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  1. Manchester United Discussion

    I can't believe he actually said that.
  2. Manchester United Discussion

    How shit are city though. Only scored 5 goals in two games against Italy's second best side and a team undefeated away from home. The wheels are coming of. It's huddlesfield title to loose I think
  3. Man utd made the group stage look hard last season so can't complain about 3 wins out of 3 with a b team.
  4. Also Spurs fans won't love him forever if he doesn't win things. At the moment what he is doing is good but if he doesn't start to win things the fans will start to complain.
  5. Not sure about jewell because he kept Bradford up did ok at wigan and inherited tha Derby side. Egil Olsen is a good choice
  6. Under 17s World Cup

    USA will be a tough game. I think they beat Paraguay 6.1 or something
  7. Under 17s World Cup

    England into the quarter final against USA I think. Starting to expect it now with England youth. Really hope this generation of players coming through don't get wasted
  8. Didn't think we had a director of football. I thought wenger wouldn't allow it
  9. Nonsense though to even suggest he should be on a worst managers list. Can't be bothered to have another pointless wenger debate it is getting very boring
  10. That's ridiculous. Even after 2005 he is still better than most premier league managers.
  11. Personally I want to see both Irish teams get through. I the apmosphere their fans tournaments is amazing
  12. Best possible draw for republic. Not a bad draw for northern Ireland