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  2. He is actually 30. Horrible racist jokes aside, he just isn't an intelligent player. He is a physical beast but that is it.
  3. He wasn't good enough for Bayern when he left, but there was hope that he'd improve quickly. He's not that talented really. He's good at keeping the ball and world class at using his body to bully even the likes of Yaya Toure, but his passing is frustrating and his shooting is average.
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  5. Portuguese Football

    Number one problem is by far the lack of support for local clubs. Comfortably 85% of the country support the same 3 clubs. The average attendence of two mid table clubs is League Two standard. The lowest attendence in the league this season is a shocking 942 and the highest between two clubs that are not the "big three" is only 20k. A fair distribution of TV rights would be a start in giving smaller clubs a better chance of competing and at the same time maybe gather more support amongst the new generations. Problem number two is everything being about Benfica, even moreso if we are in a successful run. It's very loathsome. I guarantee you, if you ask 10 non-Benfica fans which club they hate the most, 9 will answer Benfica. According to our rivals, when we win any title it's because we've bribed the refs, etc. A similar phenomenon can be found in Spain, specially amongst Real Madrid and Barcelona fans. Although fans of all of the three clubs are very spoiled and bitter, the other two don't have it as bad against them really. We've got roughly 55% of the country's support, so naturally everyone else will try to put us down. IMHO there's not even a real rivalry between Sporting Lisbon and Porto but the match is still considered a classic only because both are big clubs. Games involving Benfica are far more heated and hate filled. Problem number three is the standard of living in the country. Not many people can afford to attend games. The "big three" can fill their stadiums a handful of times during a season, but only because they've got massive, massive following. They'd suffer a lot if people started supporting other clubs in mass. There are not enough match going fans. Problem number four is the mentality of the average football fan and consequently, of the media. Newspapers and TV football "debates" don't dedicate much time to actual football, whilst dissecting everything that happens outside the pitch and during the week.... Who said what, who is the ref for X game, is X job on the line, what did the president of X club say, and every sensationalism you can think of. This is getting worse with time as well.
  6. Transfer Rumours 2018

    Why aren’t Everton in for him?
  7. Boxing

    Just need DeGale to sort his shit out so him and Groves can have a rematch
  8. Boxing

    Smith loads more power than Eubank though so I think it'll be much closer than tonight
  9. England National Team Discussion We may have had a huge stroke of luck here. Leon Bailey of Bayer Leverkusen is apparently eligible to play for England (as well as Jamaica, Belgium and Malta, strangely) and would consider it. That's a game changer for us. He's quality and that for me is our weakest position. Exactly what we need.
  10. 2017/18 FA Cup Quarter-Final Draw

    Entirely predictable the big four all avoiding each other, again. I thought we'd get Chelsea to be honest. Just had a feeling. I think of them, Man Utd, Man City and Spurs, Chelsea are the ones I'd probably want the most, and at home too. Now lets get our arses into a semi final for once.
  11. Your mental image of other members

    Fixed it for you mate.
  12. Rochdale's Pitch

    Beat me to it. Typical bunch of pampered pansies.
  13. Your mental image of other members

  14. Peaky Blinders

    Send you a PM mate. And I didn't mind Series 3 either, I just thought that it was an 8/10, not up to the insanely high standards of the others.
  15. Basque in the Glory - The Bilbao Story

    Luka Modric is the only normal appointment there for me, the rest are absolutely bizarre . The longest I have done in Football Manager is six years with Everton in FM14 and unfortunately I didn't get anything like the above. I think Frank Lampard and Paul Scholes moved into management but that's hardly something to write home about.
  16. Basque in the Glory - The Bilbao Story

    MARCH/APRIL I thought I would bundle March and April into one post before wrapping up May's fixtures to see out my first season. As you can see we won the derby (Frank de Boer who's managing Sociedad wasn't half rattled) as we drew 1-1 at home before smashing in an 85th minute winner to win overall 3-2. That put us into the quarter final of the Europa League where we would face Arsenal and unfortunately crashed out of the competition losing 3-0 both home and away - they were just too good. In La Liga, we had a poor patch losing against Espanyol and Atletico but did bounce back against Girona. Despite being dumped out of the Europa League we finished the month well too, winning against Leganes and Las Palmas 2-0 before smashing Sociedad 4-2. There's three games left to play in the season and we sit in 5th. Two points from the Champions League but a massive 13 ahead of Valencia meaning that European football is confirmed via the Europa League. I've Eibar and Getafe at home with Deportivo away - will we get the points on the board to make it to 4th?
  17. Boxing

    Smith is just a bigger Eubank, walks in a straight line and Ive never seen him box like Groves can.
  18. Yesterday
  19. Boxing

    Groves has loads of momentum now and obviously feels comfortable with McGuigan and I think he wins Smith as well. Callum hasn't got the experience of being in with someone like Groves, similar to Eubank but at least he'll have a proper corner.
  20. Boxing

    Credit to Eubank, Showed the heart of a lion in the last couple of rounds when he was clearly tired and hurt but Groves was just on a different level. I wouldn't mind seeing that again after the tournament is finished but he got outclassed tonight and losing to Groves again would be disastrous for his career. ITV execs must be fuming as well considering how much money and effort they have put in to Eubanks promotion.
  21. Boxing

    Think Smith goes through and obviously hope he wins the final but think Groves beats him
  22. Boxing

  23. Boxing

    Tactically clueless from Eubank. The lad needs some proper guidance away from his arl fella spouting nonsense about a "warriors code". Groves had it spot on from the off. Hopefully Smith wins next week to set up a good final.
  24. Breaking News - General Chat

    They are saying the Quake caused roughly fifty million quids worth of improvements....
  25. Good start to the weekend with Shrewsbury losing, but it will mean nothing unless we take advantage on Monday night at home to Bury. There are 3 clubs in great form storming up the league at the moment to the play offs (Rotherham, Southend and Plymouth). Hopefully we are too far ahead, but those in 4-6th should be worried as those 3 sides are looking really good.
  26. Bundesliga 2017/18 - Matchday 23 - 16th-19th February, 2018

    We accept donations in this sub forum.
  27. Competition - Last Man Standing

    can't wait for Napoli to drop points at home tomorrow with the way it's going
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