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  1. The ''Where Is Fusion?'' Thread

    I'm dead.
  2. Off Topic

    Fucking ape.
  3. More chances of Messi & Iniesta still playing for free than that being a dive from Ronaldo.
  4. Wonder how many times Luis Suarez will bite Denis Suarez after the game.
  5. Real Madrid CF Discussion

    Ospina 2nd best in the world, de Gea not even in top 10.
  6. Game Of Thrones

    Jaime was great, wanted them to kill at least that dragon.
  7. l'italiano

    Ma che sei grullo?
  8. Paulo Dybala Discussion

    He will become the next Pastore at Barcelona.
  9. July 2017 Member Of The Month

    Good member, well deserved.
  10. Neymar Jr. Discussion

    They are bullying Neymar like they did with Sanchez. BarcaDNA.