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  1. Chelsea Discussion

    Apart from having an amazing free kick, can someone tell me what Marcos Alonso does especially now since teams aren't giving him the space he had last season? He's the biggest passenger we have.
  2. Yeah they were, Watford were very impressive today, very well coached, the result flattered us and papered over the cracks however football always punishes the wasteful and rewards the clinical. If you don't take your chances, you don't deserve nothing.
  3. Papers over the cracks that win but it was important we won no matter what. Pedro and Kante are important to us in terms of pressing, intensity and mentality. Pedro still doesn't get the credit he deserves from Chelsea fans, class act.
  4. Not optimistic about this one looking at our starting eleven but it's good to see Pedro and Hazard together, hasn't happened enough this season.
  5. Chelsea Discussion

    Yeah mate, I always point out the players who had bad games too! Wasn't aimed at you mate!
  6. Chelsea Discussion

    Fans always have scapegoats when things are going badly but as a collective at the moment we're not there, everyone is performing badly or not to the levels of last season. It's true there's players that are performing worse than others Willian and Fabregas for example but Azpi got shafted completely last night and has looked poor defensively this season. As a unit and a collective group we're not there and the defence is always the first place where things start to go wrong and will always be the first place that bears the blame. Azpi's defending has been comical the last two games. A definite immediate solution is playing Luiz more in midfield, Fabregas plays like he's carrying a person on his back and has been poorly managed this season unlike the last. Part of that has been Conte and the board's fault with the depth of the squad. I love Fabregas but this is why he's a couple of levels below the best midfielders in the world, when he's on form a joy to watch but he's never consistent throughout a season which was his problem at Barcelona as well. As I've said before and also last season, the system carries a good few of the players and the performances of these players depend solely on how the system is working, how the opposition set up and how our better players are playing. When Conte leaves (depending on when that is) I fear slightly for the new manager as I think he's going to have to implement a similar style and try to improve on what Conte has built rather than introducing his own style and system. With these set of players, he'll have the joys of having Alonso and Zappacosta to work with. Reality is this season was always going to be more difficult but we don't help ourselves, before the start of pre-season I put the quote in my signature for a reason (which is slightly ironic now given what has happened to Ancelotti) but at the moment it's looking very relevant.
  7. Manchester City Discussion

    @Happy Blue I can't remember if I said at the time but credit to your club mate, the performance you lot put in was one of the best I've seen from an away team at Stamford Bridge in a good while. The only other one over the years that comes to mind that was better or equal to it was Atletico's at Stamford Bridge in the semi final of the Champions league a few seasons back. Credit to Pep, building a great side, still early days in the season mind but things are looking good for you lot.
  8. Gomes demonstrates some of my pet hates in football, for me he's also more of a box to box player and doesn't really suit Barcelona's style in that sense.
  9. Everyone needs to watch highlights of his performances this season, I honestly think he's the biggest fraud in football.
  10. You're right mate but mentality is where thing's start. Even though I questioned the mentality of this team at times last season, for the most part in the league week in week out, we were on it from the start which was one of the factors in us winning the league. We were incredibly ruthless last season in the league but even more so against teams outside the top six, we were motivated and even despite seeing the line up today I was still quietly confident as we normally do the business against the lower teams. Everyone was dreadful, Bakayoko, Hazard, Azpi, Luiz, Courtois everyone today. Worrying as you don't normally get that passiveness from a Conte side especially after going into the game off of a defeat. Conte gives the club a lot, he's made a good few of these players look a lot better than what they are but the reality is there's still a lot of dross in our squad, players that are very dependent on the system and the players around them. I fear slightly for the next manager that picks up this squad. Conte's selection wasn't good today I agree but the more worrying thing was how passive we looked, that side is more than capable of beating Palace. The blame falls on Conte of course but it doesn't take away the fact that there's still doubts for me about the mentality and real ability of a lot of these players something which I was saying last season as well.
  11. I did worry slightly when I saw our line up but that was one of the worst performances I've seen from us in a long time. Everyone an embarrassment. We can moan about some team selection issues but the mentality of these players once again seriously comes under question for me and that's the most worrying thing.
  12. Chelsea Discussion

    Yeah mate, he's got a lot worse, he use to be decent. Hasn't helped the fact that we keep going short on corners these days, we've always been notoriously good at scoring from set pieces, just put it in the box for fuck sake.
  13. Chelsea Discussion

    In the Premier League alone, Rose, Mendy, Bertrand.