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  1. Football Manager 2018 - General Chat

    Has there been any news on improvements or extras for the mobile version at all?
  2. What are you playing?

    Other than a couple of graphical changes (ie. a bus instead of a plane and using an umbrella instead of a parachute when jumping out), it's practically the same. The only difference I saw was that as Fortnite has a building mechanic, that has become part of Battle Royale as well. As for Battlegrounds, it looks good and am hoping that it comes to PS4 one day (Microsoft bought the exclusive rights to it, though unsure for how long).
  3. Who are you going to manage on FM18?

    I hear Perth Glory are pretty shit. You could try them.
  4. What are you playing?

    Isn't that pretty much all PC communities? As for me, I got South Park Fractured But Whole in the post but as Stick of Truth was a free download, I've decided to give that another run out. Here's something I found strange. I have the PS3 copy as well and have got trophies for playing and completing the game, yet instead of logically combining the PS3 and PS4 versions together, the trophies are separate from each other (despite the achievements being the exact same).
  5. What are you playing?

    Criminally, I've only played a couple of local games with mates. Nothing more.
  6. Will be happy with a draw against Boro. Need something after last week's shite against Birmingham.
  7. General Gaming News

    Think my EA games were FIFA 14, Battlefield 4 (which I really should have played more online), Star Wars Battlefront (which I got for £15) and FIFA 17 (on offer shortly after release). Pretty much one game per year on average since the PS4 were released, with Battlefield 4 and FIFA 14 being launch titles.
  8. FIFA

    Buy Football Manager.
  9. Tbf, he's done better than every other England manager since Venables.
  10. UK Politics

    Seeing as Labour vowed to abolish tuition fees in the recent general election, I thought it'd be interesting to see what was happening across the border.
  11. General Gaming News

    Remembering seeing that before, ironically after the last one they closed down (can't remember who that was, Criterion spring to mind if they aren't still going). It's a meme that will always remain relevant.
  12. General Gaming News

    I see EA are being EA and have closed down yet another studio, this one being Visceral Games, the studio behind the Dead Space duo (and the EA'd third one). They'll also 'pivot' the Star Wars game that was being developed as well. So that's shoe horned multiplayer, microtransactions, season passes and loot boxes. Fuck off EA.
  13. This reminded me. Christian Gross anyone?
  14. What are you playing?

    Finished Crash 2 in its entirety, leaving Crash 3 as the only remaining one of the trilogy to complete. However, I'm going to leave it for the time being as I've just got South Park: The Fractured But Whole so will be playing that instead.
  15. Who are you going to manage on FM18?

    I did buy Akinfenwa and Louis Tomlinson (the One Direction band member) for Man City in a previous version.