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  1. I get what you and others are saying but that's only one result. If United aren't champions it'll be City, in which case I could say "champions don't draw at home against Koeman's Everton" but they did. Either that or Chelsea where we could say "champions don't lose at home to Burnley on the first day" etc.
  2. Tipping thread - 2017/18

    One goal away yet again
  3. This United result nailed on the second I backed over 1.5 Team Goals in the Tipping Thread
  4. Tipping thread - 2017/18

    Man United Over 1.5 Team Goals (1.57) Swansea v Crystal Palace - Both Teams To Score (1.90) £10 returns £30 (Bet365)
  5. Don't care about logic, I'm bitter, angry and jealous when it comes to football at the moment.
  6. Ozil is a lazier shitter version of Mata so can't see it.
  7. Watford have a good knack of catching opponents at the right time so far this season. Surprised they don't play us next.
  8. Top 5 Players Of The Club You Support

    Only going with Everton players in my lifetime- Duncan Ferguson and Tim Cahill easy top 2. Then it's hard to choose from Arteta, Osman, Jagielka, Baines. Of the four I'd probably have to exclude Arteta.
  9. Sack Race 2017/18

    Bilic now 2/9 favourite. If West Ham kick him out that makes yet another club more proactive and less willing to accept failure than us.
  10. Everton are highly unlikely to go for Dyche which means the likes of Southampton and Leicester are the next possible destinations for him. Throw Stoke and Newcastle in there probably. Nobody can argue that it isn't a step up from Burnley because even with great management they won't stay up for more than a few years whereas those clubs with great management could qualify for Europe in seasons like this where Everton have gone AWOL.
  11. The shouts about lacking a striker are bollocks. Find me a striker that can bring down clearances against two central defenders, turn, run through and score single handedly and there's our answer, because that's what Calvert-Lewin has been asked to do all season. Feel for the lad as this is no way for him to develop.
  12. Not all but more than most people mention, that and the tv money.
  13. Yep, after assisting the goal and hitting the post with another free kick moments later. The type of support you get at Goodison on a good day let alone when the team is performing as it is.
  14. Gutted by that as it looked like we could have snuck the win but if we couldn't turn that one around with all that momentum then I don't see where a good result is coming from. Sympathise with Koeman tonight who picked a better team but he still needs to go. Something needs overhauling at Everton and he has to be accountable for this squad as he's had around quarter of a billion pounds to spend on his targets and we look completely unbalanced with no quality or depth in numerous positions. When I say 'he', maybe I'm being harsh because many of our fans believe that Steve Walsh should take a portion of the blame at least and I'm not of a mind to disagree with that.