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  2. Stan

    Fantasy Draft 2018/19

    had a couple of injured players so made some (hopefully) shrewd investments in Fellaini and Wijnaldum.
  3. I would say so - it wasn't huge news but big enough to say yes. I think this is part to us already having hosted the U17 World Cup 14 years ago. I'm going to try and go to as many as I can. Outside of Peru of course, I will try to catch Solomon Islands games
  4. Stuttgart 0-1 Düsseldorf Hoffenheim 1-2 Dortmund Hertha BSC 0-2 Gladbach Augsburg 1-1 Bremen Wolfsburg 2-1 Freiburg Nürnberg 1-2 Hannover Schalke 1-3 Bayern Leverkusen 2-0 Mainz Frankfurt 1-1 Leipzig
  5. His son is a football agent, which Tony Blair and his wife are behind as well with their legal advice.
  6. Gunnersauraus

    Road to Perú 2019 - U17 World Cup Qualifiers

    Are people excited in Peru @Blue
  7. Gunnersauraus

    Road to Perú 2019 - U17 World Cup Qualifiers

    Who won the last tournament?
  8. A lot of people actually. Getting old is the reason a lot of people retire from the workplace. Not that you would understand given you think Bianchi and Basile is a good choice for Argentina.
  9. wtf cares about his age? The guy is clearly the perfect choice to continue as the coach. I said it since the end of the WC, thank God the Uruguayan federation didn't pay attention to the opinions of twitter journalists who act like they know it all.
  10. I like how people take his comments literally, at least not everyone missed the plot. Whats he supposed to say "Renato has been shit since we signed him, he had a terrible time on loan and failed to make an impact on any pitch in the last two seasons and will never amount to anything ever" At the very least Kovac is trying to motivate him, Sanches likely has this season to prove something otherwise he will be off.
  11. Today
  12. I wholeheartedly disagree. He can pander to people because some Americans are just dumb as fuck so they'll probably go along with anything cos they can't make decisions in their own mind (sweeping generalisation, I know). But just because Blair, May, Major etc were a bit dull, doesn't mean Trump is any good cos he is a bit more entertaining! I'd rather have someone dull that gets policies in place for the benefit of the people in the country they're serving (not saying the current lot do) than someone entertaining who comes across and acts like a massive fuckwit, alienating people and making an absolute tool of themselves.
  13. So you're saying you love spin mate because that's what Trump is. Do you think for one second Trump is a man of the people or anti-establishment? I don't see you that way Chris! Leaders aren't there to be primer characters, they're there to govern with character... There's s difference!
  14. It's not that Tony Blair "rattles me", but I found him a very bland, dull, shite as fuck Prime Minister. He has no character, nothing about him. Then again, I can't remember any PM from my time in this country ever being any different. They are all the exact same dullard. People can say what they want about Trump, but he's another level of president to anyone we've had as prime minister in recent times. He actually has character and can relate more to the people. I'm not sure how the likes of John Major, Maggie Thatcher, Blair, and especially Teresa May can relate to or represent the general public in this country? They are just a bunch of dullard toff cunts. They don't represent anything, don't relate to anyone, they aren't leaders, they don't have anything about them.
  15. Once again, people in this thread missing Kovac's point completely. Not only is he trying to build up his confidence like 6666 said, but he is also comparing player strengths. The word "compare" doesn't directly mean that he's comparing level or standard.
  16. The Rebel CRS

    Lionel Messi

    To be fair, if the Ballon d'or was actually for the best individual footballer of the year(like it used to be) then Messi would have about 7 now. That wouldn't be good for marketing though and the whole Messi/Ronaldo fanboy rubbish, which sells. It's all nonsensical really.
  17. A ridiculous statement. It's like when someone last year compared Cristiano Ronaldo to Alfredo di Stéfano at Real Madrid.
  18. I'll kidnap you, make you wear an Albanian NT shirt with a "Kosovo is Albanian" slogan printed in the back along with a Bosnian scarf and then toss you on the terraces with the ultras in the Red Star Stadium when the derby's being played you fucking hoodie-wearing cunt!
  19. I won't have anything negative to say about El Cebolla!
  20. The man can hardly even walk. Oh well, at least he's still faster than Cebolla Rodriguez.
  21. India beat Vietnam 1-0 with a Vikram Partap penalty being the deciding factor. No stand out talent in this one, but Ridge Melvin Demello looked interesting. Meanwhile, North Korea drew 2-2 with Jordan.
  22. This is what he looks like these days...
  23. He seems to be a football god over there.
  24. To be fair, that's 66% of the World Cup's he's done well in. There is a plethora of options too. Most Uruguayan managers I have seen follow the classic Uruguayan formula of being dull and unattractive. There is Diego Aguirre, Gus Poyet, Gerardo Pelusso, Jorge Fossati. You could also gamble and bring in past successful managers from Peñarol, Nacional and Defensor Sporting. Even Fabian Coito who was the interim coach for the friendlies and managed the U20's the last few years. This reminds me of the Wenger situation, the federation seems too scared to bring anyone else.
  25. I have it in good knowledge that Berserker isn't in the best of moods lately... You've gone and won yourself a real Berserker moment!
  26. Is ther honestly nothing else available in Uruguay? This guy has managed to put by the wasteside some incredible generations. They don well in the 2010 and this last World Cup but maybe (more than probably) they could've done better.
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