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  1. Does Jose live in a hotel?
  2. If you don't take your chances and defend poorly you get what you deserve. Silva should have changed it up better when Chelsea were on top. Watson for Deeney was a bad sub.
  3. This is what happens when Kante doesn't play.
  4. Top 5 Players Of The Club You Support

    Gonna have to be one at a time because I can't be arsed doing them all at once. Next one is Howard Kendall. Easy, again. The greatest individual in our entire history as a player and a manager. I know it specifies players but I don't care, everything is going in. Won the league with us in 1970 as part of an apparently superb midfield of Kendall-Harvey-Ball, the Holy Trinity. After success in the early-to-mid 60's that midfield pushed us to another title. Supremely talented player who should have won more and possibly would have had it not been for the declining health of Harry Catterick. He'd be part of our next title winning side over 20 years later as a manager as well. His 80's side the best we've ever had. Most of those players have said they owe everything they've achieved to Kendall. It's brilliant listening to the likes of Peter Reid, Neville Southall, Graeme Sharp, Andy Gray et al talk about how good he and we were. He put us back at the top after he got us there as a player. I fucking love Howard Kendall.
  5. Top 5 Players Of The Club You Support

    Reckon you've got Carragher in above Hyypia because of where he's from there. Hyypia was outstanding, much better than Carragher and definitely your best PL defender.
  6. Oops, replied on the wrong account.
  7. If only we could get the same fight from the players like last season against Arsenal at home. Guessing this will be a very comfortable win for Arsenal, even if the score might not show it.
  8. Only thing that fella is guilty of is backing the Blues.
  9. Top 5 Players Of The Club You Support

    You could probably make a better list if you included managers and chairmen. I know you definitely could here. In terms of just players, though; Dixie Dean - Had to be in. One of the greatest goal scorers this country has seen. Double top flight league and FA Cup winner. Still holds that record and probably always will do. I'm unsure on whether there were other 'poster boys' in the game back then but we was involved in some endorsement work which raised our profile, think he was the face of a tobacco company. I know transfers weren't as regular back then as now but we were relegated in 1930 and he could have walked away but he stayed, won the old Second Division first time around (he scored 48 that year), then we won the top flight the year we came up (he scored 46) and the following year he added the FA Cup. Rest are difficult, could make a case for a lot of the team in the 60's and a few of the 80's. I'll add them later.
  10. Would be praised for starting them young into the ultra's culture. Anyway, three home games on the bounce in Europe with 'disturbances' from our fans. Hopefully the Atalanta one will be behind closed doors.
  11. Love all that. Bit of team togetherness. Hope it happens every game from now to make going a bit better.
  12. Just to start on this; Moshiri was a shareholder under his and Usmanov holding company. The same one that Arsenal's current owner still will not allow a say within the club despite numerous attempts. Also, he's put a lot of his money into the club. He's sacked and appointed a manager, started the process of giving us a new stadium by buying expensive land, he's cleared the vast majority off debts and he's signed players as well as breaking the wage structure we had previously. Now the game, same bullshit churned out. Lacking confidence and belief which needs to come from the manager. Thankfully, he hasn't got long left and he can run back to Holland. A leaky defence, midfield that gets dominated every game, little creativity and no attack. Koeman is the crisis. Yet ANOTHER half time sub because he couldn't get the system right from the off. We had a 10 minute period where we played on emotion and adrenaline from the scuffle. And that's it. Shite. By the way, any player that wasn't involved in that scuffle should be fined a years wage. Shithouses.
  13. I see Jose had a little dig at managers crying about injuries after the Benfica game, mainly Conte. He must have forgotten he done the same last season.
  14. They're right that he would turn us down, just didn't mention that we wouldn't ever entertain the idea of appointing him. Or that this never happened.