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  1. We're going down, We're going dowwwwnnnn! We're Stoke City and we're going down.
  2. Boy I can't wait to... watch.... the usa... in ... th........ screw it I'm too demoralized to finish this sentence.
  3. Sack Race 2017/18

    The fact that we just got thomped 7-2 and are sitting in 17th wouldn't be shocked if Hughes is next.
  4. Who wants to see what New York Comic Con is like? 


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    2. Dr. Gonzo

      Dr. Gonzo

      As someone who lives in downtown San Diego... I absolutely loath the San Diego comicon

    3. Dickie


      @Dr. Gonzo I feel as though from what I've heard it's like insanely huge and a mess.

    4. Dr. Gonzo

      Dr. Gonzo

      You get a bunch of tourists acting like rules don't apply to them because they're in costumes, so it's okay if they piss all over the fucking city.

  5. Sure won't be the USA....
  6. He could be back it wouldn't shock me. Didn't half of Argentina "retire" after losing the last copa america?
  7. Best one footed player i've ever seen while being alive. It's like said before you knew what was coming when he cut in but couldn't stop it. I think he's always been a the player Ribery thought he was while at Bayern.
  8. Hey so uh... go go USA?

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    2. Dickie


      They also qualified under Bush when he was POTUS?

    3. Dr. Gonzo

      Dr. Gonzo

      Definitive proof that Trump is even worse than Bush

    4. Spike


      Definitive proof that Trump is better than Bush and Obama as SOCCER is UNAMERICAN. All players should be banished to forced labour camps when the wall begins construction.

  9. Man i didn't realize i had until the 10th
  10. Ballon d'Or Nominees 2017

    I wouldn't even be angry if Pogba won honestly. There are other players outside of Messi and Ronaldo who deserve it.
  11. Ballon d'Or Nominees 2017

    It's going to be either Messi or Ronaldo, Ronaldo was by far better last year and came up in big moments as an individual and won trophies with his club. He hasn't been very good this season though so it's a toss up Messi then. I personally would like to see someone outside those two win... Give it to Isco, Buffon or Aubemeyang.
  12. The Checkatrade Trophy

    EVERYONE IT'S OKAY! We beat Rochdale on Penalties. I know everyone was sooooooo invested in this match.
  13. Think about just how many tourists go to see matches though, it's the same thing at yankee stadium or Madison Square Garden, always going to the foreigners flocking to a knicks game no matter how bad just because it's the knicks.
  14. When healthy he's arguably the best germany has, problem is when's he ever not injured? It's really a shame because the guy is a class act on and off the pitch.