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  1. The Holiday Thread

    I remember when I was calling NZ football for work, they gave me their email and I genuinely couldn't understand their pronounciation for some of the letters. When they said NZ, it was "in zid" and I just did not know they said it like that so the guy on the phone was frustrated after I kept asking Nice about Cambodia. I've been, going near Siem Reap?
  2. He said something among those lines but I probably misread it. Trust me, I am not the best translator.
  3. Jefferson Farfan gets a double! He is firing Lokomotiv to the title.
  4. I don't meddle with the wrong. (in seriousness, you'd be surprised how much journalists fight back. Even the most thicked skinned struggle at times)
  5. (FM 18) Blue's Saves

    This game can get fucked. Sevilla, Atletico and Barcelona away in 3 consecutive matches. Put in the fact that my league position isn't the best and the board are beginning to get impatient. Fuck off.
  6. Difference between rattled and stupified. im hearing FIFA is looking to expell England from all football activity though. They are not happy with how they think the FA vase final is more important than the World Cup.
  7. They know nothing except unless its Dagenham playing Eastleigh in the grand FA Vase final. When it comes to world football, they know about as much as George Bush. Overall though Indian/English hybrids know the least.
  8. I've not actually seen them this season I'll admit but they have players which I have well seen and it certainly wouldn't surprise me if they at least went far. This competition can be a bit of a joke sometimes. If Rangers with Kirk Broadfoot and Steve Naismith in the starting lineups can make the final, Zenit most definitely can. Very good point on number 2 though. That could well hurt them.
  9. So this is what it feels like to be Chile. Only difference is, Chile was hated everywhere (except England, the country where no one seems to know shit about football unsurprisingly) and we're only hated in Europe. Fine with me, while the South Americans back us then I could care less what the shithouse Europeans think. We'll reach the quarter finals next year and then get all our players move to top clubs then we'll see how we cheated to enter the World Cup.
  10. Lol I'm pretty sure The Palace Fan wasn't being serious. If he was, he needs to jump off the vendetta bandwagon. There are rules and punishments and we haven't done anything to get expelled from the tournament. We are in Russia full stop.
  11. Jefferson Farfan scores again!
  12. (FM 18) Blue's Saves

    I've been using Valencia the last few days (OB didn't work out) and I'm mid season. I have the main core of the squad bar Neto who I sold. I'm playing a cup game vs Merida and trying a bunch of youngsters. I found my main development target. Meet Fernan Torres, who by the way killed it in the cup game.
  13. Zenit are good and more balanced of a team than Lokomotiv. Lokomotiv really just play through Miranchuk and Farfán where as Zenit have all the best players from the Argentinian league in the last 4 years. Dark horse for me.