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    Week or so ago, @DeadLinesman makes the "How long will Leeds go unbeaten" thread. One week on...Brighton 3-2 Man U. Man U 0-3 Spurs. Muwahahahaha….
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    This was another convincing win in our eyes. By virtue of a very spirited and inspirational gardening post amongst some other quality posting this month, it would have taken a lot to top that. To my own surprise he'd only ever come 3rd place before but he's gone above and beyond this month, so our very clear winner for August 2018 is... @Bluewolf! Here he is celebrating the moment he found out! You're a real asset to the forum and a very valued member of it so keep it up mate In 2nd and 3rd place were @Cicero and @Dr. Gonzo respectively. Have a good month all!
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    This forum absolutely battered all other competition in terms of post count and quality throughout the entirety of the summer. It's also trebled this year in terms of volume and traffic to the place. It's going to grow year on year largely thanks to a core group of members that have been happy to donate their cash and will be here for years on end. This place is getting better, and will continue to do that. What it doesn't benefit from is people like yourself who, when they feel like it, produce some sort of split persona and ramble on about agendas that dont exist. It is boring as fuck. This forum is not the 'lowest of the low', if you think that by all means then leave.
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    The new arrival is finally here!!! Say hello to Mia... Another soft bundle of potential chaos into our lives.... Leelah getting involved early... Both mum and baby doing well...
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    I have a lot of respect for Mourinho and don't want to do what others want to do in rewriting football history to make it look like he was nothing but a chequebook manager who has been like this for his whole career because he hasn't. In truth he has a list of great achievements in football, winning the UEFA Cup and Champions League in back to back seasons with Porto before coming to England and running rings around Sir Alex and Wenger in a manner that nobody could have predicted from such a young manager. Back to back titles and a Champions League with Inter, admittedly an underwhelming haul at Real Madrid given the expectations at the club, but then back to Chelsea for a third Premier League title and even with Manchester United it's a pretty decent achievement to win the Europa League in that first season even if it isn't on a par with the rest of what I've listed. However, football has moved on, and the last couple of years have finally seen the tip in the scales come into full effect, a change that has been coming since Pep's Barcelona really established themselves. The era of Mourinhos, Benitez and Ancelottis is over now. Footballers have changed and that management style just won't work with the new generation. It's over to your Peps, your Klopps, your Pochettinos, the ones who get stuck in on the training ground and lead almost from within the pack itself. It doesn't change Jose's legacy as a top class manager but I don't think he'll ever hit his previous heights again in future.
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    I couldn't disagree more. He has totally coasted his way throughout his time at Arsenal and was sold by Real Madrid because as you said, he is what he is. Probably the most overrated player in Premiere League history taking transfer fee and wages into account. I wouldn't want Liverpool to touch him with a barge poll.
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    Update - Gameweek Three Three sets of fixtures down, and one to go before we have to wait for that pesky international break to get out of our way. It's been a quiet week this week, here's how everyone fared. Casualties (3) Just a few falling out of contention this week as a couple of draws and a no-show reduce our numbers slightly. @Spike is out having taken what almost turned out to be an inspired gamble on Everton winning at Bournemouth, only to be denied by Josh King's penalty and Nathan Ake's equaliser, with @SchalkeUK the other victim of Saturday's fixtures after Huddersfield and their ten men failed to overcome Cardiff as their difficult start to the season continues. @BounceAroundTheGround is also out, having failed to make a pick for this gameweek on time. All of you are out of this round of the league with two points on the board. Thanks for taking part and I'll tag you in a few weeks to make sure you're aware of the start of the next round. Please see the thread below and vote on which league(s) you'd like to see us move onto after the Premier League round is complete. Survivors (20) On the survivors' side, this week is a tale of two bandwagons as 18 of our 20 remaining competitors picked one of two very safe bets. A special mention goes first to @Viva la FCB, impressing again by making it into the fourth gameweek as the only survivor not to have used any of the Premier League's "top six" sides so far. Harry Maguire's last-gasp winner for Leicester over Southampton carries the World Cup edition champion through this time. The first of Saturday's two larger herds backed Arsenal, with @RandoEFC, @Eco, @Stan, @Batard, @Dan, @Cannabis, @Teso dos Bichos, @DNA, @Tommy and @Harry breathing their weekly sigh of relief after Danny Welbeck completed the Gunners' comeback win over West Ham at the Emirates, and gameweek four became even more crowded just a few hours later, Liverpool's 1-0 win over Brighton closer than many anticipated, but welcome all the same for @Lucas, @Panna King, @Cicero, @The Palace Fan, @binder, @Storts, @...Dan and @Bluewolf. Surprisingly, the most convincing pick of the week came from @nudge, who had to wait until this evening for Tottenham's 3-0 win at Old Trafford to confirm her place in the next gameweek. With three sets of fixtures completed and most of our survivors already using up at least a couple of their big six chips, the competition is sure to see more blood spilt by the end of next weekend, but for the time being, more than half of our initial competitors are still alive and well, marking a significant improvement on the collective form demonstrated during the admittedly more tricky World Cup edition of Last Man Standing. Survivors, if you haven't already, you can now make your picks for Gameweek Four, which is previewed below. Preview - Gameweek Four As is the custom for the Last Man Standing league, here are the Gameweek Four fixtures, along with the odds from Bet365 on each team to win. Leicester (6.50) vs Liverpool (1.44) Brighton (2.30) vs Fulham (3.10) Chelsea (1.28) vs Bournemouth (9.00) Crystal Palace (1.95) vs Southampton (3.80) Everton (1.45) vs Huddersfield (7.00) West Ham (2.50) vs Wolves (2.87) Man City (1.10) vs Newcastle (21.00) Cardiff (5.00) vs Arsenal (1.61) Burnley (6.00) vs Man Utd (1.61) Watford (6.00) vs Tottenham (1.57) The Banker - A surprising number of survivors have made it this far without using their Manchester City banker in an earlier gameweek, but with struggling Newcastle the next visitors to the Etihad, it looks tempting this week to play the City card and start thinking about your pick for Gameweek Five while you're at it. For those who have used Manchester City already, Chelsea offer another fairly safe option this week, but perhaps not, after all, Bournemouth's last visit to Stamford Bridge saw the Cherries run out 3-0 winners and have won on two of their three league visits to Chelsea since being promoted. Avoiding the Big Hitters? For those wanting to save their Big Six chips this week, Everton stand out as the wise pick, their price of 1.45 to beat Huddersfield at Goodison Park surely one of the shortest prices you'll see for a non-top six side this season. Aside from The Toffees, Crystal Palace are set to be a popular choice this week as they enjoy home advantage against Mark Hughes' ailing Southampton side. The Eagles are one of only a few teams not to have been chosen by anyone in the first three Gameweeks. Don't disregard Brighton either as they look to build on their last home outing against Manchester United with another win over visiting Fulham. One from Left-Field? Late afternoon on Sunday will see an intriguing question answered. Which is stronger? Europa League syndrome or Mourinho Third Season Syndrome? Burnley are another side that haven't had any backing over the first three Gameweeks. A good job too as Dyche's men are winless up until now. But perhaps you think Burnley are due a result and with home advantage will bag three points over a Manchester United side who many already believe to be in free fall. Me? I think you'd have to be a bit mad to take this punt with the array of decent alternatives available this week, but I wouldn't be shocked if I saw one or two survivors bet on Burnley on the back of tonight's farce at Old Trafford. Good luck for Gameweek Four folks. My pick for this week is Chelsea.
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    This. Comparisons can be very vague. Most people assume that when comparing 2 players they are talking about them being at a similar level footballistically but this mentality pisses me off. For example, UTC's Donald Millan reminds me a lot of Juan Roman Riquelme and I say this all the time. Sometimes I get laughed off because they "Riquelme is a lot better" when I was really just comparing styles. Both are Enganche's and play similarly but that doesn't mean I think he's at Riquelme's level.
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    I still have family living near Leipzig. Well, actually in the middle of the triangle between Leipzig, Chemnitz and Dresden haha. There are plenty of lower league teams to support in the region, this is just a poor excuse for gloryhunting. I understand that playing in the top tier is a big factor for many, but Leipzig still has two clubs other than RB... And one of them just eliminated a second tier club from the DFB Pokal. The atmosphere and scenes after the winning goal in added time were priceless, meanwhile RB takes 7 fans to an away match in Europa League...
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    People wanting to paint Mourinho as the victim here can fuck off. They've spent a lot while he's been manager and now he's not happy with his toys and wants a whole new store. I thought he was a great manager..? "He doesn't have all the players he wants this month"... Like the managers he likes to have a go at weren't in much worse positions. This prick wants to do the least amount of managing while still claiming to be the best. He's an overrated, shit football playing, cheque book manager.
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    Just imagine. This guy has so little faith in his players, he publicly makes announcements that the squad is weak and needs upgrades. This is a bloke that once raised players to another level with his faith in them, he brought new confidence to players like Zanetti, Lampard, Terry, Cech, Arbeloa, etc. Now he makes them worse, they look like they don't know what to do, he looks like he doesn't know what to do.
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    Ever since Fergie retired, United have slowly been transitioning from a football club that markets themselves well across the world to an international marketing corporation with a football team, and this is the result on the pitch. Pogba wearing the captain's armband is the walking embodiment of what this football club has become.
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    Ozil is one of the most overrated players in the game at the moment - bang average.
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    I am 27 years old and so what to do over the next few years has been a mindbender. By the time I'm finished in NZ I'll be 28, if I do any more travelling I'll probably end up finishing at around 30-33. Have a missus so on top of that I have the "when should I have a kid, how early or late?" and thinking about marriage as well. Some of you may know that I had bollock cancer and that took about two years of my travels away from me as I had to stay in the UK for constant checks. Last year my partner suffered a family loss and so we flew home for the funeral, put ourselves in debt and spent two months of our years visa for Australia in the UK. So we've both lost about 2-4 years of travels through shitness. We have decided that when we get home in February, we're going to save for around 1-2 years and have enough to do around a full year of an around the world trip, North, Central and South America. Hawaii, Cook Islands and the other Pacific Islands. Go to south east Asia, maybe Japan (@Toinho), try Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal and India. Venture into Africa too. Am enjoying my time in NZ, but cannot wait to start saving for a proper year, maybe more, of backpacking, hostels, new food and languages; people, cultures and religions. Boat trips and coach journeys, travelling by car, Motorbike, horse and camel! It will be a final farewell to constant travelling before I fall into a world of studying, working a career I want to, setting up a home and family. Been umming and aahing the decision for a while now but if by the age of 30 I have no money to my name but a million memories and experiences around the world then I'll have left my 20s behind in a very happy way.
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    Anyone feeling some deja vu right now? @Pep Talk marches back to the top of the table with a score of 10 while last week's leader, @Machado, drops 7 places down to 8th. Top scores of 15 by @Eco and @Foxc1 mean they climb up 8 and 10 positions respectively. 6 points separate the top half of the table though. So all to play for! You may notice the higher (Total) scores this week - 10 points have been added to everyone; this is for the 'participation' bonus for last week and this week. @Batard in 7th.
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    Both RB teams coming to my city. You may hear some rumors about contaminated soft drinks in Scandinavia this autumn.
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    This trip down south has been class so far. We are currently having a few beers while watching bats catching midges and mosquitos literally inches from our faces. All 3 of us have caught fish so far too. Even though I joke with @Danny, @SirBalon, @The Palace Fan, @Bluewolf, etc, southerners are among the most friendly people in general. I've got to say though, that whenever down south, I feel as though my Northern accent stands out like fuck and sounds cringey haha. @nudge I also have 4 ducklings that are pretty much living in my tent during the day and the mother doesn't care. They are tame as fuck too. Pictures to come...
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    If i had a choice between us winning the title and united getting relegated, it would be a tough one
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    Such a potential long list.... Alien, Aliens, The Thing, ( Kurt Russell ) Terminator, Terminator 2 Judgement Day, Dredd, War of The Worlds ( Original ) Predator, Aliens V Predators, Interstellar, Appleseed, Mad Max 1&2, 2001, The Iron Giant I like a lot of the old Sci Fi films as well, Like Forbidden Planet, The Day the Earth Stood Still, Dark Star, Silent Running So many more but trying to make them your all time is tough..