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  1. Catalonian Freedom

  2. Auba is shockingly bad.
  3. Catalonian Freedom

    More than a thousand companies moved their HQs out of Catalonia already. Codorníu, Gallo, Zurich, Servihabitat, Pangaea Oncology......
  4. Kristho's Schland! - Off Topic

    Judging by the fact it should be "or am I?" and by the fact you are talking about alcohol in this topic nonstop, my guess is you are both drunk.
  5. Kristho's Schland! - Off Topic

    Wait! What? I thought Tsubasa was my troll account.
  6. Kristho's Schland! - Off Topic

    Forgot to log out and log into your puppet account, huh?!?
  7. Hahahaha, Phil you nonce.


  8. UK Politics

  9. UK Politics

    No wonder. Your speaker of the house of commons is an Arsenal fan, who's still a Wenger supporter. A pro Abramovich Chelsea fan would have poisoned thise rats already.
  10. 1-1 means we're out. CL has been unwatchable anyway lately. In our last 5 cl matches: We suffered a bomb attack on our bus We hit the woodwork 5 times Our opponents scored 5 irregular goals The referee called 3 regular Dortmund goals offside The referee failed to award 2 penalties for us. The referee failed to show a red card against an opponent twice VAR WHEN? On top of that we make a lot of individual mistakes and since Bosz took over our match plans are very naive.
  11. Borussia Dortmund Thread

    Does anyone else miss Tuchel's tactical adjustments or Klopp's pragmatic match plans?
  12. How is this a red?
  13. Very soft penalty for us, but you can't only have bad luck i guess....