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  1. Another unconvincing performance from Real Madrid. The first half was decent considering how defensive Getafe played, but they never should've allowed Getafe come back into the match. Even after the late 1-2, Getafe got a few good chances at goal. Even if Barcelona loses points tonight (and I doubt they will), they really have to up their game to have any hope of winning the competition this season.
  2. Wijnaldum is decent, but when you compare him to midfielders from previous generation (Seedorf, Davids, Sneijder in his prime), it's a huge step down. That he has to be brought up as one of our saving graces is more than telling. I'd say Robben was our last truly world class player in the NT.
  3. Harvey Weinstein & the Great Hollywood sex scandal

    It's the tip of a berg alright.
  4. Metal and Rock

    New Kawir out soon. I hope it'll be better than their previous album, which was a huge dip in quality for them. Isa released a new album, but it seems they've completely abandoned metal at this point. It's more darkwave at this point. And Kamaedzitca split up, but not before releasing one final song that I really like.
  5. President Trump

    Sounds like an "unfriend me if u support drumpf"-type post that some vapid bitch would make on Facebook.
  6. Harvey Weinstein & the Great Hollywood sex scandal

    Didn't know he was into boys
  7. 23 & Me (or other genetic testing shite)

    Judging by Twitter it mainly exists for white nationalists to pay Jews to prove they're not Jewish.
  8. Your mental image of other members

    uhm excuse me where is my Real Madrid bed sheet
  9. Between this and Robben retiring from the Dutch squad, international football is really losing some serious ugly points. You have a really naive view of whorenalism.
  10. Catalonian Freedom

    Spain is one of the most politically retarded countries in Europe today, but somehow the Catalan independence movement manges to seem even less desirable in comparison.
  11. Catalonian Freedom

    I don't know what people were expecting from a coconut with glasses.
  12. Mental Health - Anxiety

    love laugh live
  13. Catalonian Freedom

    So did they declare independence yes or no? Or did Catalonia just get a bit pregnant?
  14. Another interesting if controversial article by an analyst talked about ever since the "Cruyff revolution" in Ajax a few years ago, Ajax and by extension the National Team have been taken over by the same small clique of ex-footballers who think they can fix everything by hinging on the past glory of the totaalvoetbal ideology while resisting every form of innovation and modernization that doesn't come from within. By contrast, the Germans looked at the training methods and football systems of other European football associations, and took the most successful, revolutionary aspects to implement in their own plan. Whether this is a fair assessment is up for debate, because Cruyff's influence did manage to counter the increasing domination of football boards by pen pushers and accountants who were only interested in the profitability of the clubs while dismissing on-field success as something of secondary importance (if they considered at all). On the other hand, if you look at the fact that 3 of our 4 past trainers (Van Gaal, Blind and Advocaat) were part of the same Sparta squad in 1981, you do get the idea that nepotism is a problem, and we aren't employing the people with the best credentials. Personally, I think it's worth trying to work with a reputable non-Dutch coach and see if he can whip the pansies into shape.