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  1. That's his pseudonym, I have no idea what his real name is hehe. With him being ex CIA op it's not surprising though
  2. You're too kind, I'm much more boring than that hehe
  3. Here, read it for yourself hehe. The name is in the article.
  4. My town really seems to attract weird people and events. A few days ago there's been an alleged kidnapping case where an American hired a group of ex-CIA and military characters to recover his kid from a mother who fled to Cambodia in the midst of child custody rights process in the US, they allegedly snatched him and got him out of the country by now. the recovery team is actually founded and managed by an ex-CIA-turned-actor
  5. Top 5 Players Of The Club You Support

    And bring Thomas Schaaf in as a head coach This thread depresses me though, after realising what an incredible loss of quality we had in recent years.
  6. Top 5 Players Of The Club You Support

    No Gerd Zewe? Anyway, after reading your post I realised that I have absolutely no idea what Allofs is up to now.
  7. 2. Bundesliga 2017/2018

    Come on Darmstadt!
  8. Formula One

    He's set to start at the end of the grid due to engine penalties though.
  9. Top 5 Players Of The Club You Support

    You wouldn't, but any Werder fan and most Bayern fans certainly would, and deservedly so.
  10. Cool, give me a link when it's there!
  11. What Are You Currently Reading?

    I'll try... I have so many books on my to-read list, and I just keep on adding more haha. It's so hard to find enough time to read these days. Even more so since most of the books I have access to are ebooks, and I struggle with that.
  12. He's also representing our interests in China and does a bit of scouting in general, apparently; also has a football academy in New Zealand. How did the interview go? Any chance to read it somewhere?