season, or at least until it looks like top four is at risk...then bring in Ancelotti.
  3. Hopefully that Everton 'fan' is dumped by the mother of the child. What a fucking prick of the highest order. I suspect this crap about wanting to see a ruck from the everton fan is tongue in cheek but if not then its childish as fuck. Everton are absolute shite.
  4. FIFA

    Fellas and ladies, need some suggestions. Lost a bit of interest in playing Fifa lately, think I need a proper little challenge for my career mode so I am open to suggestions to who to start a manager career with. Want to be able to stay at this club for 5 years, build it up to a respectable level before moving onto a bigger team. Was thinking about Werder Bremen, so that gives you an idea of the stature of club I'm wanting.
  5. Mobile Phones

    Nude pics or it didn't happen
  6. If it were against Barcelona you'd be saying it was a good point for Spurs. Zzzzzzzz
  7. Players you hate

    Then why watch football at all then if showing emotion over something that doesn't really affect your life is "funny" ?
  8. Mobile Phones

    Bluewolf, that's the oldest you've ever sounded on here you ancient git 😂
  9. Mobile Phones

    Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge - small issue with the side of my thumb occasionally activating the side menu but other than that I fucking love this phone. Easily the best one I've had, has done all I ask of it. Having said that, the pixel 2 looks sexual....especially the blue one. The camera on it is spectacular and I use my camera a lot for Instagram so I may be tempted in the next couple of months.
  10. Members Pictures

  11. How Good Are You At Football?

    Despite being a bit of a tub back in the day I was a pretty good CM. Played like a fat Pirlo.
  12. Can we just say well done to Troy Deeney for coming out and slagging off these Arsenal players. Takes a lot to say sonething like that, especially about a fellow pro, but he's not minced his words at all and said what I think some of these arrogant fannies in the arsenal dressing room needed to hear...that their opposition doesn't respect them. And when you're Arsenal hearing that, it should make your stomach turn.