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  1. Hip Hop/Rap

    2:40 he rips the Wu-Tang beat there. That was the best Eminem, when he was younger and hungry.
  2. Best Footy Songs?

    John Barnes killing it.
  3. FC Barcelona Discussion

    Get him in the first team next season. It can't harm and he's 22 now so it wouldn't be necessarily rushing him! Him being a "late developer" will only work in his favour I reckon as Pedrito and Busquets were somewhat like this themselves. Great finisher though, whatever level he's playing at. As for Carles Aleña, I'm really impressed by that lad and expect big things in the future. He's the type of player who is going to be massively needed soon as well. Hopefully a new generation of cracks are to come.
  4. I always said that if Marcelino went to Valencia, that it would be a whole different side. The amount of dire managers they have gone through over the years is astonishing. On another note:- Las Palmas 2-5 Celta Goal fests everywhere lately. What's up with Las Palmas though? I know they lost players in the summer, but still have a very good side there on paper and should be better. They should be aiming more for mid-table with the likes of Celta and Real Betis.
  5. Your mental image of other members

  6. He had arguably the greatest starting 11 ever assembled when he in Spain though. That wasn't the point, but more the fact that people act as though it's impossible to achieve such scorelines in England, when in reality it was more a case of the Premier League lacking a side capable, as Inverted mentioned. It's not easy to assemble a team and have them combining so brilliantly, however much you spend. Just look at Man United in the past 3 seasons previous to this one(they look a much better side this season), or even City themselves under previous managers. Then again, they need to keep this up, as it's no good battering everyone 7-1, 5-0, 6-0, etc if you then fall off by Christmas. I can't see it happening though to be honest. Very talented side, breaming with confidence and momentum. City and PSG are the 2 right now who look like they could be the next sides to push for the champions league. Off topic, but in recent years it has been Spain's top 3 and Bayern who are always in the final, with Juve slowly starting to push them, but I think 3 sides in England right now are capable of having a say themselves(City being the main one), and obviously PSG, who have some of the world's best young talents in the likes of Neymar, Mbappe and Verratti. On the otherhand, Bayern are falling off and you can see a bit of a change forming. The Champions league looks very interesting and competitive this year.
  7. To think that everyone were saying that Pep couldn't pull out scorelines of this nature in England and it was only possible due to "weak defenders" in La Liga. Now that he has started to find his preferred type of players, it's all coming together for him. Very dangerous side. City have started strongly a lot over the years before fading, but I could see them continuing it this season as they have the strongest squad they have ever had and a manager who knows how to win league titles.
  8. Valverde has done a great job so far. Whenever the team are struggling, he always makes the right substitutes which in the end changes the game. Yesterday it was a difficult point earned, but could well have been 3 late on. Other than the supercup(where he was still in pre-season mode, figuring out his strongest 11, you can't take nothing from it), his side are still undefeated.
  9. Gomes has a tremendous amount of technical ability but he's very slow, needs time and space on the ball and you get the impression that he doesn't always have full confidence in his abilities. He played well in the second half to be honest and had Suarez not been just an inch away from latching on to it, he(Gomes) could have assisted the winner. I thought it was a good performance in the second half from the team yesterday and showed great spirit to come back into a game which could quite easily have been lost. It wasn't far off being a win either had Messi not hit the post with a free-kick and Oblak wasn't such a ridiculously brilliant keeper. Then again, Ter Stegen himself made yet more important saves. Last season he was one of the most important players and he has continued that this season. I liked Bravo, but getting rid of him to keep this lad happy was the correct decision and the club have one of the best keepers in the world there for years. Suarez needed that. So far this season, he hasn't done enough for me, but slowly he is starting to regain his importance in the side again and scoring 2 for Uruguay mid-week will also be a big confidence booster. I do think that someone down the other flank is seriously lacking though and the sooner Dembele gets back the better. The attack will improve greatly with him in the team once he settles in my opinion. The delivery from Sergi Roberto was also top notch and so far this season he has yet again been an unsung hero and has shown his versatility. Busquets was an absolute beast, there has never been any question on whether he would regain his form or not, it was just a matter of time given that he's in his prime age for a man of his role. Deulofeu is quite monotonous and pretty much does the same thing all the time, although he was dangerous when he came on last night for me and made an impact with his speed and desire to run at players. This is where I find Deulofeu at his most useful. When everyone is fit, I doubt he'd ever be a starter over Dembele(I'd prefer to see Denis play more as well), but he's a very handy impact type player coming off the bench when the opposition are tiring. As for Atletico, Godin was immense, Saul yet again scored a goal when it mattered the most and Oblak is arguably the world's best keeper, along with de Gea, although as I have said, Ter Stegen is starting to having a say in all this now as far as I'm concerned.
  10. Off Topic

    You have to wait until they kill it around here I think judging by the amount of time you spend in the queue .
  11. World Cup 2018: Russia - General Chat

    I think it's a bit early for France yet. They have some fantastic young talents but the real difference makers will come out in the next world cup, possibly Euros. The likes of Mbappe, Dembele, etc when they are little bit older and more experienced could really be difference makers for France in future tournaments. They are bringing through a generation of quality players for me, but it's not ready yet. Portugal are solid defensively when they want to be in the tournaments and have players who can grab goals when they need them. You will be full of confidence and have that winning mentality due to recently winning a Euros and as shown in said competition, you aren't reliant on any one individual. You also have some good young players coming through right now, but what I don't get is why Nelson Semedo isn't a guaranteed starter? I personally think he's currently the best right back around myself. He's immense. Barcelona made the correct decision in buying him instead of Bellerin as far as I'm concerned. As for Brazil, they don't have the team of the past, but in terms of right now, I think they are as good as anyone away from Spain(who are starting to look like they have another run of success in them under Lopetegui) and Germany. Neymar is a difference maker, Gabriel Jesus is a top young talent, they have creativity with Coutinho and then experience in players like Dani Alves and Paulinho. Not to mention arguably the top left back in the world, Marcelo and a solid defensive midfielder in Casemiro. All of these players, other than Coutinho(and Jesus, although that should soon change), are also used to lifting trophies at club level, so they aren't new to winning. I believe they can go far, although I wouldn't regard them as the favourite.
  12. Off Topic

    I thought you weren't allowed pork? On a serious note, I had a double down the other day and it was lovely. The only problem is, you don't get much with a "meal", so you need to buy a few pieces of chicken. They are nice though, but what I don't get is why they advertise them with just cheese or bacon and cheese together but not bacon only? Obviously they will give you one without cheese if you ask, but why not advertise it that way? KFC's service is slow as fuck while on the subject. If there are more than 2 people in the queue then you will be in there for about 3 hours. They take the piss.
  13. Yeah, it's a bit unfair to say it's only Ecuador given that Argentina had only ever won once in Quito previously and that was over 14 year ago. They had also only scored 2 goals there in their last 5 games in the qualifiers, one being a penalty. Then you have the altitude, which has always been a killer for Argentina and other teams who aren't used to it. It's not like they have time to adapt to their environment before playing these games. It was a massive, must win game to get them to the world cup against an opponent who had nothing to lose, but came out playing for pride and even went 1-0 up, which could have completely killed Argentina's confidence and led to them being ripped apart. Messi has carried this side through. It's not just about Tuesday night, but he led them to victory in 2 very difficult ties against Colombia and Uruguay at the end of last year after he had missed games via injury and Argentina, during his absence, couldn't win a game. On another note, Gabriel Jesus has been been quality in these qualifiers and with Neymar by his side they really give Brazilians hope of returning to the top of the chain. Let's not forget Paulinho, who is somewhat of an unsung hero for the Brazilians. He's been one of the players of this group and has done well. He seems to be a completely different player now to the one he was at Spurs and is especially effective in the Brazilian team. As for creativity and a man with an eye for a pass, this is where Coutinho comes into play. Also a warrior in the centre of the park in Casemiro and a defence which has a decent balance of younger players and more experienced ones with one last world cup in them. This Brazil team is far from some of great ones from the past, but they do have a competitive side again which will want to have a say in Russia.
  14. Hip Hop/Rap

    Masta Killa's verse on that still takes some beating. Back when I was at secondary school Masta Killa was my favourite from the Wu due to verses like that. Unfortunately he never really brought out any great solo albums or anything and it was all about certain verses on Wu-tang albums where he stood out. For this, he will never be one of the top clan members like a Gza, Method Man, Raekwon, Ghost-face or Inspectah Deck(Ol Dirty was great as well but not as skilled as those 5), but that verse on there is still one of the best in Hip Hop full stop. it's same as Cappadonnas on "Winter Warz", an absolute beasty verse. One of the best verses you'll get in hip hop, even though he's not one of the top artists(thinking of it, masta Killa also has a class verse on Winter Warz himself). In fact, let's post that beast of a song as well:-