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  1. We started off well with a great goal by Pedro, and then minutes after Fabregas had a brilliant chance to get us two clear and fucks up. Watford then pressed and got their earned equalizer. In the second for the first 20+ minutes it was all Watford first Richarlison missed an empty goal, then they took the lead then again had a brilliant chance to go 1-3 but Richarlison again missed. Conte made a good move who brought off Morata who had his worst Chelsea game and brought on Michy who did much much better and got a brace, Zappacosta had two crosses and one found Dave who bagged the third. Overall the 4-2 doesn't reflect the game, Watford did more than enough to get at least the draw if not the win but were very wasteful. I will take the points much needed, if we lost head would roll surely. Good for the team and for the atmosphere in the locker room.
  2. Chelsea Discussion

    Bakayoko and Luiz registered as slight doubts for tomorrow's game so i can see them both start.
  3. Chelsea Discussion

    Didn't it happen against City as well if i am not mistaken? Willian has been atrocious since the start of the season what ever happened to him? I would be more temped to bring bloody Musonda on.
  4. Chelsea Discussion

    Yes a hopeless performance, when we are good we are really good. However when we are bad we are terrible. The 3-5-2 didn't work again, as soon as we turned to 3-4-3 with Pedro we looked far better. One more thing apart from Palace, can hazard complete 90 minutes ever?
  5. Bakayoko not registered as out, Luiz apparently only having a knock. We should have both back hopefully.
  6. Chelsea Discussion

    He did indeed, to the midfield part i thought with three man in the centre we would easily control. No clue what happened there, plus the wingbacks
  7. Members Pictures

    I knew you had a hard on when you saw me
  8. How "big" is the team above?

    You know what i meant you cunt
  9. How "big" is the team above?

    Part of the big four in Brasil, very big i'd say. Leeds
  10. Chelsea Discussion

    Can't agree with that, his job was to man mark Džeko who easily scored two and could have scored three. I rate the lad but he needs more games on a big level to be a starter.
  11. Chelsea Discussion

    I know i know , i was speaking just in general.
  12. Not sure what to expect, been piss poor for the last three games. We are usually good against Watford at the Bridge, but they are very good this season. Since we have to concede every single game i'd say 2-1 for Chelsea.
  13. Chelsea Discussion

    I usually point out the players that had bad games, i don't mean is as a bad thing or to find a scapegoat. Every player has them at some point, i love Dave but he has been terrible in the past two games. I have been praising him since day one and if he has a bad game i point it out. Conte went down the tunnel as soon as he shaken hands with the Roma manager. That is not a sight you see often as he usually goes onto the pitch and shakes the players hands too. As i stated before even tough he did manage Costa people are suggesting that he might be off, you even saw Ancelotti in the stands (which i see only as him coming to watch a good game) the media already made him the new Chelsea manager pathetic.