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  1. The Holiday Thread

    I work with two Kiwi lads who I assume are Maori, one of them their accent is fairly tame though noticeable but the other is a full on stereotype haha. Much better than what I assume is the more white Kiwi accent, had a Kiwi teacher and everything is so elongated.
  2. The Holiday Thread

    Received my working holiday visa for New Zealand, due to fly out in March. Heading to Auckland first for some work and then going to spend a snowy winter in Queenstown learning to snowboard!
  3. They're definitely not little old Bournemouth financially
  4. Boxing

    Joshua is the number pull in the heavyweight division by far, if it wasn't for him Wilder wouldn't be the name he is and neither would Parker. Joshua has sparked an interest in what was a boring division. I'm sure they will agree on a figure soon and Wilder will get as much as he can but 50-50 is mental considering Joshua's record and belts compared to his. Looking forward to seeing Dubois progress, Warren's most exciting talent is Anthony Yarde. He's going to be class.
  5. Defo not a pen, contact was made and then both Herrera was stationary aswell was the defender. Then he suddenly fell over.
  6. Loving Tesos meltdown over a team he apparently doesn't support 😂
  7. There are 92 professional clubs in England, as tedious as it is watching the same old boys get the same old jobs after getting sacked from similar positions, stealing a living is an exaggeration.
  8. Best Football Songs

    Only rule, no posting a million Yotube links in one post. Some good ones out there, I'll start it off with Hibs' Sunshine on Leith
  9. There is not a midfielder at United currently performing better than Silva and De Bruyne. Leaving Silva out is criminal even if Pogba has a fancy hair cut
  10. Boxing

    Surprised from DeGale, hopefully he can redeem himself because it'd be a shame if his career ends with a draw against Jack and then losses to Truax.
  11. How do we lose that? I'm going to put that down to them having a new manager but there's no way we should be letting teams like Hull beat us. Sounds like we were cruising the first half then just self destructed the second to allow them back in
  12. Australian A-League

    WSW vs Sydney FC, being played at the 83k seater stadium...that they can't sell out. There must be a smaller stadium they can play at.
  13. Christ what a backwards step, interest from Real Madrid to Everton. Even taking Madrid out of it, Dortmund to Everton. What a drop.
  14. Christmas

    No but when you're on the otherwise of the world working and living for yourself you make friend so who for a short time essentially become family. Live with 24/7 whether in a hostel or in a house. Go through financial struggles with and go through life changing events with. Travelling changes you for the better 100% and spending Christmas with the people you've changed with is no bad thing. If I were at home I'd spend Christmas with my family 100%, but I'd much rather spend the past year and the next couple of them travelling and spending Christmas away from them if it means I can travel for longer