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  1. Everton away could always be tricky but the way they are playing this season so far there are no excuses for Arsenal to not pick all three points.
  2. How "big" is the team above?

    I would have written that as "lund pe chad ja"... assuming the way you have written is in punjab slang/spelling?
  3. Members Pictures

    He knows you are a muslim and probably assumed your's is also a muslim and she doesnt have a hijab so he must have disliked it.... or I could be totally wrong and he must have clicked the wrong rep by mistake...
  4. Can see united parking the bus and scoring one on counter, liverpool's defense is weak and they are without their best player Mane so mourinho is going to frustrate them and score one on the counter. Havent seen a single watford match this season but Arsenal typically do well against lower end table teams so this should be a win, no excuses.
  5. Under 17s World Cup

    Missed the match against Colombia as I woke up really late today. Saw the 2 min highlights they posted on the official site and looks like we hit the post one more time today. I felt our keeper could have done better to stop both Colombian goals. Cant comment on the rest of the match though
  6. FC Barcelona Discussion

    by lifetime I assume they meant one more year
  7. Under 17s World Cup

    We were too scared to go forward in the beginning but grew into the game slowly. I can understand why the manager opted those tactics but should have started a little more positive but im not complaining. We were decent even though the scoreline says 0-3 against us. We had good chances and plenty of ball (especially in the second half) but we are not quite up there with the elite teams. Our team needs to work on final third as we were very awful there. Anwar Ali unlucky to hit the post, that goal could have swung the match a little towards us as the score would have been 1-2 and instead the US countered and made it 0-3 the very next instant. Dont think we will win any matches in this group against Colombia or Ghana but I only wish we improve every match.
  8. How Good Are You At Football?

    This is exactly me, not kidding, every single word in this line applies to me.
  9. Alaba is a fantastic player and very versatile... dont really know any others from Austria Argentina
  10. What Are You Currently Reading?

    Anyone here read "Brilliant Orange" ? Do you recommend it?
  11. FC Barcelona Discussion

    Yeah I read about the political asylum thing too, apparently Kubala had to dress himself as a russian police (or army man) to get out of hungary and sneak into spain, he also had to swim across danube river in this process of escaping.
  12. FC Barcelona Discussion

    So I have a question for the barcelona faithful who are aware of their history. I know about the DiStefano transfer and general franco meddling with those matters and snatching him away from barcelona despite joining them and playing few pre season friendlies. But recently I read somewhere that barcelona are no saints and that they implemented a similar plot and took away kubala from madrid, can anyone who knows more about this story let me know what happened during that time
  13. Neymar Jr. Discussion

    Is that a jab at Ronaldo too
  14. yeah but shit your pants against everton at home