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  1. Slaven Bilic's future ''being discussed'': West Ham owners and the club board are meeting on Saturday to discuss Slaven Bilic's future as manager, according to Sky sources. Co-owners David Sullivan and David Gold have a track record of standing by their managers, but Sky Sports News understand the club's hierarchy are "very worried" by what they saw during Friday's 3-0 home defeat to Brighton & Hove Albion. Two goals from Glenn Murray and a Jose Izquierdo strike means the Hammers, who are 17th in the Premier League, have made their worst start to a season since 2010, taking just eight points from nine games.
  2. U AWL GET THA L'S COZ I CAN ADM1T DEFEET!!!!!!1 -Teso Dos Bichos
  3. North Korea

    Quite amateur from the US if that's true (which I'm on the fence about).
  4. How "big" is the team above?

    A club so small that they don't even have an English Wikipedia page although they'd be a fucking winner to use in Scrabble.
  5. I'm sure he sees them enough, he's a multi millionaire not selling the Big Issue.
  6. How "big" is the team above?

    Not big at all although they do seem to be switched on upstairs so in 20 years time we could be answering this question with a totally different outlook. They have the foundations to stay in the Premier League so the building blocks are definitely there. Parma
  7. I'm not in a position to laugh at any other club so I won't be making a jibe although United really need to look at themselves after that defeat. Champions don't lose to sides like Huddersfield, it's just not acceptable.
  8. How "big" is the team above?

    Absolute rubbish. De Vina were formed over 30 years after us and took their name from Everton Football Club, founded in Liverpool. Why on Earth would a football team from the home of football rename themselves after some no-marks from South America?
  9. Tipping thread - 2017/18

    Everton to be fucking gash against Arsenal. £5.00 returns £1.49
  10. Who are you going to manage on FM18?

    You're @SirBalon's wet dream.
  11. Ozil is probably the most overrated player on the planet, he was class in Madrid but since his move to Arsenal has become bang average. He's a Mourinho type player so I could see him going but this won't get bums off seats in Trafford.
  12. Just fuck right off, meant to put a bet on Watford or Draw as part of my bets today and totally forgot. Sort it out Conte you bell.