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  1. Didn't know they had a football version of Punk'd because I think come January the only person who is not going to be laughing is Ozil.
  2. I'd rule PSG out if UEFA slaps them on the wrist for what they are doing. Also, I can't see how they need Kane or Poch considering Emery already has Mbappe and their other summer acquisitions so they're solid for a bit in both the managerial and striker department for the moment.
  3. What are you playing?

    This man knows.
  4. I honestly though Everton had a great chance towards the end of that half but the goalkeeper kept them out. This won't end with them not getting a goal.
  5. What are you playing?

    Toxic communities. Oh the fun I have had with those on Overwatch Season 1 or the worst of the entire lot, the arseholes on the DOTA or WoW servers generally in Eastern Europe. Now, when I see those servers I just go in the opposite direction. I remember some terrible flaming on WoW at one point.
  6. You know this is the kind of game to bring everyone back down to earth after what just happened midweek.
  7. If he keeps going at the rate he is going now there's no reason to believe people will come in with offers in the summer for his services or maybe even before that.
  8. General Gaming News

    You're so right about TF2. I think I was disappointed that it was too short but the fight mech and the locations were so gorgeous and it was much better than its predecessor.
  9. I wasn't really talking about the teams already in the Europa. I was talking about teams from the CL end up in the Europa and its weird because you'd imagine that if one European campaign ended it doesn't deserve an auto-enrollment into another. That just makes teams want to do better in the CL instead of thinking its okay we may get into the Europa so all is not lost yet.
  10. General Gaming News

    Think the last game I got that had EA's involvement was Titanfall 2 but I haven't really picked up anything post that. There just isn't anything they have as an IP which fascinates me.
  11. I actually wanted to watch Bayern last night but it wasn't on the tele. From what I can tell they controlled the game well and could have had more than 3.
  12. Always said that they need to get rid of that rule because its a bit unfair to the teams in the Europa League when all of a sudden you have Champions League teams in the mix too at the later stages but it is is what it is and I doubt UEFA is going to bother changing it anytime soon.
  13. That was a great game last night. Don't think it would have been odd to see Roma win it but I feel it ended right on the day with a draw. Was there any specific reason David Luiz was subbed when he was? He didn't look too pleased about it either.
  14. I have a good feeling about the game today. Think we'll win here even if it isn't comfortable at the start.
  15. Looking like international break hangover is in effect. Nice to see Palace getting their goals too about time.