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  1. What are you playing?

    I remember the good ol Wow days. Guild wars started over some random 60 something camping a level zone, we bring out our alts and friends, they bring theirs and soon enough its 20 on 20 in a level 60 zone with a ton of dead bodies....that game was a blast back in cataclysm and lich king.
  2. Gord Downie frontman for Tragically Hip passes away at 53

    I went to the Juno's when they where in Vancouver i want to say it was around 2011, they performed this song live. Probably still my favourite hes involved in.
  3. Bayern München Thread

    Kimmich could get there sure its possible but hes got a ways to go. Consistency and Defensively hes got some work to do. Hard not to be excited about him but Lahm was one of the top as Cicero says on short list with the likes of Zanetti, Cafu argueably a couple others.
  4. Gord Downie frontman for Tragically Hip passes away at 53

    Hard not to be cynical these days. It really is something, We'll be able to look back and say we lived durring the times of trump being president of the world police. I have hope that it is a blip on the map and not a trend, but who knows the social media driven world we are in blah i dont want to get started.
  5. Gord Downie frontman for Tragically Hip passes away at 53

    I mean he was at their farewell concert, wearing a TH shirt. Sure could be a publicity stunt, but he seemed genuine when interviewed even back then. He described them as friends, seemed real to me. At the very least hes a better liar then that moron above us if thats the case.
  6. Pretty much this. Celtic carved out a chance or two later on but the result wasnt really ever in doubt. I am looking forward to the PSG match as well, win or lose im hoping for a completely different game.
  7. Bayern München Thread

    Only thing ill add is Rudy is quickly becoming one of my favourites to watch. The guy is a stud, the signing is looking better with every day.
  8. Last movie you watched?

    I liked her! but i will agree on Elton John, they definitely did it over the top but it worked.
  9. I still tend to believe Tuchel is in line to take over Bayern at seasons end. We shall see.
  10. Im not a huge fan although i would listen to them from time to time, the amount of songs i do know says something. He meant alot to the Canadian rock scene. He will be missed.
  11. What TV Series Are You Watching?

    Interesting, you're not alone if i recall the ending was the biggest part of controversy online. Personally i found it quite fitting, It probably was my favourite new show until West World came around. Not sure if they're doing a second season but totally sold if they do.
  12. What TV Series Are You Watching?

    I assume your probably done, what did you think?
  13. Last movie you watched?

    Kingsman: The Golden Circle - 8/10 If your a fan of the first the sequel does not let you down. Great lines throughout and some awesome action scenes. Thoroughly enjoyable.