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  1. Agree with @Blue that's a bit harsh on the Kiwis.
  2. What is a "real fan"?

    I have the same thinking on these matters like most English people here. Most of us Asians don't really follow the club, we follow the league through that club. Let's say a big club gets relegated, do you think all these Asian man utd supporters will see Manchester United v Leeds in the Championship rather than Arsenal v Chelsea in the Premier League? same goes for the Barca and Real fans after some time they will get a 'new favorite club'. And one thing is completely unacceptable for me is that when someone cares more about some foreign club then his/her national team. When a Dortmund fan from Dortmund says he/she enjoys Dortmund winning more then Germany then i get that, football is that way but when someone from countries like USA,Bosnia,Poland etc say that they care more about Bayen,Barca,United etc more than their national team then that is complete nonsense for me.
  3. Peru also has factors like altitude, physical game(which is clearly lacked in Asia),hostile crowds and plus the opposition they play to get to the World Cup is better then any Asian team.
  4. Otherwise witch hunters would have been at my door
  5. Disagree aside from Group B and and G there are no two clear favorites and even in those groups i can see an upset especially in group B
  6. You will be playing Iran in Kazan and their star player Sardar Azmoun plays for Rubin Kazan so there will be plenty of support for Iran in that game
  7. Iceland finished ahead then Croatia in the qualifying so they do have a fair chance of progressing
  8. Its much like the the Group C from the last World Cup.
  9. And if Peru loses you leave the forum ! Deal ?
  10. Here's my prediction for the draw Group A Russia England Egypt Australia Group B Germany Mexico Denmark Japan Group C Argentina Croatia Sweden Nigeria Group D France Switzerland Tunisia Panama Group E Brazil Spain Costa Rica Serbia Group F Poland Uruguay Iceland South Korea Group G Belgium Colombia Senegal Saudi Arabia Group H Portugal Peru Iran Morocco
  11. Brazil will be Brazil again in this world cup.
  12. Random Football Stuff

    Madjer going nuts on the journalists
  13. Your mental image of other members

  14. Your mental image of other members

  15. Look that isn't really a strong argument. Does it makes since to reserve a place for a Balkan team, one Schendivian team one Mediterian team at the Champions league ? Its still remains the elite Europeon competition even if you don't have teams from some parts the continent. Ocenia and Asia are one unit in many sports like Tennis,Hockey etc.