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  1. Which Managers Do You Hate?

    Haha just read the other thread, hadn't seen that nor the posts here. God dammit i hate missing all the action, next time quote me so i can take part, or tell your caretaker to do so for you since you probably won't remember you diaper-wearing cuntmuppet.
  2. Which Managers Do You Hate?

    Hi Any O'Fatso, how's the wheelchair working for you?, you freckled twatic flid.
  3. Which Managers Do You Hate?

    Sampaoli Sampaoli Sampaoli Sampaoli Maradona Guillermo Barros Schelotto Arruabarrena.
  4. Top 5 Players Of The Club You Support

    The ones i named are better.
  5. Top 5 Players Of The Club You Support

    Di Stefano Sivori Labruna Passarella Bernabe Ferreyra/Norberto Alonso. There's literally dozens WC players i could name.
  6. Arsenal and big club don't belong on the same sentence.
  7. What Really Grinds My Gears?

    I thought that kind of shit only happened here, seems not. What you gotta do is call them and threat them with unsubscribing, they will give you an "exclusive offer" with which you'll pay the same as new customers, or even less.
  8. Malta Car Bomb Kills Panama Papers Journalist

    R.I.P. She was very brave for shedding some light into worldwide corruption, but sadly when you meddle into such interests you cannot expect to go back to a normal life after.
  9. Harvey Weinstein & the Great Hollywood sex scandal

    I suppose having lived under a rock for the last 15 years does that to you..
  10. TF365 Quiz 17 - International Competitions

    Teach, explain to me why am i good at the "naming" quizzes but i suck at multiple-choice?
  11. Your mental image of other members

    DavidBlue That's the French, you cunt! Unfortunately for you, no. Blame cat-eyes.
  12. Perez did a great job against Ecuador and has delivered when he was called. I think he would be one of the midfielders. I'd also like to give a chance to Paredes, Ocampos and Rigoni. This would be my team: Mercado - Pezzella - Funes Mori/Mammana - Rojo/Ansaldi Perez - Mascherano - Paredes Messi - Higuain - Di Maria Or Mercado - Pezzella - Funes Mori/Mammana - Rojo/Ansaldi ----------------------------------- Perez - Paredes -------------------------------- Rigoni-------------------------------Messi---------------Ocampos----------- -----------------------------------------Higuain---------------------------------------
  13. Every WC winner has stolen tournaments, Italy and Germany being the most benefited. While Portugal and us are the ones that were robbed the most out of the relevant nations.