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  1. I am sure you have made about 200 posts bugging him up.
  2. We were poor for 70 minutes today. I worry that we are piss poor at taking the game to teams when we are expected to take the 3 points. Very happy with the 3 points though, Palace weren't bad really and could have easily won it when Loftus-Cheek played it across. Buzzing with the 3 points.
  3. Not confident at all today for some reason. Palace are not as bad their position in the table suggests, numerous times last season where complacency kicked in - Bristol City home, Blackburn home and away, Wolves home....just a few examples. If we go with the same attitude as we have every other game this season then we have a good chance but if we take our foot off the pedal then they will beat us. 3 points and we are flying.
  4. Which Managers Do You Hate?

    It's going well, as you can see from above I have been participating in a bit of fishing recently, got bored of having your as a forum pet so have decided to give Boz a chance.
  5. Which Managers Do You Hate?

    Hi Lord Blake, you disgusting looking pig.
  6. Newcastle United Discussion

    Rob Lee, Warren Barton, Les Ferdinand, Matt Ritchie, Rob Eliott....Cockney cunts who are all hated by NUFC fans. Is that Simon Jordan? He always talks shite about us, hope the cunt fries in a kitchen fire soon the fucking crayon chewing prick.
  7. Which Managers Do You Hate?

    Kind regards Any O.
  8. Which Managers Do You Hate?

    Any need to grass on me for what happened the other week? Quite frankly pal no one likes a grass. Just because I do not want to derail this thread any further I believe we should take this to PM's, please check your PM's Bozzi. Yours Sincerely Any O.
  9. Which Managers Do You Hate?

    Thanks for the swift response Stan. It has put to rest any worries that the forum was becoming a place where hate was spread. If people love cock then that is up to them. I look forward to hearing about the length of the suspension in due course. Yours sincerely Any O.
  10. Awrite

    Someone get an email sent over to her.
  11. Which Managers Do You Hate?

    Hold on buddy, there's no need for homophobia. This is a family friendly community for all kinds of belief and sexual orientations. We have some openly gay proud members on this forum, our very own Anton and Berserker both like it up the wrong'un. Mods please delete this vile homosexuality ridden post from Bozz and consider a 28 day ban. Kind Regards Any O.
  12. Saturday 16th December. Arsenal v Newcastle. Our first 3PM Saturday game of the season at the ninth time of asking. Fuck sky.
  13. Carver is number one I think, his deludedness cements him that spot. Joe Kinnear was another disaster for us who has not been mentioned but his spell at Wimbledon probably stopped that.
  14. He ran the Great North Run in a t shirt with a monkey on. Some boy.