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    Right, if you've been missed off the list it is either because @Blue didn't put you on the original one, you haven't posted recently or you changed your username and I can't find you Some of you might remember but for a couple of years in a row on TFF I did a themed member opinions post. This year I am going for a roughly 1980s music theme, roughly because it might be out by a few years. Each song is what I think the world is like through your eyes. If you don't know any 80's music then I have absolutely no idea why I share my time with you. @Anton - Easy Lover by Phil Collins @Stan - Call Me by Blondie @Cannabis - Girlfriend In A Coma by The Smiths @Teso dos Bichos - Body Language by Queen @Dan - Don't Dream It's Over by Crowded House @SirBalon - Glory Days by Bruce Springsteen @The Artful Dodger - God Save The Queen by The Sex Pistols @JOSHBRFC - Summer Of 69 by Bryan Adams @Berserker - Relax by Frankie Goes To Hollywood @Rab - Mr Roboto by Queen @The Palace Fan - London Calling by The Clash @HK85 - The Living Daylights by A-Ha @Smiley Culture - Panic by The Smiths @LFCMadLad - Fat Bottomed Girls by Queen @Cicero - Rock Me Amadeus by Falco @LFCMike - Fight For Your Right by Beastie Boys @The Rebel CRS - Town Called Malice by The Jam @Storts - West End Girls by The Pet Shop Boys @Tsubasa - Footloose by Kenny Loggins @Machado - In The Air Tonight by Phil Collins @Batard - She Drives Me Crazy by Fine Young Cannibals @Chaaay AFC - Tainted Love by Soft Cell @Lucas - Alive And Kicking by Simple Minds @Dr. Gonzo - Enola Gay by The Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark @Dickie - Karma Chameleon by Culture Club @Asura - Girls On Film by Duran Duran @ASF - Atlantic City by Bruce Springsteen @shut up - Agadoo by Black Lace @Inverted - The End Of The World by R.E.M. @Toony - Don't Stop Believing by Journey @El_Loco - Love In An Elevator by Aerosmith @VanPaddy - I Wanna Dance With Somebody by Whitney Houston @Danny - Where The Streets Have No Name by U2 @6666 - Happy Hour by The Housemartins @Viva la FCB - Say Say Say by Paul McCartney And Michael Jackson @Harry - Dancing On The Ceiling by Lionel Ritchie @Happy Blue - Eye Of The Tiger by Survivor @True Blue - Careless Whisper by George Michael @Blue - Take On Me by A-Ha @Bluebird Hewitt - Holding Back The Years by Simply Red @Any O'Brien - Special Brew by Bad Manners @nudge - Africa by Toto @DeadLinesman - Sweet Child O' Mine by Guns N' Roses @FOYM - Girls Just Want To Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper @ScoRoss - Vienna by Ultravox @Tanksie - Ghostbusters by Ray Parker Jr @Fairy In Boots - Freedom by George Michael @Kowabunga - Papa Don't Preach by Madonna @Panflute - Rasputin by Boney M @Dalmore - Red Red Wine by UB40 @Spike - Pour Some Sugar On Me by Def Leppard @carefreeluke - Close To Me by The Cure @BartraPique1932 - Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley @...Dan - We Built This City by Starship
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    Anton - will attempt to do this to the best of his ability. Stan - A staple of the forum. Holds shit together. Has recently somehow come to the scary conclusion that he has a sense of humour. We are still yet to see it. Cannabis - Absolute spammer. Gets this forum incredibly active. Spends far too much time here instead of on his missus. Which makes me think the relationship is just for show. Teso Dos Bichos - Hardly read his posts but he seems to have improved since the earlier days. Dan - Leicester Dan? Legend of a poster, and seems like a top lad. Sirbalon - Don't always agree with his posts, but the man is a machine in every aspect of the word. Integral part of the forum. The Artful Dodger - Decent member. Used to think he was terrible but have grown to like his posting style. JoshBRFC - Great guy I reckon. I like reading his posts. Berserker - Had him on ignore during TFF for like 3 years. But is now one of my favourite members. Would have a beer with him. Rab - the man who made it all possible. Aaroncpfc -Cracking member. Seems like a top bloke too. Cicero - I definitely do not dislike you! Great poster and decent at Mafia! The Rebel CRS - Ma nigguh! Storts - Actually love him. Tsubasa - Fantastic member. One of the most well rounded and respected members here. Machado - All I can think of is when he went mad as fuck after his Member of the Month award haha Batard - Honestly? Love reading his posts. Would love a beer with the old fella. Lucas - I don't think there's a better member than this bloke. Shame he doesn't post a lot. Dr Gonzo - I love this man too. Not bad for a scouser!! Dickie - Used to think he was a pleb. But a good asset to the forum! ASF - Andre the great. StefBWFC - Smart motherfucker with wicked hair. HoneyNUFC - Go way back. Incredible admin, and it's always great fun reading his posts, which are either incredibly well written and thought out or very fucking funny. Danny - Good lad. Good member. Loves Australia. 6666 - Top lad Viva la FCB = Great member but haven't seen a lot of his posts. Harry - punching well above his weight and a good addition to the forum! Happy Blue - mad fucker haha True Blue - Crazy serbian. But a great member to have on this forum. Fusion - Not bad for a greek. Blue - Has improved a lot, but still needs to relax over his Tesos obsession. Love his interest in the A-League DeadLinesMan - love this bald wanker Bluebird Hewitt - Shame he doesn't visit much. Great guy from what I can tell. Any O'Brien - slimming down Nudge - Football fan. Loves a beer. Speaks multiple languages. Likes travelling. Is there a more perfect woman? FOYM - Good member, and hope he finds a nice lass! Tanskie - seems so anti-australian but overall good member and clearly a smart bloke. Large - Old bloke. Needs to post more. Oliveanblue - I miss him. Spike - Good member. Bit mad, but that's to be expected coming from the east of Australia. Carefreeluke - Super chilled. True Bender - Another member who is a good addition to this fine forum. ....Dan - Arsenal fan? If so, good lad and good member. Rando - Fellow teacher. Unlike my posts, you can tell he is one. Switched on lad. Would have a beer with him. Sorry that I missed a few. May add more later!!
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    I put alot of thought and work into this list. And totally didn't just look up synonyms for the word "Good"... @Anton - Good @Stan - Acceptable @Cannabis - @Cannabis @Teso dos Bichos - exists @Dan - exceptional @SirBalon - favorable @The Artful Dodger - great @JOSHBRFC - marvelous @Berserker - @Dickie @Rab - satisfactory @The Palace Fan - superb @HK85 - valuable @Smiley Culture - wonderful @LFCMadLad - ace @Cicero - boss @LFCMike - bully @The Rebel CRS - capital @Storts - choice @Tsubasa - touch my butt @Machado -crack @Batard - nice... niiiiiccceeeee niiiiiiieeeeeeecceeeeeeeeeee niceeee @Chaaay AFC - pleasing @Lucas - prime @Dr. Gonzo - rad @Dickie - Ain't no fink ya dig? @Asura - sound @ASF - spanking @shut up - sterling @Inverted - super @Toony - superior @El_Loco - welcome @VanPaddy - worth @Danny - admirable @6666 - commendable @Viva la FCB - congenial @Harry - Good @Happy Blue - you exist @True Blue - deluxe @Blue - first class @Bluebird Hewitt - first rate @Any O'Brien - gnarly @nudge - Harry Potter @DeadLinesman - gratifying @FOYM - honorable @ScoRoss - neat @Tanksie - precious AF @Fairy In Boots - recherche @Kowabunga - reputable @Panflute - select @Dalmore - shipshape @Spike - splendid @carefreeluke - stupendous @BartraPique1932 - tip-top @...Dan- up to snuff
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    Why? Where did he go to University, North Korea?
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    @Smiley Culture https://www.youtube.com/embed/utJ2AOItRiU @LFCMadLad https://www.youtube.com/embed/5u0JfNY_YIk @CICERO https://www.youtube.com/embed/jZeCpaxn3PM @LFCMIKE https://www.youtube.com/embed/TAK7oNCFjVo @THE REBEL CRS https://www.youtube.com/embed/6l7J1i1OkKs @Storts https://www.youtube.com/embed/7l_Onul5NE8 @Tsubasa https://www.youtube.com/embed/zd7c5tQCs1I @MACHADO https://www.youtube.com/embed/jaSuGMfzTOw @BATARD https://www.youtube.com/embed/SeK6n-6rZWQ @CHAAAY AFC https://www.youtube.com/embed/SVyVAJPHob4 @Lucas https://www.youtube.com/embed/sjtPvTNGYbs @Dr. Gonzo https://www.youtube.com/embed/q2qraZKD4hI @Dickie https://www.youtube.com/embed/o9698TqtY4A @asura https://www.youtube.com/embed/UBS4Gi1y_nc @shut up https://www.youtube.com/embed/wcCRVCzCNMs @Inverted https://www.youtube.com/embed/d88APYIGkjk @toony https://www.youtube.com/embed/eoUmt39yYYQ @El_Loco https://www.youtube.com/embed/hcm55lU9knw @VANPADDY https://www.youtube.com/embed/PUovzPU1v4s @DANNY https://www.youtube.com/embed/GY_5m8m6cTQ @6666 https://www.youtube.com/embed/7d16CpWp-ok @VIVALAFCB https://www.youtube.com/embed/MZ0R8h82r5o @Harry https://www.youtube.com/embed/Y_fb3FNFreU @HAPPYBLUE https://www.youtube.com/embed/2Po-BO7-ekE @TRUE BLUE https://www.youtube.com/embed/bFUrdMpEamo @Blue https://www.youtube.com/embed/8N_tupPBtWQ @Bluebird Hewitt https://www.youtube.com/embed/fRpkQTOyBgo @any O´brien https://www.youtube.com/embed/ajmI1P3r1w4 @Nudge https://www.youtube.com/embed/z5psWESaWS0 @deadlinesman https://www.youtube.com/embed/dwweg5lnRrY @foym https://www.youtube.com/embed/ckdsJ-LaCvM @scoross https://www.youtube.com/embed/Bwk38srACrA @tanksie https://www.youtube.com/embed/o97Ph_1ECD0 @fairy in boots https://www.youtube.com/embed/AIPD8qHhtVU @kowabunga https://www.youtube.com/embed/jyuyw5bgK28 @panflute https://www.youtube.com/embed/Ypkv0HeUvTc @dalmore https://www.youtube.com/embed/Zvl9N9GdraQ @fusion https://www.youtube.com/embed/K-LILXbqXAU @spike https://www.youtube.com/embed/TOOA2ZhBIQY @carefreeluke https://www.youtube.com/embed/hvvjiE4AdUI @bartrapique1932 https://www.youtube.com/embed/V-DLtd53Haw @...Dan https://www.youtube.com/embed/r99Bznk2QJA @RandoEFC https://www.youtube.com/embed/4yHaYFiNv_8 @IgnisExcubitor https://www.youtube.com/embed/BUffXKjp31A @Mel81x https://www.youtube.com/embed/Q2MOEf7aNDo @Kitchen Sales https://www.youtube.com/embed/oisbrrhzHNs @Bluewolf https://www.youtube.com/embed/2uz3I77MB-c
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    How easily do you burn? My cooking instructions are 15 minutes at 30 degrees + 25 minutes at 25-29 degrees Do you go to these type of events? no, I see they happen in Amsterdam, I don't know much about them but from an English perspective it looks like it would be a very middle class way of dealing with abuse. Where I grew up ginger was an abusive word in itself and aggressively, thuggishly used, it created aggression in myself, at one stage in my teens I couldn't do my paper round without carrying a lead pipe with me in case some stranger thought of having a go verbally. Until I came across middle class southern women in university I was staunchly against the use of the word ginger, over time their repetitive use softened me towards it and I learned to use it to my advantage. Blackburn or Burnley? I'll say Blackburn because I have only ever been to Burnley in the dark, it's grim and the takeaway I went to was shite Who is the biggest cunt on the forum? That's harsh, I can't give an answer How good was Alan Shearer? The best player of the 90's to play in England and at least in the top 5 strikers globally of the decade. Favourite Newcastle player of all time? Shearer is the answer to everything, but if he wasn't then Les Ferdinand How have you managed to consistently be the best Admin for so many years? By doing fuck all until a few weeks before questions about staff come up, that way it alters people's perceptions. Maybe also because I rarely ever wield any power in terms of telling people off, when you do you rub people up the wrong way and get haters, at TFF CC in particular handed most of the wrist slaps out and was disliked as a result. Good cop, bad cop we had going on. What's it like living without a soul? Great, you don't have to go to church You are trapped in a lift with @Berserker, @Dickie and @Machado - how do you pass the time until the fire brigade arrive? I would teach them how to talk in a Geordie accent for my own amusement What is your favourite city/country in the world? Toronto Given what Newcastle is like, how many of @Any O'Brien's relatives have you had sex with? Just his mam How happy were you that @Julio Geordio made a welcome return to the forum? Hope he gets back to post regularly so the old band will be back together, need to get a few others back posting regularly too What is 44 + 25? 69er Do you take pleasure at the current state of affairs at Sunderland or has it gone past the point of being funny? It's cruel now. @DeadLinesman, @nudge, @SirBalon, @Tanksie, @carefreeluke and @Panflute arrive at your house with sixteen bottles of red wine, four packets of cocaine (that looks suspiciously like human remains) and a zebra. How does the night progress? Sounds like a sausage fest so SirBalon will have to tuck his bits into his buttock hole to even it up a bit, luke is in charge of the music but it must be 90s themed, we will all take part in waxing Deadlinesman's hairy chest, nudge can drink all sixteen bottles of red wine, before the bukkake party starts Panflute will give a presentation on how to avoid contracting HIV, Tanksie will have snorted so much cocaine that he will only have one giant nostril by the end of the night If you had to decorate your room with posters of TF365 members, which three would you choose? I will work on the basis of having to describe why I have your faces on my wall to a girl, so I will have Bluewolf as I can pretend he is a war vet in the family, LFCMadLad because I imagine he looks like Bez from Happy Monday's shaking maraca's and Stan to play the diversity card How French do you imagine @Batard to be? So far down the line that he says oh-ho-he-haaaa Would you ever wanted to dye your hair? Nope, only wankers do that. Do you envy Harry for banging Hermione? No, I never found her attractive Have you betrayed many people? It was hard to betray Chazz Have you ever starred where's Wally? Have you found me? Top 5 favourite members on here? I couldn't answer that because I like most people. But I feel a special loyalty to Hewitt, Anton and ...Dan because we all go way back with ESMS, as long as they are around I have a connection to a big part of my life that has now gone Will you ever continue Aliens? Yes Who will win the WC? Argentina Would you say you were an Alpha or Beta? Beta in my 20's, Alpha in my teens. Ideal woman (physically speaking)? Slim but with wide hips and big arse What's your nickname among your group of friends? No nickname anymore now that I hang around boring professional people
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    Anton - someone I didn't know that well despite posting together here and on TFF together for many years. Interacted with him more in Mafia Wars, good guy, gets points for being an Aussie due to Tim Cahill. Stan - good guy, laid back but does a lot behind the scenes (probably) to keep us ticking over. Get on with him well. Cannabis - obviously a top poster, fellow Everton fan and the one who let me know TF365 was set up. Usually see eye to eye on things and he has a good sense of humour. Teso dos Bichos - not as annoying as people make out apart from the arguments with his arch-rival which have settled down more recently. Some of his opinions are way wide of the mark but the fact that it gets some people so rattled makes it more funny than annoying. Dan - got on well with him since my uni days when we were both part of the 2AM TFF crowd fairly often. Good poster, knowledgeable about football and head screwed on. SirBalon - puts a lot of effort into his posting, clearly. Don't always agree with him but do enjoy his trademark posting style when I can be bothered to read the whole essay . A good representative for the forum as a moderator. The Artful Dodger - a good poster, probably agree with him more often with matters regarding Everton than I do with most other non-Everton fans. Can be blunt and cynical so my kind of guy. JoshBRFC - sound guy, we seem to run in the same circles when he comes on and posts. Berserker - another long term TFF poster I never got to know that well but enjoyed Mafia Wars with him like Anton. Good banter around the forum even if it's often in sections of the forum I tend to only skim read. Rab - the behind-the-scenes saviour of this little group, good job Rab. The Palace Fan - quality poster and good to see his contributions recognised. Expert Mafia Wars player, knows his stuff when it comes to football and a lot else. HK85 - good poster, dry sense of humour which I appreciate and knows his stuff when it comes to Everton as well. Smiley Culture - has he gone AWOL recently or have I just not run into him for a while? Another good poster that fits the general theme of realistic and knowledgeable fans on this forum. LFCMadLad - good lad, decent banter most of the time, loves a bet and glad I didn't put down £1000 on Everton to finish above Liverpool this season . Cicero - one of several good Chelsea fans on here, top poster, too bad he bottled taking part in the quiz league after the first round. LFCMike - don't think we've interacted too much recently but he's always been a sensible poster and knows his stuff. Always a relief to come across Reds who aren't gobshites. The Rebel CRS - barely spoken to him lately but I do still see his posts when I trawl the forum. Always been a good guy. Storts - got a lot of time for him and his talent for winding up idiots, another one in my age group who I think was highly active during my more prolific TFF uni years. Tsubasa - a top poster and an F1 mate even if he can be a bit biased towards his Seb - not as much as others though . Machado - good poster, can't remember the last time I saw him post though sadly? Cure - gave me lots of rep while I was stuck into my African FM career and an active participant in the quiz league so he must be sound. Seems to get some stick from others but never seen why. Batard - great sense of humour and author of Mafia Wars. Laid back guy but puts great effort into generating activity around the forum. Chaaay AFC - decent poster in the Premier League section, be good if I ran into him more elsewhere. Lucas - another one of the top posters across the forum and a reliable participant in the quiz, glad to see him more active recently. Dr Gonzo - a top poster who doesn't talk about things he doesn't know about. Offers good insight in the areas he does post, football and non-football related. Dickie - a good poster despite his poor taste in football teams. Solid knowledge about 'soccer' and a nice guy in general. Asura - decent poster mostly in the Premier League section. Inverted - down as a Celtic fan but seems more like a Liverpool fan. Aside from that a good poster when it comes to football and politics. HoneyNUFC - funny guy, master of the ninja smiley and a generally likeable guy. Intelligent too when it comes to real world affairs. Toony - decent poster, don't come across them that often outside the football threads. El_Loco - don't really know that well but has a reputation for being knowledgeable about at least Brazilian players. I think. VanPanna - good sense of humour, pretty good wind up merchant too and a decent poster all round. Danny - seem to remember we didn't see eye to eye when it came to football back on TFF but nowadays can't fault him. Good poster across the forum. FourSix - seems to get a fair bit of stick off some people and don't really see why. He can be cynical/honest which is something I enjoy. Viva la FCB - I don't post in the German sections too much but a reliable participant in the quiz. Harry - another one I mostly know due to Mafia Wars, good guy, don't know why we don't run into each other more across the forum. Happy Blue - expert wind up merchant (I think) and probably actually is the happiest and most optimistic guy on the forum. True Blue - another good poster in the Premier League section and enjoy the debates the Chelsea lads have even if I don't partake. The Liquidator - don't necessarily agree with him all of the time and he needs to admit that Salah has clearly improved Liverpool but otherwise a good addition to the group the last few months. Blue - gets wound up too easily and is biased towards Peru but harmless overall and makes good contributions in several areas of the forum. Deadlinesman - needs to make a reappearance, was always good for putting idiots in their place. Bluebird Hewitt - another one I seem to see a lot less of these days. Never really got to know him too well but he is a good poster. Any O'Brien - top bloke, always a good laugh, enjoyed his stories in the Off Topic thread since TFF. Nudge - knowledgeable motorsport fan and rightly popular member across the forum. Reliable quizzer and good sense of humour. FOYM - decent poster, seems to be less active recently and offers good insight in the Premier League section. ScoRoss - good, knowledgeable football fan. Don't interact with him that much but his posts are of a high quality when I read them. Large - don't remember him from TFF but a good poster with decent banter despite supporting a rubbish club. Spike - another decent poster when it comes to Chelsea and the Premier League and good fun when it comes to Mafia Wars. Carefreeluke - much less active these days but his posts are quality over quantity, always insightful and well thought out and he still makes good contributions to the Music sections. True Bender - this is BartraPique now right? A good poster that I don't remember from TFF though his Vettel bias easily outdoes Tsubasa's. Enjoy his posts in general, especially in Mafia. ....Dan - had to think for a second who this was with all the Dans on this forum but he's one of a few decent Arsenal fans that tend to keep to the Premier League section. Took a few off who I think aren't active anymore, sorry if I've missed you off! It's struck me that this is the first time I've done one of these since I started teaching so all that practice with writing reports is probably why I've managed to get this done in about half an hour instead of half a day .
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    Anton - Love him. Probably the only Aussie on here whom I can discuss the Socceroos with as well as A League. Not much of a football poster but he's likely past that phase by now so he's better than socialise with. Good humour too, the type I like. Stan - The moment he realizes Peruvian food pisses over Indian is the moment I'll respect him. Nah, I'm just kidding. I enjoy the banter with him and he has a good grip of when you need to be serious or take the piss. Cannabis - Doesn't post as much as in the old days but he's another one I enjoy the banter with and is completely sound. He's a bit of a top poster in everything. Teso Dos Bichos - Still the worst member I've ever met on any internet forum. Dan - One of the best guys on here. We don't chat as much as on the old forum but he's my mate. Lots of conversations we've had about FM and international football as well as Leicester City. Its great intersharing the football here in Peru compared to there in England. Sirbalon - A completely honest opinion here; I like him and he has a top football knowledge compared to everyone else. He has a passion for the site (hence his overly long and complicated posts) and of course for football. He is a bit arrogant though, and that for me holds him back from being the absolute top member. The Artful Dodger - Not come across him in actual conversation much but he has a great football knowledge and enjoy reading what he has to say. Berserker - We've gone from having a hate relationship to a mixed one. I don't dislike him in the slightest, but I can never make out what he thinks of me. Regardless, its always great to have another South American brother on the forum. He's a fun guy to have around. Rab - Don't think much needs to be said that hasn't already. He's not on the forum much but I know that if something goes wrong he will show up. That's why this place is here. Aaroncpfc - I don't come across him much and he doesn't post in my area that much. No opinion. All I'll say is to start reading my fucking FM content HK85 - Its not just the abuse he gives Teso - he is overall a great poster that should be very much valued. Smiley Culture - Pessimistic and very English, but he's changed a lot from the old forum when I was on. He was just as pessimistic then but he's not got a new love for outside football as well. LFCMadLad - He's only in the Prem section so I understandably don't come across him to much. Seems like a sound poster though. Cicero - In terms of football posting, he's by a mile the top guy on here. While I wouldn't call him the number 1 brain of the forum, he knows his stuff a lot, can respect the opinions of others (for the most part) and basically helps dictate the serious part of the forum on his own. I've been on other forums, and some of them have completely unintelligent trolls that I don't always mind, but sometimes it just makes football discussion impossible. The Rebel CRS - Wish he posted more, he's just like Cicero one of the more serious posters and makes for a good debate. I'd have him in the top 3 of most knowledgable posters of the forum. Storts - an unsung hero in terms of football knowledge. I'm not saying that in that he's underrated as most can appreciate him like I can. I see much more knowledge there though then just English football like some believe. A little biased towards Spurs, but I'm no better with Peru so I can understand why he can be like that. Tsubasa - The king of the Film forum and the Mental Image of other Members thread. Nuff said. Machado - He's exactly the type of member I'd like to see post more - more foreign members are always welcome. its what makes this forum great in my opinion. There is so much diversity and Machado just adds to that. Cure - One member I hope to never see again on here. Batard - I'll be honest and just admit that I don't always agree with his decisions. I find him a bit sensitive as staff when given criticism, and he's got flaws. However, he works really hard to keep the place clean and more than warrants a place in admin. Its his decisions and they must be respected agree or not as I am convinced he knows well what he's doing. For me, the best staff member in terms of moderation. Lucas - Fan of the member he is. Good long posts and full of knowledge. However, I can't rate him highly. Not because he's a bad member by any means, not even close. More because his posts mostly have to do with football in a section I'm not familiar with so I can't give a proper opinion. Dickie - The banter king of America. Don't see him that often these days. Asura - I really liked him as a person a while back, and I still do but he's not as active anymore. ASF - Same story with Machado that I would have liked for him to be more active. Variety in nations is a good thing. Besides, he would have taken no shit from Teso Shut Up - No, you Inverted - Think I've only had a conversation with him once but he sticks to his guns and for me is another one of the brains of the forum. Criminally underrated member who's posts I always enjoy reading. HoneyNUFC - His sense of humour is one I highly approve of. Lots of pops and clickbait but not actually aimed at anyone. Funniest member on here for me. Toony - Things have changed between us and I get along with him fine now, but it had to do with both of us having changed and improved as posters. Like Inverted, he mostly sticks to his guns and always provides a valuable opinion. El_Loco - He was my favourite poster on the old forum and he is still my favourite poster now. He shares the South American view that I have and for me he's the most knowledgable poster on the forum. Knows how to have humour when needed as well. VanPanna - Don't have much of an opinion to be honest. I can just say that he's a good member. Danny - Good member socially but I can't say I agree with a lot of his football views. He thinks too much in the English way which is fine for people domestically but doesn't seem to understand how things work outside the UK. Either way, in the off topic forums he is a great guy. Viva la FCB - I don't like him but at least he's not necessarily a bad poster like Teso or Cure. He's just a massive cunt. Happy Blue - THIS is how a troll should be done. We don't take him seriously because we know he's just having fun with all of us and are used to his humour. Not really only to have serious football convo but to have some banter. True Blue - When he's serious, he's knows his Chelsea stuff. He's more of a member to befriend though as he's been here for a long time and is comfortable enough to say as he likes. LaSambaDeStGermain - Complete twat DeadLinesMan - No opinion. Didn't like him on the old forum and I don't have a chance to rebuild bridges with him here. Any O'Brien - Used to have a mixed relationship with him. Much better now, but he's hardly active. Only really comes online to make Newcastle comments or have a bit of banter which is understandable. Nudge - Haven't ran into here in a long time but for me she's one of the top 3 members in everything. Won't say much else than that. Tarzanontoast - Where are you? Adziom - A mixed bag for me. Very negative nancy and we don't particularly get along, but I, just like him can appreciate good posts from either of us and that for me is a good thing. Spike - Toned down a bit and I think he's going down from 2nd best member to 3rd
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    Blue - waiting for people to post in the Member opinions so he can read about himself.
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    Imagine turning up to watch a Tony Pulis team? Imagine going away from home to watch your team managed by Tony Pulis? Fuck life. West Brom have been waiting to be down the botton for this moment for ages because they were afraid of reputational damage. The damage that comes from the sort of people who haven't watched a single West Brom game but then look at the league table and say that's ok for West Brom, how dare they sack Pulis. By sacking him now they're hoping there are less people who fall for that and it won't put future managers off. If a clubs supporters, who watch every game, want a manager gone, I don't see how anyone can dispute that just by opening up the West Brom page on the BBC website.
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    Mourinho has to go on that list, spends 200million and his team can only manage 20% possession at home
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    I’ve been a bit quiet recently in terms of posting on here, but..... I’m pregnant . Seriously though, 18th of June is her due date, also the same day the World Cup starts! Timed that brilliantly didn’t I.
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    Update. There's been a reasonable recovery from where things were at when i last posted. We've committed to work at our relationship and do what's needed to get our families future back on track. I feel reasonably optimistic about or prospects. We are getting along great and to be honest always have done all the way through this in all fronts except in the intimacy department which had been different since our son was born. Honestly i think that's a normal situation to be in after 15 years in a relationship and in the "raising kids" years but when something new and exciting comes along it can be tempting to give in to it. Marriage takes work and isn't easy partially because it isn't always as exciting as what else you might be able to find out there at a given time. But when you reflect on the value of the life you've built and weigh that against the new but temporary excitement its not always best to act on your immediate short term instincts.
  14. 7 points
    It's that time again! So, without further delay ... Member of the month for November is the always measured, articulate and ... well ... just a pretty damn awesome person ... but first let's celebrate with her Congratulations @nudge! November results: 1st - nudge 2nd - @ScoRoss 3rd - @Spike
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    It's happening then, pictures emerging of Allardyce and Sammy Lee turning up to Everton's training ground
  16. 7 points
    Everyone when SirBalon starts a discussion:
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    Happened during my college years. We had a friend, whose father worked in Muscat and therefore his mother would often go to live there, which meant an empty house for our group (we still have that group of friends from school days) to hang out. Being rich he had a big house, PS2 with countless games, PC with unlimited internet(which was a big deal for those days, unlimited data). Sometimes his friends from college would hang out too. So, anyways, one day I was left alone with a friend from his college who I had met few times. We both had bunked our college that day. I was playing on the PS2, a little too involved, standing up at times from my chair while battling the main bosses, before sitting down. One time, I accidentally sat on her lap (she was sitting on one of those stretchable chairs close to mine engrossed in her mobile). I instantly stood up and quickly apologised few times for sitting on her lap. And to my surprise she goes, 'It's okay, you can sit on my lap and play the game' with a smile on her face. I froze, didn't speak for few seconds, and then said no and apologised again. And the girl pulls the chair's lever to flatten it completely and goes again, 'Come on, let's see, if I can bear your weight. You can lie on top of me and play. I will hold you with my arms and legs'. Like a bumbling idiot I froze for few seconds and again said 'no, it's okay.' I was alone with her for two more hours. I tried pushing myself to flirt, but felt that the opportunity was gone. She was right there, fucking ready and all. I can never forget her face from that day. That smile. She was quite decent looking. And she wanted a fling and my brain ceased to function on an important moment.
  18. 7 points
    Anton - Sound lad but unfortunately only interact with him through Mafia. Probably hates my guts considering I've foiled his plans twice. Reckon he has a busy life co-mingling with the Japs and taking care of Kevin, the cunt. Stan - At times I feel like it is only him and I posting in the matchday threads, especially early kick offs. Does his job and does it perfectly and without him, this forum wouldn't be here. Him constantly picking apart Brian's posts are always a good time. Cannabis - AKA Eric Bantana, AKA P.I Staker. Contributes all over the forum, and like Stan, place wouldn't be here without him. One of the founding fathers. Another career mode junkie and I always look forward to his posts. Teso Dos Bichos - Never have I seen a member filled with so much personal vendetta, irony, and contradiction. Blows different tunes and has a self serving bias mentality. The sort of minds that Storts attracts. All of this accumulated due to a traumatising incident from his youth by the infamous Alonso Conte, so can't really fault him. Those suggesting banning him don't really understand what he brings to the forum. For one, all United fans have gone MIA and two, he does actually contribute a lot and his posts some times are very knowledgeable when he doesn't have an agenda. Brings a lot to the forum through entertainment alone due to his posting habits and cock ups, could even have his own thread by now. Sirbalon - Probably the most knowledgeable and gayest poster on the forum. Deserves his new moderator role as, unlike myself, can contain himself. Provides a vast amount of footballing knowledge through descriptive and informative essays that in reality could be summarised in a simple paragraph. Can over complicate the simplest things. Needs to embrace Hamsik in his life and Needs to make an appearance on AFTV. The Artful Dodger - Still tracking his cycles. Need to be prepared for when that time of the month comes. Very knowledgeable but if glory hunters were Jews, he'd be Hitler. JoshBFCF - Great member and he needs to post more and needs to get his second place FIFA medal already. Needs polishing. Berserker - Die hard River fan. And when I say Die Hard, I mean that even if a pig was wearing a River kit, he'd find a reason as to why that pig is better than Aguero and Messi. One of the best members of the forum and Forever my little puta in Mafia. Rab - The GOAT. Nothing more. Aaroncpfc - Reuben Loftus-Cheek enthusiast who I will miss next year in the championship thread. We love Reuben Loftus-Cheek and we have accepted that Reuben Loftus-Cheek will be an England Great. Reuben Loftus-Cheek. Reuben Loftus-Cheek. Reuben Loftus-Cheek. HK85 - On par with Storts in the fishing. Absolute gold. Haven't seen the majority of his posts but I like what I've seen so far. LFCMadLad - Favorite person to argue with. Haven'[t been able to do so this season as he is too busy arguing with other Liverpool fans. Solid member and probably the first one I think of when someone mentions Liverpool member. The Rebel CRS - Starting to post much more which is a plus. Career mode junkie and La Liga enthusiast. Legendary poster but won't ever let him forget the absolute spanking I gave him in FIFA 2013. Never stood a chance. Storts - Great member who should seriously cut all ties with afootballforum. Horrid place filled with Cunts and it would be great if he focused all of his time here. Very iconic member like Chris and contributes a lot outside of the premier league threads. Mafia rank #2. Tsubasa - Like Storts and Chris, a very iconic and legendary member. Film enthusiast and always take his film recommendations to heart. Still needs to embrace Jon Snow as his lord and savior. Machado - Wouldn't surprise me if him and Batard were the same person. Sound, informative, doesn't pick sides, and contributes a lot to the forum. His Mafia game was one of the best and should really work with Batard to do more, or join in himself. Cure - PM'd me and said he won't come back until Machado forgives him. Batard - Same with Machado. Absolute mad he's only turned 21. Lucas - Never directly interacted with him but from his postings, can easily assume we'd get on. Dr Gonzo - Far less ill-tempered than MadLad. Insightful poster and always bases his reasoning with logical points. Still don't agree with his views on Ancelotti but nonetheless, absolutely nothing negative about him. Dickie - The one who actually asked Richard for Dick. Great lad and one of my favorites in Mafia. Asura - Goalkeepers can't be ranked in the best footballers of all time. Aside that, great lad who takes the piss out of Teso. Which is always fun. @ASF- Like every bluemoon, always a memorable moment when he makes an appearance. Football knowledge is superb. The likelihood of him replying. Zero HoneyNUFC - Don't think i've ever read a post of his, that wasn't political, that was any serious. Hope that doesn't change. Forum comedian and will probably hold that title for the rest of our days. Legendary poster El_Loco - Like Chris, it's great that he's posting more. His knowledge of South American football is faultless. VanPanna - Likes anal, and another victim of Alonso Conte. Danny - Reuben Loftus-Cheek Reuben Loftus-Cheek Reuben Loftus-Cheek Reuben Loftus-Cheek Reuben Loftus-Cheek Reuben Loftus-Cheek Reuben Loftus-Cheek Reuben Loftus-Cheek Reuben Loftus-Cheek Reuben Loftus-Cheek . Sound Lad and we actually agree on some things. Reuben Loftus-Cheek Reuben Loftus-Cheek Reuben Loftus-Cheek Reuben Loftus-Cheek Reuben Loftus-Cheek 6666 - SirBalon's kryptonite. His feuds with SalfordKel were great and can't think if there are any other Arsenal fans that would stand by him. Very individualistic, which makes him a great character of the forum. Viva la FCB - Only interact with him through Mafia Wars, but unlike some, whether he is mafia or a citizen, he always contributes. Only Bayern fan I think? Harry - My GOT partner in crime. Love the theories we share as well as the possible reasonings behind certain elements of the show. If True Blue gets stick for looking like David Villa, Harry should be targeted just as much for his Messi impersonation. Happy Blue - #1 WUM. Forever is, and forever will be. Absolute forum legend. Fusion - @Fusion? Probably stopped posting when he realised Messi and Iniesta work at a sewing factory to support their families considering they play their football for free. LaSambaDeStGermain - Like him or don't, he brings a lot here. Whether through posts that seem questionable or controversy, he contributes a lot, which is always good. Probably the sole reason he has nearly all of us watch Peru matches now. Great member. DeadLinesMan - Post. More. Legendary member. Tanskie - The forum cannibal and always plays devil's advocate. Something that really defines him. Like 6666, has traits that bring a lot to the forum. True Blue - Great lad. Fellow blue and like a brother on the forum. Spike - Doubt anyone on the forum has anything negative to say about him. Sound lad and fellow blue. Carefreeluke - Same as Spike Bluewolf - The forum grandpa and peacemaker. Fellow blue. Apologies if ive missed anyone. Knackered.
  19. 6 points
    @SirBalon Too emotional. Scary, as knowledgeable and self-aware as he ultimately is, he falls to overtly pick the emotional side nearly every freaking time. Always good to read. @ASF Top poster. I think I connected more with him back when he gave lower scores to the movies. @Kitchen Sales He has the bad habit of seasoning his political posts with economical input. As it he knew about the topic or something. That's not fair! @Berserker I wouldn't want to be verbally abused by him. That's the reason I am a closeted Higuaín hater. @El_Loco He has the annoying habit of thinking the same as me. @Spike He strikes me as someone open to have his ideas challenged while not scared to defend them, which makes for a decent contribution in an online forum @The Rebel CRS He has the good habit of overrating different players than me. @IgnisExcubitor Love the dark side of his cinematographic taste. Real connoisseur.
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    Today is the best day of my fucking life. My photos I took today for the final are popping up all over Peruvian media. For once I actually feel like I did something productive with my life.
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    that's what she said and now he's single.
  23. 6 points
    Living proof that it exists.
  24. 5 points
    Already shared this in the Star signs thread. At house party back in high school. Spend an hour or so sitting on the sofa talking to this girl from another class. Spill a bit of my beer on my jeans. She puts her hand on my thigh, looks me in the eye, and asks if we should go and see if we can clean it. I say "it's alright" and go to the kitchen to get a paper towel.
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    This is an old terraced street with a shipyard at the bottom of it on the River Tyne, neither exist anymore. The ships used to block the light out for people who lived in those houses, the shipyard owners were ordered to pay the locals electricity bill so they could have their lights on during the day.
  26. 5 points
    Half of the forum feels the same mate
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    David Blaine is fuming. His record of doing nothing in the box for 44 days has been smashed by Romelu Lukaku.
  28. 4 points
    The best one is not even on the list...
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    The Sunday Edition Fixtures 1-3 Could we have a new league leader Monday? Could the early season teasing of Stan FC come home to roost for Winnfield Wanderers? Lets recap the first legs of Liga TalkFootball sponsored by Coke Snorting Peruvians. A tale of differing defensive solidity at the Winnfield Winnfield Wanderers 11-37 STAN FC @StanFC were Saturday's dominant force, in what the bookies predicted would be a tight low scoring affair, leaning towards a draw, their defence was imperious collecting 26 points and effectively killing the tie. Winnfield Wanderers travel to the Cambiasso Arena today hoping to overturn that deficit but they look a goal-shy attack today. With both Kevin De Bruyne and in form Jesse Lingard to feature today for STAN FC, this looks like a professional and comprehensively earned 3 points to pull away from danger. Betting Preview Quite simply, given the advantage and what's on offer today, It's hard to look beyond Stan FC killing off the tie. STAN FC 1/19 DRAW 1/7 WINNFIELD WANDERERS 28/1 Take a punt on STAN FC -15 point Handicap 5/2 Kitchen Sales patter risks Pep Talk 100% record Pep Talk 12-18 Kitchen Sales With @Kitchen Sales going into the second leg today with a 6 point lead, the question is, how damaging will the Demarai Gray goal yesterday prove to be? With Mo Salah and Mesut Ozil still to feature for @Pep Talk there's points a plenty there to overturn the lead. However with Phillipe Coutinho, Marcus Rashford and Laurent Koscielny ready for Kitchen Sales, could this be the first defeat of the season for the league leaders? Betting Preview It's just too close to call KITCHEN SALES EVS DRAW 4/1 PEP TALK 2/1 Have a sniff on both teams to score at least 10 points each today @10/11 Los Borachos' favourite Son batters M'Arcelona Los Borachos 27-2 Leave M'Arcelona In what will require a second leg display of astronomical brilliance, @JOSHBRFC charges will struggle to stop @Mel81x's side from collecting their first 3 points of the season. A defeat here will drag LM into 11th place and a desperate need to shop around in January for improvements. The 2nd leg should in reality be a formality here, especially given a front line of Aguero and Firmino. Betting Preview No way back for M'Arcelona. LOS BORACHOS 1/50 DRAW 1/25 LEAVE M'ARCELONA 100/1 Take a shot on on both Salah and Coutinho to score today @7/2
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    think only @IgnisExcubitor @Mel81x and @Asura may get this
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    @Fairy In Boots have a word mate.
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    Share your favourite photographs that fascinate you, move you whatsoever. Today I saw this on reddit, and I thought it was very moving. Afghan refugee Iaiba Hazrat, aged 6, at a slum on the outskirts of Pakistan's capital, Islamabad
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    Support indicates some sort of meaningful interaction with the club, which is only attending games as far I'm concerned. An interested third party is all anyone who doesn't go to the game but claims 'support'. I include myself in that, as former season ticket holder I can't count myself as a proper fan anymore as I don't regularly attend. Clubs were born from and represent their local community, nobody else. There's no issue with people from outside Manchester or Liverpoolm supporting Manchester United or Liverpool, they're just not really what that club is about or who they were formed for.
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    The Bundesliga posters right now: We did it, boys and girl.
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    When the bar is about to close and you have to settle for a big chick.
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    So i was thinking of doing it with something other than words and now that Harvey has done it with music i've decided to go for a mix of movie/tv trailers, music and just random vids. It won't let me put all in one post so i'll do it in parts. @Anton https://www.youtube.com/embed/anMUn9d_1Qg @Stan https://www.youtube.com/embed/xZk-wjUwbl8 @Cannabis https://www.youtube.com/embed/HFNpBzHWD84 @Teso dos Bichos https://www.youtube.com/embed/PHK7bysoLqA @Dan https://www.youtube.com/embed/c0IixnRDIJM @SirBalon https://www.youtube.com/embed/g2LJ1i7222c @The Artful Dodger https://www.youtube.com/embed/xnOLhXmhkyA @JOSHBRFC https://www.youtube.com/embed/9IhPNKuk9vg @Rab https://www.youtube.com/embed/IRsPheErBj8 @The Palace Fan https://www.youtube.com/embed/57PlVm7hALA?start=61& @HK85 https://www.youtube.com/embed/TsyHe53oNRU
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    Long balls flicked on Lukaku 265 Morata 12 Lacazette 0
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    My first major teenage infatuation asked me to dance and I said I can't dance
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    The power of cocaine.
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    Which bastard runs the TF365 Facebook page? They've just tagged me in this...
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    Salah - Bargain of the summer transfer window! Doesnt improve us though
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    Batard to the other staff after being promoted to Admin.
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    Masochisten! Anyway, English speakers:
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    You obviously haven't been in a long distance relationship...
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    Don't get carried away, it's just a matter of West Ham being more shite