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  2. I can’t see England trumping Belgium’s goal difference to be honest. Belgium, I expect, will beat Tunisia and I can’t see England scoring 3+ goals to match/better Belgium’s goal difference tbh. I fully expect Panama to sit behind the ball, be aggressive and happy to play for a point, much like you see teams do in club football and though Tunisia didn’t trouble England in attack, we struggled to break them down and it could be the case here too. A defeat for Colombia in their group game and the Belgium game is utterly pointless as I’d fancy England against any of Senegal, Japan and Poland.
  3. Brasil were so wasteful in the final third and parituclarly Neymar sucked ass... he should have scored atleast two more and I love Douglas Costa..
  4. I love when a defender tackles, holds, hugs, cleats the attacker and then complains about the foul being called.
  5. Serbia running down the clock in the 17th minute.
  6. Brazil won't have it easy against Serbia. Very physical and experienced team. Talented as well.
  7. That was a great match between Nigeria and Iceland, only watched the second half but Nigeria were brilliant. Musa's goal was one of the best of this tournament so far, that first touch, that run to escape away from the defender and then the composure to not rush the shot. Awesome.
  8. Damn - Walk away for 30 minutes to get lunch and I miss the goal.
  9. This is nailed on for a red card. It's got a bad tempered game written all over it with the fact it's probably the biggest game in the group in terms of progression as well as half of Switzerland's team having links to Albania and Kosovo.
  10. I agree regarding Schmeichel. He's had a very good tournament so far. Not happy with the number of our fans who've written him off after a poor season last year. He'll be back.
  11. Nigeria beat Argentina, very possible and they lose to Iceland it's down to GD. Could slip to second and get France.
  12. When it comes to England, Ive found myself agreeing with @Smiley Culture more than the optimists. After the first set of games, I have lost optimism of England winning this group. England and Belgium played very similar in the first ten minutes. Both quick out the blocks and creating chances. After that they both thought there was plenty of time and by half time they surprised themselves they weren't winning. The difference was in the second half Belgium took there chances more. Kevin DeBruyne looks like he's going to be the real piece of quality between two teams that seem in a similar situation in their phase of transition. I'm looking forward more to the Belgium / Tunisia game more to see if Tunisia are much better than Panama or we gave them too much respect.
  13. Look at Teso trying to have a pop at me and ultimately looking like a twat
  14. Yes Serbia!!!!! Aleksandar Mitrovic fires Serbia ahead!
  15. This group was the one that interests me the most going in to the second round of fixtures. I didn't honestly expect Japan to get anything from this group, but they look to be just as competitive as the other three. Senegal and Poland was a disappointment for me. I expected to see more fluidity and creativity from Senegal, whilst Poland looked very underwhelming. Columbia looked ok, but it's difficult to assess a side down to ten men after four minutes.
  16. At least we are better than Croatia
  17. Croatia's El Classico's

    Pretty average so far
  18. Respect to Matic there for putting something back into football..
  19. Croats are a VERY proud people. They won't "go gently into that good night" and suffer a loss at the hands of the Vikings (must win for the islanders).
  20. Again, you say the numbers just don't add up yet fail to counter my criticism? Why is it Ok for Portugal to get lucky against Morocco, but not Iran? As for finding it 'shocking', It be a fair argument to say that 'I feel that Portugal will win because they will grow into the tournament, as they have done in the past' vs merely posting consecutive arguments that just shows your reasoning is merely behind a motive or bias.
  21. The Bundesliga really showed it's quality in Europe last year...
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