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  2. Just out of curiosity and I meant to ask this in an earlier thread, who is the most important player at City right now? If someone gets injured who causes the most damage to your setup?
  3. We will see, Fernandinho covers a lot of ground each game and has been a key player this season and Gundogan is a direct replacement ..we will see
  4. I'd say you'll can afford to rest quite a few for Spurs and I can see him putting Silva and DeBryune as subs but Fernandinho will play for sure as will Walker.
  5. Chelsea Discussion

    Miss him to bits. People tend to forget how good he really was, had something like 20 goals and over 30 assists the 2013 season. Another ruined by Mourinho.
  6. The implication being that I would want to hang out with people like Merkel.
  7. Yeah there was a meeting about it but guess they forgot to invite you.
  8. Aguero will start tomorrow and id say Bernardo will start for someone too, there will be some freshening up of the team esp with an 11pt lead and Spurs at the weekend Id say changes from the united game will be Aguero, Gundogan, Mangala, Bernardo, Danilo starting ...the hardest part will be working out who gets rested out of Silva, De Bryune, Sane, Sterling, Fernandinho, Delph, Walker and Jesus
  9. Today
  10. Didn't realise Leverkusen had moved their city to Bavaria.
  11. Gray and Vokes have let me down again but Willian has come up with a whopping 16 and got me off to a great start with the most points of the day again ..picked him up on a free a few weeks back and now he's paying me back
  12. President Trump

    holy shit!!! Doug Jones won!! Only two-year term!! Last time a democrat won here in alabama it was 25 years ago, Richard shelby won but two years later switched parties. Both Shelby and Jones will represent Alabama.
  13. Atletico Burnley new 1-0 kings
  14. We will certainly get another CB
  15. Burnley Discussion

    I think europa is a good chance for sure
  16. Burnley Discussion

    They're doing great and Dyche has done a brilliant job. I think if he moved to a bigger club with higher expectations he would struggle though.
  17. Burnley Discussion

    Fantastic achievement because they have done it whilst being absolute shite. Respect. Most of us lose when we play as shit as they do, but they win. They must be doing something right that the rest of us at the bottom aren't.
  18. You better make a 3rd rate too just to be sure
  19. Burnley Discussion

    On one hand I'm amazed at what they've achieved, but I also feel that they're bound to have a mini-crash eventually. When a team is so clinical and seems so good at blocking shots and last ditch defending, I always have a feeling that it's not sustainable to win matches that way.
  20. I think Slimani's likely to be off. Not even in the squad this past two games while Ulloa has been.
  21. I reckon they'll come 8th. I'm putting my neck on the line here and saying we'll come above them.
  22. Burnley Discussion

    Fishing attempts are improving across the Board
  23. Yesterday
  24. Best Football Songs

    Agreed. Can't say I like them but they've got a superb songbook.
  25. Best Football Songs

    Celtic are excellent in fairness to them
  26. I had Tom Cleverley -1 point
  27. Not a dreadful start, 14 points from 3 players. 8 still to play. Glad I benched Doucoure.
  28. Best Football Songs

    There's some cracking foreign ones as well. Was good being in the away end to hear this:
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