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  1. Remember when Scottish managers used to get praised for being great managers until Fergie retired and Moyes ruined his career. Moyes is probably the best Scotland can hope for right now which says it all.
  2. It's gonna be another bus parking job by Mourinho, A draw would be a good result but a win over United at this stage could be vital for our confidence going forward.
  3. FIFA

    Arsenal matched Coutinho's 120m release clause on deadline day and he joined them but I didn't receive any of the money for transfers. I'm fuming.
  4. That Joselu goal just sums us up as a whole, Hilarity. He didn't even get a shot away and still scored.
  5. FIFA

    I got it last night but I've only played one game so far, I'm gonna start a career mode with Liverpool after the match. Hopefully they haven't completely neglected it again this year.
  6. Community service imagine what a burden that will be for him, Brilliant.
  7. Boxing

    The Smith/Skoglund card is on ITV4 at 8pm if anyone is interested, Should be a nice little warm up for Saunders/Monroe then the big one later!
  8. Hopefully we can retain our place in the top 4, That's honestly the best we can hope for this season but even that is in serious doubt because the manager refuses to change. I love Klopp but he's gotta start taking a lot of the blame at some point. I might be overreacting a bit here but his stubbornness has gone on long enough.
  9. Boxing

  10. Getting rid of Sakho was a huge mistake on Klopps part, I find it a bit petty how he couldn't forgive and forget what happened during a pre season tour considering how well he performed for Crystal Palace during his loan spell. We're clearly in desperate need of a good centre back and to let him leave without even attempting to sign a replacement is suicide.
  11. I still find it scandalous how we didn't bring in a single centre back. Even a blindfolded stuck in the basement stevie wonder could see we needed a fucking quality centre half.
  12. If we're only 1 goal up you can guarantee our defence will shit the bed and gift the opposition an equaliser at some point. Its sickening that we can't even drop Lovren because every other option we have is even worse.
  13. Complete fucking bellend
  14. 5-0 Fucking shambles how we've completely fallen apart since the sending off we aren't even arsed. Hopefully this doesn't affect our confidence in the coming weeks.