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  1. Matchday Chat - 20-22nd October 2017

    It’s not luck, they have a superb manager.
  2. Matchday Chat - 20-22nd October 2017

    I love how much hatred you have for West Ham.
  3. Are you 4 years old? What a stupid thing to say, the scuffle was caused by Everton's incompetent centre back deserving to be sent off, it was embarrassing behaviour from a team that was completely outclassed and couldn't compete.
  4. Hang on, I know you like Koeman but Everton fans have a right to feel pissed off with this. I think most realistic fans would have expected a 7th place finish this season, with little chance of usurping the top 6 but this is pitiful. They are not only shit but painfully dull. Europe offers an escape, a chance to build something memorable and what have they had? 3 abysmal displays, unimaginative dross with zero redeeming features.
  5. Williams should have been sent off there. Almost spilled over into the crowd, there was some Everton fan trying to get involved with his little son in his arms, jesus christ.
  6. Rugby Union vs Rugby League

    It's a sport I just don't get, it was okay at school just having a big brawl but I don't get it from a spectator point of view, where's the skill the beautiful passages of play ? It's just men running into each other. The only team I've seen mildly interesting is France, who seem to play quite a free flowing passing game , but other than that it's shite, didn't England win the world cup by kicking it? Basically the Stoke City tactics, although it all seems like that to me. Obviously for social reasons it's League every day because Union is as Tory as David Cameron eating Pheasant at a Chipping Norton private school summer gala
  7. Manchester United Discussion

    Between him and Pardew for biggest twats. most managers moan but Mourinho seems to be a genuinely unpleasant man.
  8. Pardew is a cunt, don't appoint him.
  9. Next Everton Manager (if RK goes)

    I don’t see any big names going there as it stands, there’s potentially exciting times ahead but also potential for it to go tits up but with so many massively wealthy clubs ahead a decent manger is going to have hard time making them successful without mega money.
  10. Only just seen this. Do you realise this would include George Graham? You absolute fucking muppet.
  11. Of course you wouldn’t, your motivations are plain. Real Madrid were denied by the wonders of lloris. Put it however you like, I couldn’t care what the Mickey Mouse media in Spain say. Spurs were worthy of a point and no more.
  12. Real Madrid absolutely battered Spurs in the second half. No way that was a bad result for them.
  13. Just turns out you need to play league one standard teams to do it.
  14. Don’t liveroool have the home record 8-0 and this must be an away record?